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Jeff's 10/22 Tweetfest

Jeff's October 22nd Tweefest

The Birth of his FB Fan page

W/ a friend he's trying 2 set up some social media accounts 4 me FB fan page, linkedin. I feel like zoolander ha, how many things do I need?

Having some problems, somebody get Zuckerburg on the phone!! Ha

Here's the link to the Fan Page for starters.. still working on it!/pages/Jeff-Schroeder-Fan-Page/167974083250516 give me suggestions 4 the page?

@jeffschroeder23 Is this for real..that fan page has stuff from sept how can it be new...has Jeff's twitter been hacked

@MelissaB71 no, my buddy started it in september, he's just now gettin me to use it

@jeffschroeder23 Did you post a link, or is twitter your Official fan page lol.

@kaysis1 it posted right?

@jeffschroeder23 more pictures of u!

@meganblovesu thanks, working on it

@jeffschroeder23 Get verified on Twitter, then maybe just FB. Remember the more accounts you start, the more you have to keep updated. ;-)

@SuzanneNelson how do you get verified? Think they invite you, not the other way around?

@jeffschroeder23 Well there's Pinterest and Squidoo and MySpace, too! LOL Hey, why not a couple of blogs?!!

@Cruzin1 omg I can't even handle these 3 ha

@jeffschroeder23 there is a good new site called that would be good for you to use to link all sites together

@akioryu thanks I'll look into that!

@jeffschroeder23 i have loved you ever since #bigbrother11 and i always will <3 please reply back to me! i would be so happy

@AshleySaini17 thanks we appreciate that!

@jeffschroeder23 Are You Still Gonna Use The Other Fan Page

@Country_Gal93 think just twitter & that fan page, learning linkedin too for business purposes

@jeffschroeder23 will you be on twitter or facebook more?

@ZacharyNicolos twitter more for sure

@jeffschroeder23 are you prepping that page to announce any big news or projects soon? lol

@glorytorres hopefully ha ha

@jeffschroeder23 somebody's bored

@ME32 working, not board

@jeffschroeder23 oh ok. It's bored not board. :-)

@ME32 yes it is thanks

@jeffschroeder23 How did you get into a college?#completemoron

@BigTENknight I got good grades, didn't go to a prestigious school such as Purdue. Sorry not good at computer

@jeffschroeder23 your fb page isn't working!:(

@mrsbrogan its not? Try again, cause people are getting on it fine from the feedback

@jeffschroeder23 where was your UCLA BRUIN hat this year.

@JERRYINTHE909 they wouldn't let me wear it???? I brought the exact same one

@jeffschroeder23 Hi Jeff!

a tweet for ur biggest English supporter? c'mon... we're a rare breed...

@gimmedaswagjosh cheers!!

@jeffschroeder23 :-( On my phone and link isn't working... #teamjeff&jordan

@MrsBeachXOXO not sure why?

Okay, thanks for the help guys, computer class is done for today! Time for some College football!

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