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EW.Com with Jordan

'Big Brother': Jordan says 'Rachel deserves to win'

by Lynette Rice

Alas, poor Jordan Lloyd: The 24-year-old winner of Big Brother 11 couldn’t pull off another triumph for her beloved Jeff Schroeder. That’s the only reason the North Carolina belle agreed to do the 13th season; otherwise she would have stayed home and watched other people spar and self-destruct on national TV.

“It’s really hard. It’s mentally draining in there,” Lloyd admitted to EW. “I did this for Jeff. I had already done it! I wanted to go to school! I really did think Jeff would go far and that maybe I would go out before him. But I could help him try to win the money.”

It didn’t help that Lloyd was pretty weak in the challenges. She only won one Head of Household competition, mostly because her boyfriend Schroeder made it happen. (She also won the luxury competition with David Hasselhoff. Yey?) Lloyd can’t figure out why she didn’t triumph in more. “I don’t know. I’m not a competitor. I’m really not. The only reason why I made it so far was because I’m a great social player. That’s why me and Rachel [Reilly] work so well together. She’s a great competitor. They didn’t trust her so I did all the talking.”

As for her latest partner-in-crime, Reilly may have rubbed other players the wrong way but Lloyd admitted that she bonded with the fiery redhead. “I know she said when she came back this time she wanted to change the way she looked from her season. I know she was a little feisty in the beginning, but after Brendon left, I think [viewers] began to love her. I think she wasn’t being so outspoken. She was kind of being herself, a great game player. People should like her.”

That’s why she thinks Reilly — not Porsche Briggs — should win if the two make it to the finals. “Rachel told me her goodbye messages were kind of mean, so I hope people don’t use that against her,” Lloyd said. “I hope people look at how she played the game. She really did a great job. For 50 days, all Porsche did was bake cookies and lay out in the sun. She never talked game. She was very hard to talk to, just different. I could not read that girl for anything. She doesn’t show any emotions.”

Lloyd, in contrast, showed a whole spectrum of feelings when she realized that Shelly Moore flipped on the veterans’ alliance and pushed to save Daniele Donato. In a rare display of rage, Lloyd let her have it. “I don’t regret it,” she admitted. “I was so mad because she was somebody I felt like I trusted 100 percent. Afterwards, though, I was kind of embarrassed. I didn’t want my mom to be embarrassed. I didn’t want to look like this crazy person. I don’t go off on people. But that was the worst day ever and I flipped out.”

But hey — Lloyd has one thing to be proud about: She maintained her weight! “During my season I gained 15, 17 pounds. When I got out, none of my clothes fit!” Lloyd recalled. “All I did was eat. It’s easy to eat. This time, Rachel and I worked out every single day. A couple of times after working out hard, I did eat some chocolate. But I tried to stay away from the cookie dough.”

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