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Jeff's Mini Tweetfest 9/6

Jeff's Mini Tweetfest September 6

Just got done watching BB, another exciting episode! Heavy heart 4 Frank, he was a great player. Can't wait till next week! #BB14

Looking forward to some great interviews 2morow! Don't forget to write in your questions for the evicted HG's #BB14

@jeffschroeder23 you still pulling for Ian? Think I gotta go with Dan, a true mastermind of the game

@JaymeJackson Not sure? I like Dan, he's 1 of the best, but swearing on things close 2 u 2 win isn't my style. I can't do that, or win BB ha

@jeffschroeder23 Great player? C'mon Jeff, you know winning physical comps doesn't make someone GREAT at BB. Take it back

@VoiceOfPoker I thought he was a good guy too, I don't watch the feeds so from what I saw he was a loyal level headed guy.

@jeffschroeder23 Bring your ear plugs for your interview w/Joe. lol. Can't wait to see your chat w/Frank.

@maggiemae802 haha thats actually pretty funny, if I had some ear plugs I would definitely do it on camera tomorrow.


@Rens_Tweets yes, you can always put #BB14 or go to

@jeffschroeder23 Just a couple of cotton balls would do. I'm sure Jordan would have some. lol.

@maggiemae802 looking forward to meeting Joe as well, think he's gonna be a really fun interview

@jeffschroeder23 Sorry to send my question to your profile but I'm new to this and don't know how it works.

@DavidLemoyre No worries, just write #BB14 or go to ; & then will take them from there

@jeffschroeder23 Hopefully Frank will be over the bitterness?? Of course Big Ted will hold a grudge. ha

@Pa_triciaMason It's tough being in the house for that long & falling short, trust me I know a little to well ha

OMG I think I just felt an earthquake!!!!! OMG that was my first one!!!

“@jeffschroeder23: OMG I think I just felt an earthquake!!!!! OMG that was my first one!!!” that was a baby one!

@JoeyReid Me no likey!!

@jeffschroeder23 welcome to Los Angeles

@onacihc That was trippy

@jeffschroeder23 As scary as it seems?

@soaps3 It was little but I threw the computer aside & was looking at the window thinking "should I jump out" then remembered Jordan haha

@jeffschroeder23 we have been getting them lately #scary

@81_izzy whats up, that was really weird, now jordan is awake she's kinda freaked out ha

Its all good, I guess that was just a little earthquake, but still freaked us out pretty good, kind crazy... Night errbody

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