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Jeff's Mini Tweetfest 6/22

Jeff's Mini Tweetfest 06/22/14

To confirm, people have been asking, @BBJordanLloyd & I will be at The New York State Fair Aug 31, at 7:30 PM @Midway Music Stage #nysfair

"Are you gonna be like @jeffschroeder23 & just hang out all summer?" @RachelEReilly is too funny

@kmacisco @RachelEReilly what's that from?

@jeffschroeder23 @RachelEReilly Rachel's reality relapse interview with Cody!

@kmacisco keeping it classy as always @RachelEReilly

@jeffschroeder23 I really wanna try out for big brother next season been watching since season 3 any advice

@freakyjsgirl420 just be you!

@Jeffschroeder23 watched your interviews with the new HG good job, thanks @CBSBigBrother an @CBSi .

@arencain thanks I appreciate it, trying my best to get better!

This video made me cry, they're PERFECTION. @BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23

@AnaMolinaG @BBJordanLloyd sometimes I watch these videos that people make & I get emotional too lol

Based on the short interviews with @jeffschroeder23 my favorite is Joey but my tentative pick to win is Nicole. Why? Idk.

@mybarra13 your guess is as good as any, who knows?

@jeffschroeder23 will Jordan be in LA when ur doing ur 17 hour tweet a thon ?

@lucindagay23 of course! I need someone to slap my face when I'm about to fall asleep, she's the only person that won't get a slap back lol

Meet Cody #BB16 #SomeoneHasAManCrush on @jeffschroeder23

@Hellataz HAHAHAHA Cody's the man! I like people that like me lol

Great job @jeffschroeder23 interviewing @TulaneTerry Ian has matured & great to see how he benefited from his BB experience & win! #BB16

@StellaChels @TulaneTerry Ian has stepped up his game! He's a good guy, happy for him.

watching #bb16 @jeffschroeder23 says he keeps leg crossed so he don't swivel, I looked down at pics of other inter. & he does. lol

@kimpsble that's a true story ha, I'm always moving some part of my body so crossing my legs help me sit still

Before & After ⭐️ @jeffschroeder23

@Bronzique amazing! Your the best!

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