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Jeff's Live tweets MBC

@jeffschroeder23 @bbjrdanlloyd #AskBootCamp? Do you have a house full of friends watching #MarriageBootCamp with you?

@maxnsam we have Jordan's dad in town so just me @BBJordanLloyd and her dad. Just relaxing watch #MarriageBootCamp

@jeffschroeder23 nice pun, Jeff

@sugarspiceNnice I'm not sure people would of got that, NICE"

@jeffschroeder23 Whats your favorite movie?.

@roberta_potts Gladiator

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd#askbootcamp How nervous were you pulling up to the house not knowing what to expect??

@varneys04 its a weird feeling

@REGGIEYB1 "I'm gonna sabotage everybody's S@#T" lol

AskBootCamp who was the better cook? @jeffschroeder23 or @ItsTheSituation ?

@ScottySayz_66 @ItsTheSituation ME! Lol

@jeffschroeder23 Whos your less favorite couple? Haha come on u can tell us

@roberta_potts that's for you to decide....

@AubreyODay Beige Paint.... What's that??

#askbootcamp @BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 Was BC easier or harder than BB?

@Owl_Luvverr both difficult for different reason


@BBJordanLloyd & @jeffschroeder23 loves!!!!! ❤️

@lauren_pesce mike @ItsTheSituation dissed your cooking skills 2 minutes in the house & your Italian.... Them fightin words Lol

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd I feel better walking around with champagne

@lfranklin915 of course! Lol

Okay now I love @jeffschroeder23 and @BBJordanLloyd ! 'Big Brother' fan for life! I hope they aren't a ton of drama #MarriageBootCamp

@According2Mandy I hope we aren't either!! Haha @BBJordanLloyd

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 Honestly...We're Yall Surprised By Your Castmate Screaming "Rise Up"? Was That Scripted?#MarriageBootCamp

@HaileyGracesDad of course, that was bananas!

Do you think @jeffschroeder23 is too friendly? #MarriageBootCamp

@TFactoryMedia did you want me to come in the house and start dumpin over tables instead? That's good tv #MarriageBootCamp

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 I love you guys so much!!! If I ever got a tweet from the both of you I would cry! I LOVE YOU!!!

@AndreaBTRFan1 here's mine!

@jeffschroeder23 I'm watching marriage boot camp n loved Travis response his he really that nice lol

@moniebear0515 @TravisGarland is a little cutie!

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 I love you guys so much!!! If I ever got a tweet from ya'll I would cry! I LOVE YOU!!! #AskBootCamp

@AndreaBTRFan1 don't cry, but I might later in the show..... #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp

Ahhhh so excited #AbsoluteFavs @jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd

@CourtneyDolson yes, me too! Lol

@BBJordanLloyd & @jeffschroeder23 R the Trista and Ryan of this #MarriageBootCamp, Jordan is too sweet.

@OdieLisa @BBJordanLloyd that was a big reason why we did the show in the first place

also get to see @BBJordanLloyd & @jeffschroeder23 "if u can be any animal what would u b? A squirl bc they hang out in neighborhoods!!

@brittyygracee @BBJordanLloyd never gets old lol

Ahhh, @WEtv, just seeing @jeffschroeder23 and @BBJordanLloyd bak on TV, is so good! #MarriageBootCamp

@arencain @WEtv @BBJordanLloyd your the best Renee!

@jeffschroeder23 Did you notice Bob or 2 busy trying 2 figure out what was up? #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp

@disawyer wow, good eye! I totally didn't know @TheBaubShow was there! I was freaking out & didn't realize....

“@jeffschroeder23: And here WE go #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp”. You and Jordon are the only normal acting people on the show!

@waitingoneight we have our moments, but hopefully you guys can relate. #MarriageBootCamp

@BBJordanLloyd @WEtv @jeffschroeder23 Did you think you were really getting married?

