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Jeff's Mini Tweetfest 6/1/13

Jeff's Mini Tweetfest June 1, 2013

@DanGheesling @TheBaubShow @liseed my b-day is Wednesday so I'm saving my @PortillosHotDog till then! But thanks

@jeffschroeder23 @DanGheesling @TheBaubShow @PortillosHotDog well u will get a double Happy Birthday then! #PortillosForAll

@liseed it's a big box, I might make a few sandwiches & use them as pillows till Wednesday hahaha

Omg, sorry Jeff!! glad you got to see the game. RT @jeffschroeder23: 1-0 good guys! Great wing #Blackhawks! ...

@McCoy17 u didn't ruin it, when I record a game I shut my phone off completely so I don't look at anything

Thanks 2 everyone who pitched in 4 the @PortillosHotDog party pack for me. Gonna save it 4 Wednesday! Best gift ever! Lol

@jeffschroeder23 So happy for your Hawks, Jeff. Sorry if we spoiled it for you. Next time you need to warn us. LOL

@nanna47 you didn't, no worries

@AlecBeall @RatedRPawnStar @jeffschroeder23 is the greatest BB player ever in U.S if were going by U.K rules!

@Bra_GadeMember6 nice of you to say considering your avatar is a Red Wings logo & I'm a Hawks fan lol

@jeffschroeder23 @TheBaubShow @fitkitchenla #celebration #anniversary #party

@Tom63MMLA @TheBaubShow @fitkitchenla congrats again!

@jeffschroeder23 i sympathize in advance for all the engagement tweets you'll get now that you mentioned your bday lol

@JessalynB1987 I appreciate that lol I'm gonna have a few extras tweets this week I think, thanks @JulieChen

@jeffschroeder23 you need to better think out your answer to the most asked question when you are on national tv lol

@JessalynB1987 or just in general lol

@jeffschroeder23 clown shoe

@JoeyReid is that what your new avatar pic is gonna be next week after you lose to the Hawks lol

@jeffschroeder23 if we lose to Chi my avatar will be a/or your clown shoe until the 2014 champion is crowned, if you agree to a Kings crown.

@JoeyReid no deal, don't wanna see a Kings win or that stupid shoe EVER lol

@jeffschroeder23 You're welcome Jeff ~ we know how much you love @PortillosHotDog Enjoy them on your birthday!

@luvkahlua59 definitely is a lot to enjoy! I'm not complaining at all! Good problem to have! Ha

1-0 good guys! Great wing #Blackhawks! Had to DVR it so just finished the game now. Gotta stay off twitter if u DVR anything!

@jeffschroeder23 Wing?

@Hanna_DeVa chicken wings? Yes I like them ha j/k

@jeffschroeder23 would be awesome if I could get a birthday shoutout today. #Thanks

@GBPackers_Diva Happy Birthday! Have a good one

@jeffschroeder23 please follow us

@warren8279 to the end of the Earth! Ha

@jeffschroeder23 What did you place in the Poker tourny? Matt said he got 5th, that's great.

@knouase I got knocked out by some Bozo with a 2-4, get real... I did terrible but it was a fun event

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