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Jeff's Mini Tweetfest 3/25

@jeffschroeder23 Did you know that Twoomey sold a car to that guy...and before you ask no, he did not have his little giraffe with him.

@sschroeder22 I don't even know what the purpose of the that commercial is? But mission accomplished, im talking about it.

@jeffschroeder23 yes best ever..did you see the 1st one?

@JenJohnson777 we don't get that commercial here? or at least i haven't seen it? apparently other people like that mini giraffe too ha

Just listened to an album I recorded with a buddy two summers ago. Band name: The Athletes. Album name:Technotronics. @jeffschroeder23

@ethanrmitchell Billboard charts #1 album haha

@jeffschroeder23 What's up with Jordan? No more tweets?

@traceyklaas i tweet when i can, we have jobs too haha

@jeffschroeder23 I gave up chocolate and chips. No snackin' for this girl!

@Mae5378 i gave up chocolate & pizza

I gave up chocolate & pizza 4 Lent. But I ate a panzerotti one late night, (you get the idea), so technically did i cheat? It wasn't pizza.

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