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Jeff's Superbowl Sunday Tweetfest 2/7

alright guys, gotta get things started, going over by mimmo's, so get on him to have a drink ready when i get there!!!

Really? That's kind of a dick thing to say!! :-/ RT @MandeeMe@PhilipAlanPhoto: @jeffschroeder23the headshots you have right now SUCK!

@Jeremy_Arnold haha thanks jeremy,@Jeremy_Arnold phil's a good guy, he's just messing around


@LMC0312 hi

@JeffSchroeder23: From an old Chicago girl, "Bears Next Year!" Looking forward to TAR. Love you and Jordan.

@maxnsam gotta watch one week from today.....

@jeffschroeder23 Have a great time next weekend

@jodriver58 thank you

@JeffSchroeder23: From an old Chicago girl, "Bears Next Year!" Looking forward to TAR. Love you and Jordan.

@maxnsam yes and yes

@jeffschroeder23 thank you. i can now go about my day. Do you recognize my profile pic? lol

@speedy0103 it that my ass???? haha hey whatever works for ya, appressh, that's funny

@jeffschroeder23 my last attempt. what's a cougar gotta do around here to get a shoutout???

@pmschronicles you just did it..... word up

@jeffschroeder23 Have a fun Sunday. Are you a baseball fan too? Not too much longer until that starts up!

@alejules i love football, baseball so so


@LMC0312 we are excited too thanks

@jeffschroeder23 will you be enjoying some Jordainere and Roast Beef Pizza tonight? I gotta try that. Sounds so good.

@Marygracie your reading my mind sista!!!! haha

@jeffschroeder23 have fun tonight watching the game, and the commercials. I too am pulling for da saints. Do y'all do squares?

@leeann1l too many squares!!! haha, i got good vibes for this year though!!!

@jeffschroeder23 gonna get that surprise visit in to see jordo before vegas?

@JCavi8 i wish, gotta work, but counting down the days...

@jeffschroeder23-June 5th is the best day ever!!! Its hubbys and my 30 th anniv. this year!!!!!!!!

@lucindagay09 oh ya, that's awesome we can all celebrate together...haha

@jeffschroeder23 Glad you're back on here. We've missed hearing from you. Have fun at your Super Bowl party!

@tishcawley thank you

@jeffschroeder23 the headshots you have right now SUCK! Call me when you're in L.A.

@PhilipAlanPhoto haha phil phil phil, gonna be out at the end of the month gotta get together bro

@jeffschroeder23 Can't wait to watch you and Jordan working together as a team on tar. I hope you guys kicked ass!!!!!!!!

@varneys04 were excited too

@jeffschroeder23: im terrified of heights. i wouldn't be able to do that even if the million was guaranteed.

@glorytorres gotta watch and see??????

@jeffschroeder23 If you could be anywhere at this moment where would you go and who would you be with

@BBfan50 in Jamaica with jordan my friends and family

@jeffschroeder23 If I discuss my newfound adoration for the Jets will you respond to me? LOL

@pmschronicles they were tough this year, respect!!

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff you looked fine in your St. Louis picture btw.. Do you have a lot of meet/greet appearances in your future?

@ndd123 i hope so??? will see how things play out, i wasn't on the jersey shore ya know haha

@jeffschroeder23 Did Jordan surprise you with how she was able to do the physical tasks on TAR?

@heyhay28 i was very proud of her

@jeffschroeder23 hey jeff u haven't tweeted in a while did u 4get about us ha ha enjoy the game 2day hope your with jordan luv u both!!

@Dianne613 next weekend will be together were both very exicited

@jeffschroeder23 Thanks for being so sweet to your fans!! You are a very sweet and humble man!!!Stay true to yourself!!

@akitamocha thank you thank you

@jeffschroeder23 as much as the teams, dont u root for the commercials? LOL&I also multi task&watch puppybowl clips on animal planet 2 cute

@Jeep_ers i don't know if im gonna watch the puppybowl haha

@jeffschroeder23 Did you see that Marz and Caillat won a grammy for Lucky for best collaboration? Reminds me and Jordan everytime I hear it.

@kaysis1 i just got his new cd, beautiful mess live on earth, its AWESOME!!!!!

@jeffschroeder23-No doulbt!!! Destiny

@lucindagay09 i love it

@jeffschroeder23 missed your tweets. How have you been buddy? Go Saints. I pull for the underdog always.

@Marygracie things are good, thanks

@jeffschroeder23 we loved when u were putting Lydia in her place. It was hot beyond words. We are weird like that:)

@pmschronicles haha i lost it a little bit, but funny

hold on, talking to mimmo, working out details for today.....

@jeffschroeder23 Do you know if the Star Bar event has been R/S yet and are you going to still host it when it is?

@MelissaB71 ummm not sure just yet but i'll let you know when i know

@jeffschroeder23 You should look into getting a Little Red Riding Hood outfit. She'd look really cute in that!!!

@kaysis1 i agree, tweet her that haha

@jeffschroeder23 someone told me that I had to unlock my tweets for u to see them. Did u know that American women love AngryJeff?

@pmschronicles Really??? well i have a short fuse so i guess it's a good combonassh

@jeffschroeder23 How long will you and Jordan get to play in Vegas? Do you have plans while you are there?

@MelissaPenglis just a long weekend, but our plans are to be together as much as possible!!!

