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Jeff's mini Tweefest 11/26

Jeff's Mini Tweefest 11/26

jeffschroeder23 NOW its okay to start listening to Christmas jams! haha

@jeffschroeder23 i love you jeff im your biggest fan but i am nine but i still love you and jordan

@supermaddy1 Love the support at any age! appreciate it, thanks!

@jeffschroeder23 What's your favorite all time Christmas song Jeff?????

@ch65048 Gotta say John Lennon Happy Christmas

@jeffschroeder23 How about a bday shout out?! ☺

@Dusti2323 Happy B-day! why did you put a sad face on the end of your message? haha

@jeffschroeder23 nothing better than 93.9 Lite FM Christmas music in chicago

@Ksiera47 Just programmed it into my car today!

@jeffschroeder23 for sure r u shopping or watching football? our fam is relaxing at the beach..:-)

@HerbsforeverNDA watched football today, wish I was on the beach!!

@jeffschroeder23 hey where can i get gallon of soy sauce in chicgo chef jeff?

@faceones what in the world do you need a gallon of soy sauce for?? lol

@jeffschroeder23 did you get jordan the new i phone yet?

@jejofan1 not yet she'll be here soon, and will get it together

@jeffschroeder23 ~ Is it cold in Chicago now? It was 56 or so in Philly in November so I not in Xmas sprit just yet.

@McCoy17 was nice today here too, well nice for late Nov

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff did your Ma have a nice Birthday? And did you start your Christmas shopping yet ?

@Chillout27 Yes & No

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