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Jeff's Brief Tweetfest 10/18

Jeff's 10/18 Brief Tweetfest.

jeffschroeder23 what's up everybody got a few minutes in Germany to send a couple tweets out.... who wants to talk

@jeffschroeder23 are you guys looking to speed up the pace for the final couple weeks man? also, how uncomfortable was that laderhosen? haha

@JCavi8 looking to get some adventure but having a bit of trouble facilitating it, but no worries will come through....

@jeffschroeder23 how is the weather there?

@shetowers it's pretty cold here

@jeffschroeder23 what part of germany are you in?

@funnyguy84 North Rhine west Phalia

@jeffschroeder23 are u having the time of ur life? Also....are u gettting homesick yet?

@AngTown1 a bit, but once im home i"ll wish i was back on the road...

@jeffschroeder23 is this your last stop before coming home Jeff?

@TinaWeberInWV Nope

@jeffschroeder23 Jst 2 let u know the ladies over @ Joker's have been doing a great job in the ATWFF forum covering ur travels:) ...

@JstStarr tell them thanks, sorry have not been able to catch up with the show, there great over there...

@jeffschroeder23 "Move the camera around accordingly where I'm at." (Pisa moment). Haha. I love you guys.

@dxp7 no your the best haha

@jeffschroeder23: Jeff, will u c any more countries or head back home? Any plans for Berlin? Loving all the webisodes. Great job!

@maxnsam gonna try to squeeze in as much as we can?? time is running out & need options more then ideas.....

@jeffschroeder23 So are you completely exhausted homesick and rethinking this six month around the world with a backpack thing yet?

@Princess_Bitchy not at all

@jeffschroeder23 Love to know what type of adventures you're leaning towards, maybe if you can find a way there we can help make it happen

@Hellataz you have done enough, i hope i don't need to lean on you anymore??? but thanks for everything your the best!!!

@jeffschroeder23 u are great with kids u need to get moving on that-lol

@lucinda_09 one step at a time haha

@JeffSchroeder23 Waiting to call Jordan last web was cute. Let us know what the "bang" is!

@queenmama7777 working on it, trust me... easy to make suggestions from everyone, harder to lock it down!!!! people forget i have no money

@Jeffschroeder23 Jeff do you want fans there again in NY for your return or is that not a good idea. I may be able to swing it again & come.

@singingmary don't want you to go outta your way for sure, again you did enough throughout the journey

@jeffschroeder23 hi Jeff...Angie here from Roscoe, Il...I want to talk....are you glad your on the home stretch? Ready to come home?

@afewin lovin the trip, gonna miss it when its over.....

@jeffschroeder23 How weird is it going to be in a few weeks to be able to buy a cup of coffee or whatever else you want after all this time?

@disawyer I CAN"T WAIT TO HAVE MONEY IN MY POCKET!!! that's the hardest part!!! not being able to repay the favor sucks.....

jeffschroeder23 May the wind always be at your back, and the sun upon your face. And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars...

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