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Jeff Mini Tweetfest 3/18

@jeffschroeder23 You did ATWFFree, Billy Dec is doing Around The World With All The Money In The World. lol

@deemj61 ha ha, he's visiting a lot of the place i was, bringing back some great memories! wish i was with @billydec

@jeffschroeder23 So basically, if you pick a team to win anything, I should always pick the other team right? K? Got it!! haha

@Fedfan1414 Absolutely correct!! lol

@Fedfan1414 @jeffschroeder23 I never get tweets from him My questions suck!! lol... Glad you got one!

@TracyBil i was always taught there is no such thing as a bad question, i have come very close though! ha

@jeffschroeder23 I don't have a question .. but would love a shout out to make my Friday

@luvkahlua59 have a great weekend

@jeffschroeder23 Well, here goes...Besides betting, who are you wanting to win the championship??

@nanna47 i picked Kansas & Texas as my upset team to win in my 2 tournament brackets, i think i just jinxed them

Nothing like wearing a brand new pair of socks, today is a good day!

**will add more later if he continues**

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