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Jeff Mini Tweetfest 02/27/12

@jeffschroeder23 Have you found a place out there yet?!?

@cowboyschroeder still looking so don't book your ticket out here just yet haha

@jeffschroeder23 saw the picture of you biting the tarantula. what did it taste like?

@caseyanne58 kinda like beef jerky w/ shrimp shells in it... All in all not that bad

I'm 33yrs young 2day.Can I get a RT or a follow please! @EvelDick @jeffschroeder23 @IngoRademacher @RobKardashian @KimKardashian @katyperry

@Brandi2005Angel happy birthday

This looks like @jeffschroeder23 minus the soul patch.... Could it be?

@mandyl18 haha ya that's me!

@Jeffschroeder23 Did you spot any one famous at In and Out this year? LOL

@luvkahlua59 haha not this year, stayed in Santa Monica for the oscars

@jeffschroeder23 you watching Rachael &Brendan on Amazing Race? How far do you think they'll get?

@maggspie2 yes we watched, think they will do good if they can keep it together lol they are good competitors

@jeffschroeder23 So gotta ask was Jordan's expression when she 1st saw SE Asia what you thought it would be?

@disawyer yes, traveling is a great learning experience in my mind so the trip was great for both of us to really see how good we have it!

@jeffschroeder23 are you going to have some news to share about work soon?

@SilvyF1 I hope so haha

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