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Global TV Interview with Jordan

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Interview With Evicted Houseguest Jordan Lloyd Jordan Lloyd came into the Big Brother house as not only America's Sweetheart, but the winner of Big Brother 11. Right off the bat, her and Jeff were perceived as threats by the house because they knew the game and were well liked. Jordan was able to befriend everyone in the house, but lost her cool on her closest ally, Shelly when she voted out Jeff during the double eviction. After that, Jordan and Rachel, dubbed "Jorchal", managed to make it to the final four. But after losing several HoH competitions, Jordan just couldn't hold on any longer and was evicted by Porsche, allowing Jordan to spend an entire week in the jury house with her love, Jeff. Jordan, along with the other jury members will return on Wednesday Sept 14 at 9.30 to help choose the winner of Big Brother 13.

Jordan, how did your strategy differ this year from two years ago when you won Big Brother 11.

I didn’t do anything different – I did the exact same thing and played the exact same way as I did last year.

Do you think you had better game and more confidence this time around?

Last time, I didn’t know what I was doing. This time, I was more aware of things so I guess I knew more of what was going on and was smarter about everything. Yeah, I did feel like I had more confidence.

During your time in power with the vets, many people tried to sway you to go against Brendon and Rachel. Did you have a final four deal with them and would you have stayed true to that deal?

All of us (vets) planned to stay together, but when Dani broke off and it changed things. So Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and I were planning to work together. Then all of these liars and manipulators told Jeff and I that Brendon and Rachel were coming after us, and they thought the same about us. If none of us had drank Dani’s Kool-aide we would have stuck together all along.

Can you tell us what it was like the night that Jeff left? Can you ever forgive Shelly for what she did?

The night Jeff left was the absolute worst. I was not prepared for it and I was so mad at myself for losing the before and after competition, and I blamed myself. I do forgive Shelly but I don’t forget what she did.

Was it ever an option to work with Dani after the dust had settled on her plan to backdoor Jeff, or did she lose your trust completely?

I never trusted her after that.

Did you and Rachel get close during your time in the house without Brendon and Jeff? And will you be continuing your friendship with her?

Yeah, we were kind of close before but got closer after the guys were out. We teamed up and she named our alliance “Jorchal.” Yes, we will be friends.

How did you and Adam become close friends?

It just progressed. He was in our alliance the second week and I started trusting him more, especially after Shelly left. He is such a nice guy. I really, really like Adam.

What are your plans after you leave the game? Will you and Jeff be moving in together soon?

We have got to talk, and we will figure it out. We don’t know, we just need to talk about it.

Can we expect to see you and Jeff on anymore reality shows?

Probably not.

When you first came into the house, what were your thoughts on seeing Brendon/Rachel, Dani/Evel Dick as the other vets that had come back?

When I first saw Brendon and Rachel, I was like “oh no! not Rachel!” but then I got to know her and I love her. I think she is a great girl. Dani and Dick – I hadn’t watched their season – so I just thought “Oh, we have Dick, this will be exciting because he starts trouble and it will be fun to have him in the house.” I had met Dani once before and thought she was sweet and would be a friend to hang out with in the house.

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