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Jeff's Mini Tweetfest 1/8

Jeff's Mini Tweetfest January 8th

@jeffschroeder23 are you "Tebowing?"

@TONIbeckLUV no Tewbowing haha just an underdog fan

@jeffschroeder23 whatevs!!!

@SportsGurl87 It hurts to get Tebowed, the Bears got it too, but you gotta root for the guy now, how can you not?

@jeffschroeder23 can't wait for the Pats to beat them next week!

@damon1450 They say that EVERY SINGLE WEEK about Tebow, you never know???

@jeffschroeder23 i'll root 4 Tebow 4 now - it would b great 2 c him beat Pats. Who r u rooting 4 2 win it all?

@hillstermax would be great to see the Bronco's in the SB, but I think I might be pulling for the 49ers?

(the original tweet was deleted, it said something along the lines of Jeff even getting Jordan to be a fan of Tebow too)

@kklausser she was getting excited during the game too cause i was being so loud she didn't have a choice haha

@jeffschroeder23 Did you see the Tebow SNL skit from a few weeks ago? Super funny.

@kklausser That was soooo funny I saw it

@jeffschroeder23 Your Bulls are looking strong this year!

@knouase Bulls & Hawks

@jeffschroeder23 do people tell you that you kind of look like a skinnier version of Tebow??

@LaughinGal Yes, Lately a lot, my buddies were sending me some funny pics today of me & Tebow haha

@jeffschroeder23 haha well as a Pats fan I believe in Brady! We shall see.

@damon1450 Brady is the man, no argument here

@jeffschroeder23 great game.... how do you think he'll do against New England Jeff?

@Exploring101 I think they'll lose, but I thought they would get killed tonight too so??? who knows?? He's Tebow haha

@jeffschroeder23 i think tebow kind of looks like you..i couldn't stop thinking that while i was watching the game! haha

@jacdigiam Jordan said that tonight too, cause i think its the first time she saw him lol

@jeffschroeder23 How did jordan like Friday night lights ?

@lucindagay09 I love it!!! got her to watch the first episode and she likes it, gotta get here to LOVE IT!!

@jeffschroeder23 don't forget about the Giants, i was there today and we are all pumped up! bring on the packers, we got this!

@lizaephi hope you can beat the Pack, pretty tough team!

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