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Digital Spy TAR Interview with JeJo

Jordan & Jeff ('The Amazing Race')

Monday, March 22 2010, 2:49pm EDT

By Lara Martin, News Editor


Big Brother couple Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder were arguably the fan favorites when they entered The Amazing Race.After charming America as housemates, the duo went on to win overviewers as they battled detours and roadblocks from Argentina to Europe. Unfortunately, their luck ran out during last night's champagne-themed week in France, and they became the latest team to be eliminated from the competition. We gave them a call to chat about the experience and whether there is any more reality TV in their future...

How did you go from Big Brother to The Amazing Race?

Jeff: "Being on Big Brother probably helped us out a lot. We were approached by the production team about whether we were interested in doing it. We applied, but I'm sure being on the show definitely gave us a leg up. We were totally interested in doing it and we got on!"

Were you worried at how the race pressures might affect your relationship, particularly as you had only started dating?

Jeff: "Absolutely. It's like any relationship, it has its up and downs like anything in life and being thrown into a situation like this is stressful on a relationship, and especially on a new relationship. I was definitely aware that it would be a different type of game, but I don't think either of us were prepared for how stressful it was or what we would go through on the race, but all in all it made us stronger in the end and I'm glad we did it."

You've obviously lived in close proximity to each other before, but did you discover anything about each other during the race that you didn't know about?

Jordan: "I didn't realize how competitive Jeff is and that if he has somethingin his head that he wants to do there is no changing his mind because he is so confident he is going to accomplish it."

Jeff: "So she's saying in a nice way that I'm stubborn! I think we both discovered that I need to turn the competitiveness down a little bit and she needs to turn it up a little bit. We also learned a lot of different things we need to meet in the middle in, and we saw some points in each other that we needed to work on because we didn't like that about each other. We learned from our mistakes and it's made us stronger in the end which I'm thankful for."

How did Big Brother and The Amazing Race compare - did you prefer one over the other?

Jeff: "They are incomparable to anything and I don't want to put one down over the other. I think The Amazing Race was more my style because it's about traveling and I've loved that my whole life. But Big Brother was an experience of a lifetime in itself. If I had to pick either of the two I'd say traveling is more my style."

Jordan: "I agree, I would say The Amazing Race more so because you're not just stuck in one place, you can travel to different countries and get to do all these exciting tasks. I'm glad I did Big Brother but The Amazing Race was just more fun for me."

Did people recognize you outside the States?

Jordan: "I don't think anybody outside the States recognized us but in the States at LAX airport people were coming up to us saying things, and of course it was obvious because we were wearing matching bookbags and matching shirts."

Jeff: "Just a handful of people recognized us and it didn't help us anyway inthe race. They weren't like, 'Here's some money', it was more, 'Hey,what's up? We know you from Big Brother! Are you still together?' It was nothing that gave us a leg up, although I wish it would have!"

You seemed to have a string of misfortune, but also a lot of luck such as the non-elimination leg. Were you expecting to get this far?

Jeff: " I was expecting to win to be honest with you, I don't think anybody should do anything unless they expect the best from themselves. Looking back, we got so lucky and it was a blessing we got to stay as long as we did. We should have been out in Germany with the non-elimination, we were last in France but luckily there was the U-Turn. We got so far behind with all that stuff going on and the extra task we had to do,and waiting for other teams to finish. It was a stressful couple of legs of the race because we were last and I think you then make decisions you don't really think about because you're trying to rush. We made all the wrong decisions starting from that cab ride in Germany. It was a string of misfortune like you said!"

Did you know you were in bottom place last night?

Jeff: "Yes we knew. Every single thing they told us to do we did the opposite! Getting out of that town took us forever, we did everything wrong! But it was so bad that we did everything wrong it became comical, which is why we were so relaxed about everything. We just wanted to finish with our heads high and classy, and I think that's what we did and it was a good way to exit."

What was your favorite memory from the race?

Jordan: "Mine would be walking the wire in Chile, and Germany, too. I liked it there because it was around Christmas and there were lots of pretty decorations that looked so good, and they had good hamburgers!"

Jeff: "Mine was winning the first leg of course, because that was very memorable and awesome. The whole leg was just great and we got on perfectly as a teamand clicked. And as much as we hated each other during that WW2 thing -that was definitely our downfall - that was the coolest thing ever with the bombs and the planes, because it was so realistic."

You've done Big Brother and The Amazing Race, any other reality shows in the future? Maybe Survivor?!

Jordan: "I would be terrible at that! Probably not!"

Jeff:"I think we need a reality break. I think people are getting tired of us being on TV. I would love to continue but it's like if I went on Survivor,what sort of chance would I have? People would be like, 'This guy has a silver spoon'. I don't think I'd have a fair shot at it even though I'd love to. I have two experiences that were once in a lifetime and I gotto do it twice."

So what are your plans for the future, then?

Jordan: "I'm back at the salon and then I'm going to take some summer school classes, and me and Jeff are going to take a trip to Antiqua together later this year. My mom turns 50 on Thursday so we're also planning a cruise with the family. That's really it for me so far!"

Jeff: "That sounds like a lot!"

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