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Jeff's Joker's phone Inteview

Controversy, Commitment and Da Bears!

Exclusive PHONE Interview with Jeff Schroeder

By BestBBEver, September 18, 2011

Jeff Schroeder was once again a houseguest on CBS Big Brother and once again, he was cast out of the house and sent to the Jury. We didn't get a chance to talk to him post eviction but he made time to talk to Jokers Updates right after the finale and we 'appresh. Congratulations on the America's Choice vote and win.

Jeff: Yeah, thanks, that was cool! Steve & Tony at Nonna Silvia's say hello!

Jeff: Oh yeah, (his Chicago accent sounds heavy and very DeNiro on the phone) that's nice, I haven't talked to them yet. And the bears are kicking ass!

Jeff: I know I heard! (laughing hard) That's got to be your biggest shock coming out of sequester, right?

Jeff: NO, not a shock for me, it's da Bears, c'mon! This was a unique season of Big Brother and part of the fun was watching you and Jordan interact again. But, a lot of people were questioning whether or not it is a real relationship.

Jeff: Really? Yes, really. I wrote a piece about it for Jokers Updates and I thought my take was pretty spot on. You two can be the final judge of that but it was interesting watching the two of you really play the game together this time, how was it for you?

Jeff: It was great, it was great doing the show again with Jordan. We really wanted to win, I couldn't have done it without her. She was the best part of being in that house. (laughing as if remembering things.) Well from that fluff, I would like to jump into something serious. I would like to ask you about the things you said about Dumbledore being gay, during a conversation you had with Kalia. What was that all about?

Jeff: You know what happened? I think I blew it all out of proportion. Are you homophobic?

Jeff: No, that's the whole thing, I'm not, that's crazy. Would you consider leading the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago next year?

Jeff: Yes, absolutely if I can help with that and that would help them. I didn't know about this whole Harry Potter thing, it was news to me and the point I was trying to make didn't come across and I am a man and I apologize where it's needed and I apologize for that hurt.

You know, I didn't mean any harm, I don't have any hangup about gay people, I mean if it is, there is, an issue, there isn't a issue about it for me, you know what I mean? We have a Gay Pride Parade like you said and I would have fun with it and wouldn't have a problem with it in any way. I think people are quick to judge, my friends know me and everyone that does know me, knows that I don't think like that. Ok, but it is two seasons now that you have said things that sounded pretty bad, why is that?

Jeff: It is hard to even talk about it sometimes because if I say it in a way that one person takes offense with, then it is," why did you say it like that?" And I don't even know where they are coming from, you know? I don't want to have a debate about it, I don't take sides on this, I am not like that, I support the LBGT community. I appreciate you talking about it now, it sounds like there is a side to you that people haven't seen and maybe need to see.

Jeff: Yeah....... (sounding pensive but upbeat.)

(We got a time warning right here, so I jumped into the next question on my list.) Would you consider doing a cooking show with Jordan? She could weave in and out of the show kinda of like a George Burns/Gracie Allen thing..........

Jeff: Yeah, that would be great. (chuckling) Say goodnight, Jordan!

Jeff: Yeah that would be good........(laughing, chuckling) I loved you talking about how fired up you were after the Double Eviction and the clown shoe comments were hilarious, but you really seem to have gotten very Zen about the whole experience. Is there any chance you and Dani will finally find a way to become friends because you do seem to have the capacity to live and learn?

Jeff: Absolutely, I really hold no ill will towards her (Dani) or anybody on the show. Everyone was great this year but sometimes people just don't get along but uh, maybe outside the show, I definitely give everyone a second chance like I did with the first houseguests....... You mean season 11?

Jeff: Yeah, and if she (Dani) wanted to take a step towards friendship that's cool and that would be cool with me, I have no ill will towards anyone on the show. You have to put that stuff behind you so if there is room for her to have a friendship and it was wanted on her part I would absolutely be part of that. Ok, RealityRita on Jokers Updates would like to know if you are going to buy a ring for Jordan before you move in together? Very traditional fans you have, so what do you say?

