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Diane's Recap of the NY State Fair

Diane's Recap of the New York State Fair

Okay ya’ll here goes! Hope this was worth the wait…..

Sunday finally arrived & we woke up to a rainy morning…We all decided after breakfast to go on over to the fair & get a lay of the land…This was the smartest thing to do b/c we found the stage where the event was being held & it was kind of a little hidden…We left & went back to be prepared for the evening in case the rain decided to hang around b/c we weren’t missing Jeff & Jordan even if we had to sit in the pouring rain LOL…We arrived back at the fairgrounds at around 4 to clear but humid weather..We decided to make our way straight to where the chat was being held & an event was just finishing up so we got seats in the third row..JeJo took up the entire row as there were 8 of us (myself, Marcie, Marilyn, Colleen, Deena, Joanie, Mary & her sweet husband, Bob)….Even though we had over 3 hours to wait it was worth it b/c honestly when I tweeted that it was SRO I was not kidding…Every seat was taken on the ground & the grandstands & about 20 ppl deep lined up on both sides standing & watching…

The time finally arrived & B/R were announced first & y’all know how R is so she didn’t come out & just take her seat but had to grab the mike & tell some jokes which imo fell flat…J/J were announced & came out holding hands as you can see in the video to very loud cheers & applause…Take a moment to watch that video as you’ll hear Jeff say that he didn’t have any jokes LOL…They were both waving to the crowd & people were just yelling Jordan’s name & she just kept smiling & waving at everyone…I think they were both surprised at the size of the crowd to be honest…(Just a side note if you look at the videos posted about JeJo coming out & Jeff amazed at the turnout you’ll see a woman in the video w/a black floral shirt on & a man to her right in a light green shirt..this is Mary & Bob so you can see how close we were to the stage) If you look at the pics/videos you can see how far apart B/R chairs are in comparison to J/J b/c the minute Jeff sat down he got right back up & moved his chair closer to Jordan..Was the sweetest thing! Marcie has the chat pretty much on video so I’m not going to touch too much on that as you can watch & see for yourself..Lots of awes when Jordan told the story about Grandpa writing her the letter & you definitely hear it in her voice how much that letter meant to her & touched her heart & you can tell by Jeff touching her cheek & then putting his arm around her & caressing her arm that he knew it as well…They are just so in snyc with one another! One of the moments that wasn’t captured on video was after Rachel talked about hosting & such & then Jeff talks about doing the CBS chats & having some big projects coming up which of course gets lots of applause from the audience..Once Jeff finishes talking R has to bring some attention back their way & mentions that Brendon will be finished w/school in June & then B says that he’s studying Alzheimer's which got him a very small amount of applause..Jeff then says & Jordan graduated from cosmetology school & the crowd went crazy with cheers & B laughed & said “Yep Jordan gets more applause then me)..

