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Jeff's Tweefest for Sat May 8th

To "hang" with my college buddies.... sorry professors haha

alight guys off to the burbs to hand with my college buddies, thanks for the tweets.. keep it real!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Can you believe it will be almost a year scince you and Jordan meet and fell in love on Big Brother. Love it!

@lillyhearts crazy right? time fly's and a lot can happen in a year??

@antmuggz word up bro, what are you doing on here?? haha see you at the gym cuz /via

@jeffschroeder23 >> ur thinkin of Jerry, it's me Ant

@antmuggz hahaha i always mix you guys up i called him Anthony the other day at the gym haha how you been? your mom said your doing good

@jeffschroeder23 are you and jordan doing an apperance in NYC or just for fun trip?

@twinky411cd hey twinky, not gonna make it to NYC but gonna see jordan the weekend of the 20th down in NC

@jeffschroeder23 I love your chemistry with Adrian on TAR elimination videos! Love JJ AD combo! They are great couple!

@IsBallygood he's a great guy!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Thanks Jeff for tweeting! Do you recommend any new movies that are out?? (I like all genres!)

@sweetcupcake52 im slacking on my movies lately!! i usually on top of my movies but not have been lately lookin forward to iron man 2

@jeffschroeder23 You and Jordan are so sweet !!! Will you ever move to the same state ?

@debbiesdaisy one day???

@jeffschroeder23 going to be in chic. may21 going to nonna's wish you and jordan could be there wanted to drink it up with you two.

@varneys04 gonna be in NC but tell the guys i sent you haha

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff you tweet so happy, I am glad you are!!!

@arencain thank you

@jeffschroeder23 Any plans with your mom tomorrow??

@PattiPB of course, going to brunch with the family

@jeffschroeder23 Hopefully I will be seeing you and @MingleMixx next Sunday!

@ldel1111 would love to meet you

@jeffschroeder23 Just joined twitter today and looked up you & Jordan.

@mkongkasuwan welcome to twitterland haha its a bit crazy lol

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff! Are you and Jordan going to get together for your birthday? Love all the pics recently....

@ndd123 she'll be here for my birthday in june

@jeffschroeder23 what do you think about the Eagles trading DM to the Redskins?

@Trish9299 good move for the skins

@jeffschroeder23 Any particular reason why you always skip over my questions?

@LadyWildcat78 sorry sorry just randomly pick what was the question?

@jeffschroeder23 Did you see Avatar before you ran the race? that saying "let's dance" was said in that movie too...made me think of you!

@MoeAnn221 ya i saw it!! i know i caught that too haha

@jeffschroeder23 How about a Bruins and Hawks matchup in Stanley Cup finals - would love ot see that

@goaliemom34 hawks are tough!!! one game at a time though....

@jeffschroeder23 No worries...just teasing..all is gr8...hope u & Jordan make a trip 2 ny or even the jersey shore..wud luv 2 hang again

@lovemy4boysrtsj will let you know 4 sure when we do!! will blow it up like vegas haha

@jeffschroeder23 where do you stay when u visit Jordan? hotel or her place with her family? :-)

@winniemay1980 with jordan and her family there the best!!!

@jeffschroeder23 I have the coolest surprise 4 you ....

@BradBurns32as looking forward to it

@jeffschroeder23 is Jordan still working at the same place as she did b4 bb11? That girl is a workaholic!! Love u both!!xoxo

@HeartRealityTv yep, and she really does work tooooooo much!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Hey, do you like Jordans new baby, Maggie? She looks like a sweetheart. Well, both of them do!

@deemj61 yes haha very cute she loves that dog

alright lets do a little tweeting......... /via @jeffschroeder23 <<< whatup CuZ

@antmuggz word up bro, what are you doing on here?? haha see you at the gym cuz

Hear hear!! RT: @jeffschroeder23 OK, Jeff ,Can we in Toronto look forward to see You and Jordan in our gorgeous city? /via @IsBallygood

@Jojo1S might go fishing up in there in june?

@jeffschroeder23 your jeans are doing great at the debbie gibson auction, its awesome you do so much for charity, @bbjordanlloyd is proud.

@dloon20 thanks its my pleasure! and jordan better be proud of me hahahha

@jeffschroeder23 Hey! My cousin is about to move to Chicago. He's looking at living in a suburb called Napersville? Is this a good place

@lms0123 my bro lives there! great great place!! voted #1 place to live in the US a few years back! really nice

@jeffschroeder23 how about "you shut your mouth, penguins are tough sons of bitches" LOL

@MyLadyKat haha they are!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Jordan won all of that money and still has a job where she has to work weekends?? What happened??