Jeff: Oh, that is very trad....that's uh, oh, I didn't even think about that, look at me, see that's another thing I have to think, I don't know, I don't know..........(absolute cute, funny male response, he is chuckling, confused and thinking) .........first we have to talk, me and Jordan have to talk, we have to really sit down and talk and see what's best for us right now, um and then we'll go from there.

If it's buying the ring before (moving in together) 'cuz there's going to be some obviously time before we jump into what we want to do next, there will be time and uh, I didn't even think about the ring, how did I not think about the ring, you guys got me thinkin' now! I better! (think about it.) (lots of laughter.) Well my guess is that you wanted to win the 500 grand so you and Jordan could have a house in both places and go back and forth between them, is that the thought?

Jeff: (laughing) Yeah, that was exactly the thought of us going back on, yeah the money obviously would have helped with moving to the next step in our relationship. Well you both have very strong family ties in very close-knit communities so it made sense to want to have access to both..........

Jeff: ..........that was the goal with going on (the show) and you know it was a very stressful summer but you know it's always so much better when you're done and looking back, I'm glad I did it. It was a great opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience, to do it twice is hard to pass up! Uh, we didn't win but I'm glad we did it, you know with everything that came with it and it was a good summer and it was a good summer for CBS and that's what matters, you know I had fun and that's what matters! deVinePoet wants to know, if you were a Big Brother producer what changes would you make to the show and why?

Jeff: Um, I wouldn't change much, you know it's a well-oiled machine, they know what they're doing over there, putting people in the house together and then them not getting along, you know you put 13 of your best friends in a house together and they're going to fight at some point. It's just a great concept, I think it is really fair, the way they play the game, a lot of people say they gear it one way or the other and it's totally not true and I think that really came into fruition this season. You know a lot of things happened, anything could happen, anyone could win and I wouldn't you know change much about the show. I think they know exactly what they are doing over there. Do you have a production deal with CBS and are there any shows that we might be seeing you on this fall or winter?

Jeff: I wish I did! (chuckling.) I am working with some people and I am working with the same people that I did "Around the World For Free" for and we've got some things in the works but nothing that I am signed on to do at this moment. Believe me, if I had something I would let everyone know the minute I got it! If you got called back for Big Brother All-Stars would you come back in and would you play it differently if Jordan wasn't with you?

Jeff: Yeah, well, having Jordan in the house it's two different games playing with two different people than just playing by yourself. It's an advantage too having Jordan in the house 'cuz I am an emotional person, 'cuz I have to get things off my chest and having Jordan in there keeps me in check, to be honest, so I don't know how I would be by myself.

As far as going back, um, my answer to that, I came up with a good one (chuckling) I watched Justin Beiber's movie in the Jury House, that Never say Never, so that's my answer! Never Say Never, I'm leaving it at that!

(time call) Ok, good answer. We would love to see you on Jokers Updates, if you ever have the time and thank you for entertaining us again, this summer!

Jeff: I 'appresh all of you at Jokers, all of the support. Bye.

We did not have anymore time. My next question was about the perception amongst some Big Brother viewers that Jeff was a bully and acted "entitled" to be in the house. I would still like to ask him that question. Jeff is very aware of his temper and I think the term bullying is being misused too much, which mitigates the horror of those who are really suffering from it.

Adults playing an adult game televised for TV, does not constitute bullying anymore than the smack talking constitutes slander. It is a game for TV and summer entertainment. Mean, pushy, brash, bold and disrespectful of certain players, maybe Jeff was all of the those things at different times, in the house. Maybe he saw the other houseguests as opponents on a football team, he certainly rallied his alliance like he was giving a "win one for the Gipper" speech, but bullying? I didn't see it.

As for the charges of entitlement? That one made me laugh. Every single person in that house, came into that house thinking they had the right to win or they wouldn't have spent their summer entertaining us. Entitle this!

So, Big Brother 13 is in the can, the trash can as always, but some would say a nicer, funnier trash can with a lot of pretty glitter. It wasn't the most moving or captivating season but it had its moments and many of the best ones centered around Jeff, so, I am glad he was there. But, personally, rather than ever seeing him on another CBS reality show, I would like to see him making dinner on a cooking show and teaching us how to add his homemade jardiniere to our favorite dishes. Bon appetit, indeed!


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