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Jeff Mini Tweetfest 9/13

Jeff's Mini Tweetfest

OMG the Bears lost! OMG what are people doing on Big Brother? Crazy night all around!! #bb14

RT @CBSBigBrother

Send us Q’s 4 2nite’s evicted HG, they will be joining @jeffschroeder23 4 a live chat tomorrow at 1pm PT/4pm ET ! #bb14

@jeffschroeder23 Did Dan's Mist get to the bears too?

@stacy1172 haha I think so

@jeffschroeder23 Who The F*** Are You?

@MOMMAT54 I'm Jeff, you tweeted me?

@jeffschroeder23 Shane got SLAMMED!!! So go easy with the Puka beads 2morrow. I should say MISTIFIED! Be glad that you're not in that house!

@queenmama7777 Gonna be REALLY nice to Shane, hope he's a good sport about the puka shells. Poor guy got blindsided, wow! Thus is the BB..

@jeffschroeder23 wheres that exit interview with Jenn city

@sgr121657 Thought it would be up by now? It was great & Jenn-city is SUPER cool!! will tweet it when its out!

@jeffschroeder23 @sgr121657 Jenn's interview is up. I didn't get to watch it live & just watched it a little bit ago Another great interview

@disawyer @sgr121657 can you send me the link?

@jeffschroeder23 Yes the Bears LOST....AGAIN to the Pack!! Love ya..even though you're a Bears fan..#gopackgo

@TxPackerFan21 It hurts, but its a long season!! haha enjoy the victory

@jeffschroeder23 Loving your interviews, Jeff. Hope you'll be doing them for many seasons to come.

@carolpfilms I appreciate it! Having a good time, so far seriously everyone has been really great to interview, im learning as i go as well

@maggiemae802 Thanks so much maggie, funny how im the one interviewing & can't even find my own interview lol

@johnfiguly @EvelDick @DanGheesling @jeffschroeder23 @JanellePierzina Why is Schroeder in there?! What did he do?

@TheRealGeswho @johnfiguly @EvelDick @DanGheesling @jeffschroeder23 @JanellePierzina True story... A LOT of great players way before me!!

Here is the Jenn-City interview from today if you missed it… looking forward to tomorrows interview! #BB14

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