@varneys04 @BBJordanLloyd @WEtv I was down! Lol

Haha @jeffschroeder23 is truly scared of Aubrey! Too funny. Where's Big Jeff? #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp

@ymabamamay @AubreyODay is a strong women!

Omg @BBJordanLloyd and @jeffschroeder23 were u scared or shocked when they announced you getting married today

@moniebear0515 @BBJordanLloyd I was more worried that my parents weren't there. I wasn't scared of getting married, we're already engaged

@BBJordanLloyd watched you & @jeffschroeder23 on MBC and you both help bring some sanity into a house full of drama. Looking forward to Ep2

@Hellataz @BBJordanLloyd will try...

The only reason I'm watching #MarriageBootCamp this season is because of @BBJordanLloyd and @jeffschroeder23 Love them!

@Dperryy23 thanks!

Beat the purpose lol #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Was it uncomfortable sitting there listening 2 the other couples let alone gettin up urselves? #askbootcamp

@GloriasAlias @BBJordanLloyd of course, that was only 1 hour into the house!

I'm loving #MarriageBootCamp @jeffschroeder23 Why were you so afraid of Aubrey? I'm a huge Big Brother fan! You and Jordan are my favorites

@BBSuperfan1996 I was joking, but she is a strong women & strong personality

@TamiRoman @REGGIEYB1 YOU LOOK GREAT! Lol can't wait to watch you 2 this season!

RT "Defeat" the purpose? Or "the beat"? Who knows! LOL @BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 #MarriageBootCamp

If I can't see @jeffschroeder23 & @BBJordanLloyd on big brother again.. I'll settle for #MarriageBootCamp so happy they're back on my tv❤️

@brittrosenthal @BBJordanLloyd its still us, will give you some good laughs, and possible some tears..... #MarriageBootCamp

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 are we going to see you in boot camp. Your screen time is short. #AskBootCamp

@aolbaytown28 @BBJordanLloyd we have our moments, it's only ep 1 #AskBootCamp

@jeffschroeder23 congrats Jeff! You both are awesome!

@Jacob_Sexton1 thanks, it was a great experience! #MarriageBootCamp

@TFactoryMedia @TeamJEJO @jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd just love these two. Only reason I'm watching this season

@moniebear0515 @TFactoryMedia @TeamJEJO @BBJordanLloyd thanks, you'll love the other couples too, just wait!

@jeffschroeder23 Your expression watching Kendra & Hank was priceless! #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp

@disawyer it got real, real quick! #MarriageBootCamp

@WEtv @BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 There's that banter we all love! Lol

@Ipswichsusie @WEtv @BBJordanLloyd there will be more, trust me! Lol

@jeffschroeder23 what's the best way to get onto #BigBrother?

@Jacob_Sexton1 be yourself!

@jeffschroeder23 and @BBJordanLloyd <3 been waiting for you guys to return to my TV screen! Love you guys! #MarriageBootCamp #MyAllTimeFavs

@DelvynB95 @BBJordanLloyd hope you still like us at the end of the show haha j/k

Really missed @BBJordanLloyd and @jeffschroeder23 on TV. Will they air their wedding? Hope so. #MarriageBootCamp

@heartsandroses9 @BBJordanLloyd I'll take it! Ha

How about a wedding already?? @BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23

@nikers1978 @BBJordanLloyd October 1st, 2016

Yall leave @BBJordanLloyd alone! We all mix ours words up sometimes. Did everyone forget "technotrics"? @jeffschroeder23 #MarriageBootCamp

@ymabamamay @BBJordanLloyd lol touché

LOVE seeing @jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd back on tv! Dont love the even 1% chance of y'all having problems though lol❤️ #MarriageBootCamp

@Ashleyabc26 @BBJordanLloyd gotta watch, everybody has their moments... #MarraigeBootcamp

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Haha I'm always gonna like you guys! Been A fan since 2009 haha not gonna give up on you guys that easy

@DelvynB95 thanks!

