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Jeff's Mini Tweetfest 11/27

Jeff's Mini Tweetfest 11/27

@jeffschroeder23 hey jeff why do you ignore Europeans ppls?:( ah.

@footiegirl89 I Love Europe & European people! Kinda weird you know me over there causeim a nobody over here haha

@jeffschroeder23I'm a Charger fan and will be cheering loud for your Bears today!

@KarenR121Much appreciated GO BEARS!

@jeffschroeder23 how was your thanksgiving?

@ZacharyNicolos Excellent buddy

@jeffschroeder23 jeff may I ask u a big fan question sir?

@DaTaurusKid you may

For My 30th I wanna see how many bday RT I can get @NICKIMINAJ@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 @BrodyJenner@davidarquette

@MamaZinahow about just a happy birthday

@jeffschroeder23 hey sir I'm a barber in training and I want to give u a free haircut! Can Ishow u my skills with the clippers sir?

@DaTaurusKid hahaha thats a first! im gonna have to kindly pass. @KatCrawford27cuts my hair!

@jeffschroeder23Another Bears win today Jeff?? Sending positive vibes as always!! Have funwatching the win today!!

@cheryllo1 Absolutely!!

@jeffschroeder23 I never got to thank you for telling autograph at the couples chat on oct 5.Thanks jeff (:

@TeamRachelR thanks for the call!

@jeffschroeder23 Who do you think will get the win today ~ Pats or Eagles?

@luvkahlua59 Pats

Feel good vibes for today's Bears game. Oakland is a tough place to play but I thinkCaleb Hanie is gonna surprise a lot of people today!

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