@twt11 she put it in the bank, now its back to work as normal

@jeffschroeder23 What are the chances of a Hawks vs Sharks playoff?? I"d have to root against you tho.

@kaysis1 look like its gonna happen!!

@jeffschroeder23 i know you dig the reggae, <--check the Damian Marley and Nas tunes

@JCavi8 thanks i'll check it out! did you send me the tweet about marley and nas? think it was you? awesome thanks!!

@Jeffschroeder23 Good times seeing you on AR and BB. Hope this summers Bb is as good as last year!

@Trish9299 thanks looking forward to BB 12

@jeffschroeder23 you just made my Mother's Day weekend by getting my lst response from you! Thanks Jeff!!!!!

@disawyer happy mothers day

@jeffschroeder23 Love you in the Elimination Station videos. We felt your pain. : ) So glad you at least got to spend time with Jordan.

@IheartHollydays its a real pain in the ass to live on the ocean in mexico in a huge house haha was a great time and experience!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Ok so now I am getting a complex...u never tweet back..but not going 2 say ttyn

@lovemy4boysrtsj heeeeeeeyyyy i remember you!!! how's everything?? sorry i kinda just write randomly im not really looking at faces

@lovemy4boysrtsj ttyn haha i don't know why that makes me laugh haha trip to Gators see you there ....

@BradBurns32as your going cool!! can't wait see you there brad!!

@jeffschroeder23 is jordan still planning the family cruise?

@JCavi8 might just go down to the beach when i go see her the weekend after next with her mom

@jeffschroeder23 just cured my hangover!!!! Life is good! Thanks jeff!

@Speedy0103 keep it real speedy

@jeffschroeder23 You need to come to Arkansas again, SOON!! And, bring Jordan!

@ElvisCilla would love to!! made some good friends down there!!

@jeffschroeder23 Glad you get to see jordan nextweekend hope you have a blast with casey

@rkosxdestiny thank you thank you

@jeffschroeder23 Are you coming to Charlotte for Speed Street. You would love it.

@knouase jordan told me about it? she loves it!! maybe??

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff @speedy103 is respons. for my Avatar too! She craze!

@IsBallygood nice!! haha jordan's ass looks great in that pic right haha i love it

@jeffschroeder23 would you ever get a penguin tattoo with one of your one liners underneath it?

@Jess_BBLove hahah what do you suggest??

@jeffschroeder23 Hopefully coming to Chicago soon. Love Gino's East and Garrett's Popcorn!! Other suggestions??

@elenamiller1 Portillo's!!! must stop, my favorite!!!

@jeffschroeder23 I wish you and Jordan the best w/ your relationship !! You guys are perfect for each other ! On my way to a baseball game

@MelissaB71 thanks and have fun

@jeffschroeder23 Do you know anyone who wants to buy2 tickets to TARcon??? lol just kidding...I'm still going...seems like a fun event

@mish24nj tell everybody i said hi all good people seriously you'll have fun!!

@jeffschroeder23 so cool you and Jordon are still together! Through Big Brother, The Amazing Race… kudos!

@XRatedFuck thanks bro, getting through the amazing race and still being together was amazing in itself haha

@jeffschroeder23 sup man, have you showed jordan how to block sociopath tweeters, like tommyatl100 he is bad news, look at his tweets bout u

@BeanpotBennie can't make everybody happy all the time??? that's life

@jeffschroeder23 Are you happy that after Sunday you can start talking about TAR? I know we are.

@HopeOR yes , i hate not being able to talk about it

@jeffschroeder23 Are you going to be at any of the hawk playoff games? You should get them to put you on the big screen like Vince Vaughn!

@mr_ruth just went to the last home game, but sat last row in the stadium haha wish i had vince v's seats!!!!! one day??

@jeffschroeder23 Congrats on your jeans being up to $1800! Totally awesome & a great thing to do for charity!!!

@disawyer thank you kinda weird im not gonna lie but yes for a great cause

@jeffschroeder23 Thanks for the word of wisdom, my fav "you can do anything and have anything in life if you just believe and do it"

@knouase that's it!! live by those words and you can do anything!! im a believer!!!!

I should be swimming and yet here I sit by pool anxiously awaiting a tweet from @jeffschroeder23 that will probably never come.

@Speedy0103 you are a crazy one here haha got your tweet and are those my jeans hahaha your crazy!! in a good way haha

@jeffschroeder23 Bears VS Panthers OCT 10th in Charlotte BE THERE!

@_Livengood or be square!!! planning on it already bring my brother down too

@jeffschroeder23 What's your normal order at Portillo's? Have your taken Jordan there yet?