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Don't fight like others! ❤️you guys! Let's just plan a wedding & live happily ever after! #MarriageBootCamp

@DawnStew @BBJordanLloyd we will!

Nice @TravisGarland you win the best "rise up" lol #MarriageBootCamp

Even if @jeffschroeder23 and @BBJordanLloyd are on Marriage Boot Camp, they are still goals #favoritecouple

@annawhiteee_ @BBJordanLloyd we don't need fixing, we just need to sharpen the tools that we have #MarraigeBootcamp

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd~hi guys, I will be watch as soon as I get out of hospital. They don't have we TV channel. Can u believe that

@McCoy17 @BBJordanLloyd you can ask me you Qs later, your special lol

Things are crazy in Marriage Boot Camp, just like Big Brother! @jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd #MarriageBootCamp

@paige_deon @BBJordanLloyd pretty close, but it gets very different

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff! It's #marriagebootcamp! You've been spelling marriage wrong lolol Never change #techtronics

@deeluvs I'm just using whatever # comes up on my computer? #MarriageBootcamp

@jeffschroeder23 I know! Some1 must've tweeted that, now it comes up. I was JK! Loving u & @BBJordanLloyd gr8 start to #marriagebootcamp!

@jeffschroeder23 when's the show on in Canada?

@dangus61 maybe online?

@jeffschroeder23 whatever happens, at least the water works did not happen for you on the first show!

@StellaChels there around the corner lol

That's okay @jeffschroeder23 ! You know there is no judgement on twitter!

Kidding, but there is no judgement w/ #TeamJeJo! #notkidding

@StellaChels I'm a bad speller, it's no surprise. Lol

@jeffschroeder23 thought I was in church "rise up"!

@Sherrysobo lol, I'm wasn't sure where the hell I was #MarraigeBootcamp #AskBootCamp

@ymabamamay @BBJordanLloyd Ah no unfortunately for @jeffschroeder23 technotronix will never be forgotten, he said it with such conviction...

@chrissiemac24 @ymabamamay @BBJordanLloyd all in! Ha

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd @annawhiteee_ This is practice marriage for them. They're there to show the other couples what a couple is.

@ZalebBB16 @BBJordanLloyd @annawhiteee_ thanks! Be the best couple WE can be! #MarriagBootCamp

@pdson2 @BBJordanLloyd I didn't like it, I knew there would be some backlash

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 long distance relationships work. I've been married 5yrs after 3yrs long distances.

@kimberly_ruff @BBJordanLloyd that's how we do!

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Will you two be doing an upcoming “Watch It With” episode in the future? #MarraigeBootcamp #AskBootCamp

@knouase @BBJordanLloyd no, we weren't asked, but will get on periscope after a few episodes #MarriagBootCamp #AskBootCamp

I'm w/ @jeffschroeder23 and @BBJordanLloyd. With the good, might come some bad. I wouldn't want the "perfect" label. #MarriageBootCamp

@ScottySayz_66 @BBJordanLloyd I didn't either!

@jeffschroeder23 @BBJordanLloyd Were you happy you didn't get the stagecoach bed? ha Did the pillows end up on the floor in the morning? LOL

@TamiGibson77 @BBJordanLloyd I whipped them everywhere lol #MarriageBootCamp

@BBJordanLloyd "I've never seen you cry in 5 years,". FORSHADOWING? @jeffschroeder23 #MarriageBootCamp

@radomskic @BBJordanLloyd ......... Will see......

@BBJordanLloyd @jeffschroeder23 Love that you got the HOH room ! #MarriageBootCamp

@LolaBBfan @BBJordanLloyd haha I didn't look at it like that, guess your right

I feel like big @jeffschroeder23 and @BBJordanLloyd would've been very cool to watch with commentary. Throwback to DR sessions! #JeJo

@5thBeatle23 @BBJordanLloyd so do I....

Tks 4 tweeting along w/ us, it was fun! Gonna be a GREAT season! @WEtv @TFactoryMedia #MarriageBootCamp #AskBootCamp

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