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Jeff Mini Tweetfest - 4/13

@jeffschroeder23 jeff is atwf gonna make it to tv?

@plo373 don't think it's gonna make it to TV.... i wish...

@jeffschroeder23 Jeff the guy in the picture with you looks like John Travolta. You think so?

@pata0201 it's the butt chin haha

@jeffschroeder23 You going to any of the Hawks playoff games?

@maiasugar going Sunday to the game w/ some friends

@jeffschroeder23 Flying in to Chicago for a Bachelor Party this weekend. Heading to Wrigleyville. What are some good spots we should hit up

@koolshaggy Everywhere is good in Wrigley before or after the game! my buddy @BillyDec has a great place called Rockit down there, great!

@jeffschroeder23 so what u got planned next? anymore tv shows?

@TinaWeberInWV i hope so? right now just back at my old job.

@jeffschroeder23~Jeff, don't know if U will C this so late, but I w/watching ET w/mentioned John Travolta w/b playing John Gotti.

@McCoy17 i did see that... gonna be interesting, hope he pulls it off...

@jeffschroeder23 So, are you a CUBS or SOX fan? And don't say both!

@Angebanange im a Bears fan!! haha

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