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Jeff's Brief Tweetfest 7/19

Keep passing the word log on make a profile, help a brother out ha I start ATWFF one week from today on The Early Show in NYC

@jeffschroeder23 can't wait for the show to start! Online friends around the world are ready to help!!

@MyLadyKat thank you so much!!! hope i come through for everyone!

@jeffschroeder23 Looking forward JEJO chat 2morrow! Safe travels 2 u and Z

@Singermomm talk to you tomorrow, looking forward to it

@jeffschroeder23 Are you having a going away party in Chi before you leave? You and Zsolt seem to get along really well that's a big plus

@JCavi8 yes with family and close friends! and Z is awesome im in good hands!

@jeffschroeder23 Oh! Hey Jeff! I just want to say have a lovely and safe adventure. I can't wait to watch!

@Jess_BBLove i appreciate it! hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

@jeffschroeder23 Journey of life time about to begin. Wish you much success and lots of happiness. Congratulations on pursuing your passion.

@starrtwin dreams do come true!!

@Jeffschroeder23 So excited for the new show, and can't wait for tomorrow night's chat with your fan site, Thank you for agreeing to do it!

@Hellataz thank you for everything, looking forward to it myself!!!

@jeffschroeder23 If you and Zolt make it to Cinci i got you covered will help out anyway we can! Safe travels,Keep you in our prayers!!

@varneys04 thank you and thank you!!! keep that in mind!

@jeffschroeder23 Are you gonna rock a chicago hat of some sort? clothing options will be limited i gather with just a backpack.

@JCavi8 gonna try to rep Chicago of course but yes clothing is limited?

@jeffschroeder23 You've gotta be gettin pumped! Is jordan still in town or is she doing her show from home tonight? good luck bro!

@JCavi8 thanks, she's back home now, and ready to get this show on the road!!!

@jeffschroeder23 Big Brother isn't the same without you <3

@Melanie_Speich thanks

@jeffschroeder23 we know u r enjoying u r time with Jordan and family but give us a tweet please

@lucinda_09 you got on now!!!

@jeffschroeder23 @zsoltluka @awtff@BBJordanLloyd Saw Jeff's ad on BB tonight. I'm SO pumped, can't wait for kick off. Good vibes to you

@maggiemae802 i appresh, not long now, can't believe it!!! ready to go!!!

@Jeffschroeder23 @Zsoltluka Please be honest, my feelings wont b hurt... Do u want fans at the NY launch on the 26th or is it 2 intrusive?

@singingmary it would be an honor!

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