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Jeff's Exit Interview

Jeff: I Wish I had Kissed Jordan

With matinee-good looks, chiseled abs and a charm that worked on both the ladies and the men in the house, Jeff seemed to have it all. But then he quickly ostracized himself from his BB clique and stumbled in the first open competition (?Technotronics? anyone?). When America came to his aid by granting him the power of the coup d?etat, the advertising salesman flipped the game on it?s head and seemed well on his way to claiming a cool half million. Now headed to the Jury House, the 30-year old talks about his future with Jordan, who he thinks is the strongest player left and what he can expect when he is reunited with Russell. ?Reagan Alexander

What happened to the kiss you promised to give Jordan?

There were a lot of emotions running through my head. Jordan was the first person that I grabbed and if she would have come with me to the door, I definitely would have [kissed her]. I didn?t leave the way that I wanted to. I wish I would have kissed Jordan and I wish I would have said more encouraging words to both Jordan and Michele.

What did you think when Kevin called your final plea ?desperate??

You want to talk about desperate? How about being the HOH and sleeping downstairs so that no one can talk to Natalie? That?s desperate ? Not only that, I left him alone all week after he stabbed me in the back and I get a 30-second plea to stay in a game that?s worth half a million dollars, and he has to take a cheap shot at me as I?m leaving? That?s desperate.

Do you think you made the wrong choice by going after Russell and siding with Kevin and Natalie?

Everyone is confused about me ?switching? sides from Russell to Kevin. There were no sides. It was me and Jordan in the end. I wanted to split Michele and Russell up because there was something cooking between them two, and I wanted to get the strongest player that was left in the house. I wouldn?t change anything that I did. I made the decisions and I put it all on my shoulders but if I had won the POV, I personally think that I would have won the game.

You gave Jordan a great pep talk before the eviction ceremony. Do you really think she can win this?

absolutely believe it! I really think that she has a shot at making it to the final two. Depending on who she goes up against and if she comes up with some big wins late in the game, it?s absolutely possible.

America gave you the coup d?etat, which you used to flip the game on its head. How shocked were you when they revealed it to you?

It was actually overwhelming and I don?t think I did a good enough job in thanking America for that because I was actually speechless. I was wishing for something the entire game and I felt like my back was to the wall and this was a gift from above. It was the best feeling in the world to know hat someone outside the game was on my side.

Who do you think has played the best game so far?

Hats off to Michele. She comes through in the clutch, she has big wins and proves herself time and time again. To this day I cannot figure her out, which is probably a really good quality to have in this game. The difference between Michele and Kevin is Michele bends the truth and Kevin is a straight out someone that cannot be trusted.

Is there a future for you and Jordan outside the BB house?

It?s hard to have a relationship on that show, in that house. I definitely want to maintain a close friendship with Jordan outside of the house and if something evolves from there, great. If it doesn?t, I don?t want to jeopardize the friendship that we have.

Who is going on your Hawaiian vacation with you?

Hawaii is still a question mark for me. Let?s just say that Jordan is on a very short list.

You?re headed to the Jury House that is filled with people that feel that they have a bone to pick with you. How excited are you for your new digs?

Very! But really, I?m not threatened or scared at all to go into that house. Russell?s bark is way louder than his bite. I?m actually excited to see if those three have grown as people now that the game is behind them. I understand that I?m going to get my stones, so right when I walk in, let them have their party. Their wish came true.

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