Once the chat was over J&J did walk over to the edge of the stage & shake a few hands & wave before they were taken to a back room before heading to the tent area set up for the meet & greet…We then turned to get in line for the meet & greet & could NOT believe how long it was! Joanie went up to the front to check it out & said they were seated at a long table & ppl were allowed to go behind the table & get pics & autographs & such…Bob also walked up & was told by security that not everyone would get to see them b/c the line was much longer then they expected & were stopping at 10…Needless to say this didn’t sit well at all…We were told there were at least 800 people waiting to see them….Jeff did know that he had some ppl from the fansite there as we took a pic of us all the night before holding up our margarita glasses & Deena had sent it to Bob (The Baub Show)..He told Deena on Sunday that he sent it to Jeff & that Jeff was looking forward to seeing us..Bob (Mary’s husband) suggested that we go up to the front & stand by the tent & maybe we’d at least be able to hand them the things we had for them before they left well thankfully we had Deena with us as she made friends w/the security guy & was able to get Jeff’s attention & he said for us to stick around that he would talk to us after… Jeff looked out at the line & said “holy macaroni” as he was shocked at how long the line was. We all stood up there & watched as ppl went in to see them & get their pictures taken as you handed your phone/camera to the security & he started taking pics the minute you got in the tent so you got pics of yourself walking up to them as well as posed pics..At this point they had pushed the table to the side & the four of them were standing & you got your picture taken with both couples…It was so neat standing there watching fans reactions to meeting them.. One little girl came in & made a beeline for Jordan & just plowed into her to hug her making Jordan have to step back to keep her balance lol but sweet Jordan just wrapped her arms around that little girl & hugged her…She then went to Jeff & did the same thing..There was also another boy that had made drawings of both Jordan & Rachel so they held them up while getting their pictures taken with the boy..After a bit Brendon said he had to run to the bathroom & asked Jeff & Jeff said yes he would go as well (see not just women that go to the bathroom together lol) & Jeff came out & was right in front of Deena who he then hugged as he remembered her from Nashville..Colleen was standing right there & she asked if he recognized her voice..He said he did but didn’t know why so we gave him a few hints & then the light bulb went off LOL…He said Bob sent me the pic of all of you boozing it up LOL & said stick around & they’d talk w/us afterwards..We continued to watch as fans went in to meet them.. There were these twin boys who were about 7/8 years old & they made a beeline for Jeff & just hugged him like crazy! They had their pics taken w/the group & then Jeff took selfies of them w/him…After every kid left Jeff did the whole let’s blow it up thing w/his hand w/them..It was so cute & the kids just loved it..I believe there are also selfies of Jordan w/a little girl….They also thanked everyone for coming to see them & for waiting in line for so long.. There was one woman that just loved Jeff & she only wanted a picture with just Jeff & kept saying “You so handsome, you so handsome” & just kept hugging at him..It was so funny to watch! At one point Marcie was standing there taking pics & this man leaned over to her & said “looks like everyone is pretty much here just to meet Jordan” he then went on to tell Marcie that he called his wife at work to tell her that they were going to be at the fair & when she found out that Jordan would be there she just started bawling…Everyone loves Jordan! Watching fan reactions as they exited the tent was great b/c they were saying things like “OMG I can’t believe I just met Jeff & Jordan & I’m shaking & I swear I’m never going to wash my hand again”….Rachel said something to Jeff when it was getting close to 10 & Jeff said yes let’s just stay until we see them all…So EVERYONE in line got to go in & meet them & have their picture taken…

The line was finally finished & we got our chance LOL…Jeff said come on in & in we went & he took us back to Jordan where she was very excited to see us & wanted us each to say our names & our twitter names & the best part was she actually recognized them & it was obvious to us that she does read whats on twitter & knows the people that tweet her a lot. At this point Jordan asks where we are all from & when I said Charleston she said how she loves Charleston & going to Folly Beach..I told her that I usually go to Isle of Palms but had been to Folly for the first time this summer & liked it & then I pointed to Marilyn & told Jordan that Marilyn was headed there on Tuesday & she got so excited & told Marilyn that she had to go to a certain restaurant but she couldn’t remember the name & says to me “I’m sure you know it” & then asked Jeff who had no clue LOL..She told me that she tells Jeff all the time she wants them to move here & I told her they’d always have a place to stay at my house LOL..She didn’t remember the name of the restaurant but we were able to figure it out later by her description.. This is where I know Mary & Deena will have things to add b/c there were times I was over by Jeff & they were over by Jordan & vice versa…

