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Digital Spy Interview with Jordan

Jordan Lloyd (Big Brother)

Thursday, July 15 2010, 7:00am EDT

by Lara Martin, news editor

It's hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since Jordan Lloyd was crowned the winner of Big Brother 11. Since then she's kept a fairly low profile except for her stint on The Amazing Race alongside boyfriend and fellow ex-houseguest Jeff Schroeder. With the new season of BB kicking off last week, we gave Jordan a call to catch up...

Can you believe it's been a whole year since your Big Brother experience?!

"I know! I just got to Chicago and Jeff and I were watching TV thinking that right now we'd probably be on the hammock thinking we were going to get eliminated the next week. That's what we always did in there. It's weird, a year has gone by so fast!"

Have you been watching the new season?

"I have. I like it. I think it's a lot different from ours. It seems like there will be a lot more drama in the house. I told Jeff that everybody seems a lot more serious."

Can you remember how you were feeling at this stage?

"Everybody's probably different but for me, when I first walked into the house I felt uncomfortable when I saw the cameras and thought, 'What have I got myself into? I want to go back home, this isn't me'. The people on this one don't seem like that, it doesn't seem like the cameras bother them too much. They've already been in the house a week or two so I think they're probably used to the camera. It's right when the nominations start and they put someone on the block that it starts and you're like, 'OK, the game is starting'."

We've got the first live eviction tonight. Can you remember how that felt?

"I was excited about the first eviction because I actually thought Chima was going home and I thought I'd have an advantage. I didn't want Braden going home because at that point we had the clique thing and I didn't want someone from my clique leaving. I wanted to keep Braden and Ronnie. I actually thought he was on our side but he was on the other side - you just never know in the house. I was really disappointed with the first eviction after we found out somebody had switched the vote. You're confused: 'Who's lying?' It's a mindgame."

What do you think of the saboteur twist?

"I think it's good, it's interesting! Some of my girlfriends and I were trying to figure out who it was. We think it might be a girl, maybe somebody we least expect. I'm looking forward to the next show because I want to see who it is!"

Could you have worked it out if you were there?

"Oh, heck no! I didn't know what I was doing half the time anyway!"

Would you ever return to the house, maybe for an all-stars version?!

"It depends. If I knew who would be in the house beforehand maybe I'd consider it. I think I'd need another break, maybe a three-year break from Big Brother. I need to finish school first and maybe when I'm done with that and they ask me and I see who is on it. Maybe if they did a couples all-stars and I could have Jeff on it with me, I would do it!"

How did your summer school classes go?

"I finished yesterday! I was so happy! It was a lot of work but it was worth it - I got all As and Bs so I was excited. I took sociology, math and English and next semester I'm taking chemistry, anatomy and art online because I was like, 'How hard can it be?!'"

Jeff's setting off on his new CBS web show Around The World For Free soon. Will you be able to talk to him when he's away?

"I'm excited for him because he likes that stuff like traveling. I think it will be hard but he'll have the best time doing it and it will be a great experience. How many people get to do that?! He'll have a phone so we'll get to talk. It will be hard but it's kind of good because he'll be away when I'm in school so that way I can concentrate! That's the positive thing I can think about."

You've been together for nearly a year - have you any anniversary plans?

"No. I think when he gets back we'll probably try to take that trip we won on Amazing Race to Vancouver. We'll plan to go somewhere but it's not like an anniversary thing for us being together, it will be more because he's been gone and we just want to hang out."

You're still living in different cities - are there any plans to move closer to each other?

"Of course we're gonna have to, but I have to get halfway through school and he knows that. I need to get that done first and then I told him I'd move, or I get almost done and can transfer. He likes living in the city which is probably something I'd have to get used to, but I like Chicago and would move there. I have family in southern Illinois so I don't mind it that much because I'd be closer to them."

You've stayed away from the limelight and Hollywood since your win. Was that a conscious decision?

"Yes, because I never wanted to act or anything before Big Brother. The only reason I'd ever move to LA would be because of Jeff. It's just too far away from home and it's just so different. I do like Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica and would live somewhere like that, but acting and all that stuff isn't me. I always wanted to be a dental hygienist."

Do you still get recognized?

"It depends where I'm at. Sometimes I get kind of embarrassed! When you're in the DR you don't see anybody, just the camera and you're just talking. People think that means you're not shy but sometimes I am around people I don't know. I thought it would be just adults but even kids notice me, but I think it's just because Charlotte is smaller. When I go out with Jeff more people recognize me. And it's not even when I'm dressed up and cute! It's when I have no make-up on and haven't brushed my hair! But that's how I looked on Big Brother all the time!"

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS

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