@Mom2AvaMadison of course!!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite!! big beef extra hot, small fries and ice tea!! wow im going today!!! haha

@jeffschroeder23 @CordMcCoy is on Twitter. I hope youand Jordan are still rooting for the cowboys too!

@MoeAnn221 love the cowboys! great guys! and thanks for letting me know, gotta follow him!

@jeffschroeder23 so far your jeans are leading in top bids. apparently getting into your pants is worth $1800 so far! haha

@Sarahnator83 haha i got about 15 pairs laying around thinking of gettin rid of haha j/k its for a great cause glad i can help

@jeffschroeder23 We are all looking forward to the finale of Amazing Race.

@kaysis1 me too!! great teams left

@jeffschroeder23 I miss Jordan, hope she'd made it to TARcon but I understand. Hope she's able to take her class this summer.

@Cybagem we wish we could have gone, and she is all signed up for class this summer!!

@jeffschroeder23 is Jordan Pious' 23rd birthday and I'm hoping he and Dan are the million dollar winners tomorrow!

@RealityTVWill gotta call and wish him happy birthday!!! great guy!!

@jeffschroeder23 Nashville : ) You will LOVE it here!

@IheartHollydays great city spent the night there once had a blast, good people!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Did you see you have the highest bid on your jeans.

@knouase crazy right?????? kinda weird who am i???? its all for a good cause so im glad i can help???

@jeffschroeder23 Loved it when you told Jordan on race "We should never reproduce" after you read clue wrong. Miss your little sayings.

@dijeca my buddies girlfriend said that to me yesterday haha

@jeffschroeder23 you and Jordan are such genuine people! Wishing you the best in your future together! Thanks for tweeting us fans!

@Setaga thank you soooo much!!! good vibes back at ya

@jeffschroeder23 still crossing my fingers for a Jeff AND Jordan meet and greet! Can you make that happen? : )

@IheartHollydays depends what city you live in??? small world im sure will see each other one day you never know??

@jeffschroeder23 will Jordan be doing the @realitywanted interview with you on Wednesday?

@AVpat55 if she gets off of work in time she will otherwise its just gonna be representing haha

@jeffschroeder23 Are you gonna being see Jordan soon??

@PattiPB next weekend, casey this weekend jordan next weekend

@jeffschroeder23 will you be at the reailty event Oct 9th in VA? I know 90 others will be!

@MandeeMe i doubt it but will see???

@jeffschroeder23 did you see @jakepavelka1 dance in his underpants on dwts? Would u ever do that??

@HeartRealityTv didn't see that? but im not the best dancer even though i like to say lets dance haha

@jeffschroeder23 That girl works hard! Is she still going to school this summer?

@deemj61 soooooooo hard seriously!!!! and yes she all signed up for school!!!

@jeffschroeder23 are you gonna have a garden to water this

@ckrowlett haha don't think so but if im in your neighborhood i'll come water yours haha

@jeffschroeder23 You need your own show, You are so funny , ♥ you and Jordan

@TammyEvans64 thanks haha maybe one day????

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff, hope youre having a good Sat.

@deemj61 you too!!! going to visit some college friends tonight so should be a good one!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Will you be on TV again somewhere sometime soon?

@ActuallyAmber hopefully???

@jeffschroeder23 Can't wait until next Sunday!!

@RachelLyn_H you coming to the Gator bar to see me and Casey? looking forward to it!!

@jeffschroeder23 Looking forward to meeting you @Gators.Are you ready for some autographs?

@GrayceeJewel im ready looking forward to the trip myself!!

@jeffschroeder23 are you and Jordan still dating?

@ckrowlett yep

not gonna make it to NYC this weekend, jordan couldn't get off work and didn't wanna do the trip without her. we wish we were there!!!

@jeffschroeder23 of the final 3 on TAR, who are you rooting for?

@iGlennB all 3 are great! wish i made it to the final 3 so there all winners

@jeffschroeder23 Hi Jeff, big fan here. How about a happy tweet back to me. Have a great weekend!

@Pat_43 have a great weekend yourself thanks

tweet away @jeffschroeder23 HI from New Orleans

@pattihogan gotta get out there one day always wanted to go, love spicy food and seafood and NO has both!!

@jeffschroeder23 Yayayay! Tweetfest! How the hell are ya, Jeffro?

@Jess_BBLove all's good!!!

@jeffschroeder23 hope the hawks make it to the the finals so the pens can destroy them and most importantly hossa! Haha

@kreiffer hawks are tough, bring the pain!!!

@jeffschroeder23 I was hoping you'd be in NY this weekend...are you guys going? hope to see you there

@mish24nj not gonna make it to NYC this weekend jordan couldn't get off work and i didn't wanna go without her

alright lets do a little tweeting........

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