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Jeff's Mini Tweetfest 6/30

Jeff's Mini Tweetfest June 30th

I was about to head out to the gym & The Karate Kid is on & the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament is about to start! Can't leave now!

$19 for $40 Worth of Paint and Painting Supplies at Frazee Paint

@BrandieTucker what's up B-Town, thanks for the tip, I just bought one! We have to paint! Let's get together soon.

Love 2 know the answer 2 this as well?How many webs?RT @knouase @jeffschroeder23 I more show question,how often & how long will the webs be?

@singingmary @knouase not sure yet?

@jeffschroeder23 The original or new one with Jackie Chan?

@StevenRHulse come on, seriously... Which one do you think I'm talking about?

@jeffschroeder23 You're the best around, nothing is going to ever bring you down.

@dmavsgirl yep yep

@jeffschroeder23 can I get a shout out?? Its my bday today!!! #jejo

@ShawnaPoag happy birthday!! Make it a good one!

@jeffschroeder23 LOL The original of course! You can't beat Mr. Miyagi! I like both but the original is still the best.

@StevenRHulse there is only one Karate Kid! Lol

@jeffschroeder23 Thanks Jeff 4 answering our question? Back to Karate Kid & then get yourself to the gym young man! LOL Have a gr8 weekend!

@singingmary I'm at the gym, I forgot my iPod, I hate when I do that!!! Karate Kid got me all fired up & I just ran outta the house! Lol

@jeffschroeder23 hell yeah! Beer painting party! Haha. Are you and Jordo in town?

Drunk painting > sober painting RT @jeffschroeder23: what's up B-Town, thanks for the tip... We have to paint! Let's get together soon.

@BrandieTucker yes we're in town, give us a buzz, come by see the place! Bring brushes & beer! Ha

@jeffschroeder23 @singingmary My iPhone has my music on it so I can listen to it. Check out iCloud, it's great.

@kaysis1 @singingmary that's a good idea, but I forgot my headphones too, I'm gonna put an extra pair in my gym bag

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