I also just have to say that on TV/online Jeff & Jordan are GORGEOUS but let me tell you they are even more so in person…Their eyes are beautiful & their personalities just shine through…We were only in there for a minute or so & a couple stopped & asked if their daughter could have her picture taken with them as it was her birthday & she loved them so we all moved aside so that Lauren could have her picture taken..We all said “happy birthday” & it was just so sweet…Marcie then suggested we do the little video for Bob so we did & then Jordan said “Do y’all want a picture” so we handed a phone to Brendon & I handed mine to Rachel to take our group photo LOL…Brendon included a selfie of himself on Marcie’s phone that she didn’t find until after we got back to the hotel which made us all laugh…I’m going to add this small part about B/R & then onto who you really want to hear about LOL..Rachel left the tent after taking the pic for me as she knew we were a JeJo group & she had Liza from BBCan outside the tent waiting for her but Brendon hung around just outside the tent & several of us did speak w/him & he was very personable & he too knew we were JeJo fans..I told him that we did applaud about him graduating & wished him luck & he said he was kidding when he said Jordan got more applause then him & I do believe him as he was laughing & smiling when he said it..He talked about BB with me & his take on Derrick…I know that a few others also spoke to him & also felt he was personable & easier to talk to w/out R around LOL but they can tell you that for themselves LOL…I told Jordan that I thought she looked great & she proceeded to tell me that Peyton helped her & kept her motivated as he’s very honest & would help her with areas that she needed to work on..She said her Mom would just tell her she looked fine & that Jeff was the same way so she liked asking Peyton b/c he was honest but not mean & helped her…(I know some worry that she’s too thin but honestly she looks GORGEOUS & TONE & not too thin imo) She told us how Peyton gets up at like 4 in the morning 2 days a week & works with a personal trainer then goes to Bible study & then onto work…Marcie mentioned about Peyton coming out to LA & she said “I know I’m trying to get him to come out for his birthday but he thinks people in LA are crazy & Marcie said “well some of them are” & Jordan then told us a story of how she was at Ralph’s (the grocery store) & had a few items & was flipping through a magazine while waiting in line & a woman pushed past her & got in front of her & told Jordan she either needed to go to self checkout or to a line of 15 items or less…I believe it was Colleen who then brought up about finishing school & then Deena asked her what she had to do to cut hair in LA & she said “Oh I’m ready to pull my hair out! I have to pay to take my written & practicals all over again & then pay for these other 2 papers that I’m not even sure what they are but they’re stupid LOL” So she’s working on that for all those wondering…We asked Jeff if Jordan had cut his hair yet & he said no she’s scared & then she told us that she had only cut 2 guys hair in school so that was why…Jeff had his phone out at one point texting & said “sorry my buddies that were my roommates in LA that live near here are waiting for us at a bar close by & blowing up my phone LOL” We talked about BB with Jeff & he really feels that Derrick could win it all & he said that Derrick was his pick from the beginning & we told him that we remembered him saying that when he had Kevin Fraiser on before the first show..I told him that his predications were proving better then Kevin’s as Kevin had picked Brittany as one of his & she was out early..B/R had also picked Brittany & were shocked that Jeff had picked Derrick from the beginning so he told them he had it on video & would tweet it out LOL (That convo was on stage btw)… As you can see from the one video they LOVED Donny & Jordan got so stressed watching the DE as it brought back memories from BB13 that she called Peyton so he could tell her what happened LOL..Oh & also a video of telling Jeff it was JeJo & not GeJo & we found out it was Rachel that got him saying GeJo & not JeJo lol..Marilyn told him to just remember his name starts with a J & that’s how you say it LOL…Marcie asked Jeff about the future projects as she mentioned in the rambling thread so go there to see that..Jeff at one point got the hand sanitizer off the table to put on & handed it to Jordan & I said to her “here I have a special one for you & Jeff said “oh that has to be warm vanilla sugar”. Jordan tried to give it back to me but I told her to keep it…They spent about 20 minutes with us & then we all said we’d let them go as we knew they had friends waiting on them..They thanked us for waiting (can you believe it) & we said no thank you for spending time with us..As we were getting ready to leave we heard Jordan tell Jeff that they had to go back to the hotel before going out b/c she wanted to take the gifts we gave them back to the hotel so they wouldn’t get misplaced..We all got hugs goodbye & were walking on cloud 9 back to our cars…We had walked for a bit & when suddenly the vehicle driving them starts to drive by us & we waved & they waved (Brendon was up front w/the driver & J&J were in the middle seat w/R in the back w/Liza)..The vehicle then stops & Jeff rolls down his window waving & thanks us all again for coming out & told us to have a good night & drive safely all the while Jordan was leaning forward & waving as well & saying safe travels.. That to us just was the cherry on top of a great night! We all did a group hug & headed back to the hotel!

Hope I didn’t ramble & you all enjoyed reading this as much as we did experiencing it LOL..I’m sure if I missed anything (which I’m sure I did) Mary, Deena , Colleen, Marcie or Marilyn will add it…We are very blessed that Marcie filmed a lot of it so you can experience it all first hand!

PS: There is a cute story about Rachel photo bombing a photo & someone bringing Jordan a funnel cake but I’m leaving that for Deena as it was her pic getting photo bombed LOL

I just remembered a cute little story!

It was so hot & humid after the rain earlier in the day & especially hot in the tent that they were in...We were watching them & at one point before the next person came in Jordan sniffed her armpits & said to Jeff "my armpits stink" & then told him to smell & when he went to "she was not don't" LOL..We were all chuckling outside the tent so when we got to go in I said to Jeff that I was chuckling at her with the armpits & he said "yeah & then she told me no don't smell me" haha...So reminded me of BB11!!!

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