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Jeff's Mini-Tweetfest 12/22

Jeff's Mini Tweetfest December 22, 2012

This is a pretty cool app U can send gift cards thru it really easy, great 4 any occasion, especially the Holidays.

@jeffschroeder23 would you go back on big brother if you were offered?

@MahonesSwimGirl never know?

@jeffschroeder23 I hope you get asked! You and Jordan are my all time favorite players and I big brother isn't the same without you guys!!(:

@MahonesSwimGirl thank you, that's sweet to say. Merry Christmas

@jeffschroeder23 you and Russell should fight

@_Blackous_ he's my boy now! Love Russel! Good people!

@jeffschroeder23 I got ya back bro! You all have a Merry Christmas !

@BopperMinton what's up Bopper! Didn't know you were in twitter-land? Ha

@jeffschroeder23 hi jeff

@WoahItsKaitlin what's up Kaitlin

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff, while you are on twitter ... I want to take this time to wish you, Jordan and your entire family a joyous Christmas

@luvkahlua59 thank u, u to barb

@jeffschroeder23 Wishing you and Jordan a Merry X-mas!! We all miss seeing you guys!!

@varneys04 merry Christmas Ronda

@jeffschroeder23 have you talked to Brendon and Rachel recently??

@jeremywoodsbb yes we talk, @brendonvbb12 is my Hermono

@jeffschroeder23 Hi Jeff...Nice 2 hear from u! I want 2 wish u, Jordan and your families a very Merry Christmas and your best New Years yet!

@singingmary merry Christmas, last one haha

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