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Global TV Interview with Jeff

Big Brother 13: Interview with Evicted Houseguest Jeff Schroeder We know to expect the unexpected in the Big Brother house. One minute you're in power, and the next minute you're walking out the door. After spending a week making all the decisions in the house as HoH and the winner of the Power of Veto, Jeff Schroeder finally made his big move and got his target Daniele out of the house. But on the same day, he found out that his biggest ally, Shelly, had switched alliances and was working against Jeff and his girlfriend Jordan. It caused a big blowup hours before the live show. But when a double eviction was announced prior to Daniele leaving the house, Jeff knew he was in trouble. He was put up on the chopping block and pleaded with Shelly not to go against him for Jordan's sake. Jeff was undoubtedly one of the strongest players in the house and seen as a threat to everyone's chance of winning the game.

The ramifications of fan favourite, Jeff leaving the house have been exhaustive as fans turned against Shelly even more. We caught up with Jeff and asked him if he can ever forgive Shelly.

Jeff, how shocked are you to be sitting in jury right now? Where do you think it went wrong?

Jeff: I’m blown away. Its one thing to be blindsided by a double eviction and to have less than strong players team up to get me out…and to have a third person who you protected and respected throughout the entire game evict you. It’s heartbreaking.

Do you regret voting Brendon out the second time around?

Jeff: If I would have won…no. Right now…yes. It was a tough decision to make. Ultimately we didn’t decide…Daniele did. Now that I am out – yes, I made the wrong choice.

Do you trust Adam to stick with Jordan at this point?

Jeff: Honestly I don’t know who to trust. I think Adam showed his cards and he doesn’t have another place to go. So yes, he probably will.

Do you wish you had done anything differently in the house?

Jeff:Yes – lots of things. I wish I wasn’t painted as a target. I wasn’t comfortable with that role and it ultimately led to my demise.

Can you let me know your thoughts on Shelly? You and Jordan were starting to doubt her for a while. Do you think Shelly has a strong game play and can make it to the final two?

Jeff: Absolutely not, but she will cry her way to the final two and use whatever tactics (including her family) as a means to get to the end. She put the blinders on me for awhile using those tactics.

Do you think things would have been different had you stuck to a deal with Dani and played with her?

Jeff: The way I live my life is the way I play the game. If you backstab me in the game or in life I am coming after you. It wasn’t an option for me. I couldn’t team up with someone like that. I could not sell out.

Do you think Jordan will be able to get through the game now that you and Brendon are gone?

Jeff: I knew that we were huge targets. Now that I am gone, people might look past her. Hopefully with me gone she can slide under the radar. She will have her work cut out for her, but I believe that she can do it.

Why did you and Jordan decide to come back in the house and play a second time?

Jeff: It was a great opportunity to do it twice. It was mentally challenging, but it’s a blessing to be able to play again. How many people get that chance? After the initial shock of last night wears off it will be a great part of my life.

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