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Jeff's HOH Blog - BB13 - 8/25

HOH Blog: Jeff Posted on Aug 25, 2011 10:30pm

­­hey everyone its big jeff here your new HOH. let me start off by explaining the 3rd person nickname "big jeff". it started off as just a joke between me and my buddies, and some how in the BB house it got out of control a little bit so sorry about the the 3rd person references in the DR, just having fun.

i wanted to give a little shout out to my brother scott for all the great pic's of me, my parents, nieces, himself, and my HOH basket. thank you marley and macy for the wonderful letters you wrote me, really made my day and gave me more motivation than ever to understand what i was playing for and why i'm here, TO WIN!! my sister in law ali got the shaft from from my HOH pic's but i was still thinking of you! i also have another older brother people might not know about with a wife and 5 kids and i wish them all the best as well. my parents, family and good friends thanks for all the support! love you very much!!! i'm gonna do my very best to get jordan and i to the final 2, im determined and extremely motivated!!!

really quick just wanted to say hi to dick sorry you had to go brother, hope all is well! Also keith, cassi, & dom, can't believe you guys were locked up that long, it was good seeing you all again, looking forward to the final so we can all hang out again!

now as far my new house mates, casey is hilarious in his banana suit! no wait, that was the other season haha. seriously its a total different game this time around! of the remaining house guests lets start with shelly. shelly is awesome, so down to earth, easy to talk to. now on a totally different subject lets go to rachel. rachel rachel rachel, what a handful to say the least. i truly think she means well but just has a bit of growing up to do. but like i said i think her heart is in the right place. i'm learning more and more how to understand her each day.

adam's turn. adam is a great guy, big heart, full of laughs and his best attribute to me is how he takes jokes so well. some people in here are way to sensitive and adam is the opposite. i'm glad he's here to cut up with on a daily basis. good people.

okay daniele's turn. what do i say about daniele? i think me and daniele are very similar in a lot of ways but just play the game very differently. i would have loved to work with her but the way things went down early on, it just wasn't meant to be… she's not to happy with big jeff at the moment so will just move on to the next person.

kalia…. well kalia does a lot of talking and also a lot of sleeping haha, its true! early on i thought that kalia was pretty cool, but im not sure its kalia who is left in this house anymore? she seems to have been drinking whatever juice daniele has been giving her and has made a visible change in her personality.. but once we get outta here im sure she'll come back to her normal fun kalia self.

porsche……… your guess is probably better than mine on how porsche is. i think i talked to her about an hour in total in 54 days. she's seems like a really fun girl, seriously, but im not sure if she's really as bubbly as she puts out, or if she a BB mastermind and has been playing us all along? haha, honestly, i don't have a clue? she likes to bake and she's good at making things out of clay. good job porsche! ha

now lets do JORDAN!! jordan is of course the best as im sure you all can see, she is trying really really hard and is more competitive than i have ever seen her!!! kinda turns me on! haha. but the best thing is she hasn't lost how sweet and kind she is, that girl is truly one of a kind!! she did a wonderful thing when she gave up that phone call to home, because i know how much she wanted to talk to her mom! but she did the right thing and that's one of the many things i love about jordan to say the least! without her here i'm sure how i would get through this!! we are both happy we made it this far and that we are the last couple remaining in the house! but were not done yet, trust me!

in closing just wanted to say thank you so much again to my family for everything, hope im not doing anything to embarrass you too badly… my friends, also people watching the show who like big jeff, thanks for all the support!!! if you don't like big jeff you should not be reading this and you should be doing something more productive with your day other than correcting all my grammar mistakes losers! haha



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