@jeffschroeder23 did you know you and Jordan are in the newest issue of Nat'l Inquirer (for TAR)? Thats when you know you've made it! lol

@Sarahnator83 i didn't know that? i'll check it out, thanks.. and i don't know if that's making it hahah

@jeffschroeder23 Just want you to know what a stand up guy you are. thanks for tweetiing. Apreesh.

@speedy0103 thank you, right back at ya

@jeffschroeder23 go saints, i gotta go for a team who has never won a super bowl before.

@teach1122 me too, gotta love the underdog....

@jeffschroeder23 lol good sportsmanship Jeff!! Peyton is pretty damn awesome.

@MandeeMe and he cracks me up on SNL!!!! haha

@jeffschroeder23 Go Saints, I have to go with the team who has the prettier uniform!

@twinky411cd hey twinky, i know some people who pick there horses like that at the track and they win haha so you never know??

@jeffschroeder23 What are your plans for this Superbowl Sunday? Big party with the buddies? I'm cheering for the Saints over here too

@heyhay28 just going to my buddies restaurant, sorry about your vikes, there's always next year for both of us haha

@jeffschroeder23 is there really that much bickering in TAR?lol Eh, I'm just happy to see you guys on TV my fave:

@glorytorres its a different game, you'll see, hope we make you proud....

@jeffschroeder23 I barely need a calendar anymore! Jeff Tweetfest means it must be a Sunday.

@jessicajules not just any sunday, SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 OOPS...I see you are rooting for the Saints!! YEAH!! Have a fun Super Bowl day!!

@MoeAnn221 if you really wanna know i don't care who wins just want my numbers to come it hahaha

@jeffschroeder23-Jeff you the best!!! Tell Jordan we love her also!! Heres to wishing all your dreams come true

@lucindagay09 thank you thank you, i'll her. shooting for the stars!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 I'm not a Saints fan but I'm also rooting for them. Peyton Manning has a ring already. It's Drew Brees turn now!

@glorytorres im with you, except not about the part with drew brees haha

RT: @savannahsmum: @jeffschroeder23 #GoSaints!!!!! Happy Superbowl Sunday, Jeff!!!

@Refil3d have fun today, exciting when your teams in the big game!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Ok, huge important question!! Colts or Saints? (please say Saints!)

@MoeAnn221 pulling for the saints.... who dat!!

@jeffschroeder23 I want the Saints, I like the color of the uniforms and the music!! haha

@traceandtob no worries, have some jambalaya and enjoy the game haha

@jeffschroeder23 Have you seen the article in Entertainment Weekly? Really cute picture...

@ndd123 yes we saw it, i like that picture, it's different, cute, ya know.....

@jeffschroeder23 booo hisssss go colts! Heehee ♥ you still thoe lol

@MandeeMe you guys just won a superbowl, against my bears too!!!!!! but can't take anything away from Peyton he is one of the greatest!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff!!!! Can't wait to Jordan and you on TAR, I'm excited to see the bickering that we fans have grown to love!

@LovinakaAmy well i think you'll be happy then! haha, we are really looking forward to it too...

@jeffschroeder23 I mean FAVE lol

@GoShorty8 thank you, and don't worry about the spelling, im the worst!!!! haha

@jeffschroeder23: Jeff! Hey, how are you? You're rooting for the Saints, right?

@glorytorres hey, yep pulling for the saints, its gonna be tough, but i think they can pull it off? just hoping for a good game!

@jeffschroeder23 Have a fun day! Cannot wait for TAR!!! Loving all the promos so far!!

@traceandtob thank you were looking forward to it too, maybe even a promo during the superbowl, would be awesome!!!!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Have u thought of a V-day gift for Jordan yet. Not sure what to get my husband. I hate waiting til the last minute

@MelissaB71 im going with a juicy couture outfit, that's what jordan likes, as for your husband? get yourself a naughty little outfit! haha

@jeffschroeder23 #GoSaints!!!!! Happy Superbowl Sunday, Jeff!!!

@savannahsmum im with ya, i'll be wearing my bears jersey, (wishful thinking) but i'll be pulling for your saints...

@jeffschroeder23 Good news for your fans is that you and Jordan are the stars of TAR win or lose. Keep the positive press coming!

@starrtwin thank you, we are both looking forward to as well, and even more excited about being together to watch it!!

@jeffschroeder23 I excited for TAR next week to see you and Jordan in action again! I know you guys will be great! Have a great super Sunday

@akitamocha thanks i appreech, we are very excited too..

@jeffschroeder23 Happy Superbowl Sunday! Hope you have a great day and I hope the Saints have a SUPER day! Go Saints!!!

@MelissaPenglis very very very excited about all 3, see what i did there, 3 very's haha

@jeffschroeder23 Happy Superbowl Sunday! Hope you have a great day and I hope the Saints have a SUPER day! Go Saints!!!

@golfgirly12 i'm pulling for them, gonna be a tough battle for them but i think they can do it, who dat haha

@jeffschroeder23 Hey Jeff...have you and Jordan already taped teh Amazing Race? Can't wait to see you guys on it!

@brittmg3 yes, starts next week, Feb 14th, were looking forward to it as well

@JeffSchroeder23 Are you ready for some football?

@tploof67 you bet your ass!!!

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