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deemj61's recap of Waiting For Wishes event

deemj61's (Deena's) recap of the Waiting For WIshes after party with Jeff - 4/15/14

An amazing night with an amazing person. That’s how I have to describe Tuesday night and my time with Jeff. He took a while to get there but he was worth the wait. He walked by me and I did a double take and thought, Hey, that’s Jeff. The room was so loud with the music that he didn’t hear me call his name so I took off after him. I tapped him on the back, he turned around and I said “JEFF” and he said “DEENA”. I don’t have a clue how he knew who I was, maybe my voice because I call in to The Baub Show? I don’t know, but he had this huge smile on that pretty face and he hugged me and I didn’t really care how he knew who I was. And yes, he smelled wonderful!!! And felt wonderful!!! We took a picture and I thought he might hang out for a few minutes and then move on. No. He stayed with us the rest of the night!!! I couldn’t believe it. He was called away once but he came back in about 10 minutes. It was pretty freaking awesome!!!

Things we talked about:

I asked when Jordan would be back in LA and he said, very emphatically, JUNE. I asked if he was ready for her to be back with him in LA, he said YES, with a big smile on his face. I jokingly asked if he had missed her and he said Oh God, Yes, still smiling. I asked how long he was staying in Charlotte and he said, “I was supposed to leave on the 22nd but I may have a job come through there and if it does I’ll get to stay longer so that will awesome.”

He hopes to be back on The Baub Show when it comes back.

I said he was going to be really busy this summer with BB interviews and the movie and he said Yes, too busy, his schedule was going to be crazy, but that wasn’t a bad thing. He was grateful. (So no mention from him that he wasn’t doing the movie)

He had to re-shoot some things Friday for the E! pilot but it’s ready now and they’re just waiting to hear about pick up. He said if it is it would put him on a whole different level of hosting and he would be very excited.

He was texting with Jordan all night and every time one came from her he just beamed and smiled. He said at least a dozen times that he wished she was there, that she would have loved meeting this person or that person. He said he was so excited that she would be awake when he got back to the hotel because he could call her and tell her all his stories. One of which would probably be this one he told me about: When he 1st got there he was only talking to the fighters because that’s the only ones he knew. Then he started talking to this other guy and thought he was real cool. That guy asked Jeff what he did and Jeff said he was on BB and TAR. The guy said he’d watched TAR before. Jeff then looks down at the guy’s jacket where his name tag was and it read “Dierks Bentley”. Jeff said, “Oh, you’re Dierks Bentley, you sing right?” (at this point in the story I was cracking up) Dierks said, “yeah I sing a little.” Jeff told him his girlfriend loves him and Dierks said tell her thanks. Jeff said that was a perfect example of him not knowing anybody but the athletes, lol. He said he and Jordan could have worked as a team-him knowing the athletes and her knowing the singers and reality stars. He was really funny telling it with his facial expressions and hand gestures.

I got a margarita and when the waitress set it down, the bottom of the cup was wobbly and leaking. Jeff took an empty cup and set my new one in it and said, “There ya go, that’ll work better.” I said “aww, thanks for fixing it for me, Jeff.” He said, “this ain’t my first rodeo.” I said, “ I’m drinking a margarita in honor of Jordan” and he said, “ then let’s say cheers” and we clinked my glass and his bottle.

Of course there has to be a fart story from an evening with Jeff. We were standing around, Jeff was texting Jordan, I was sending a picture, Joanie (my friend that went with me) was drinking. All of a sudden this realllllyyyy bad smell hits us and Jeff immediately says, “It’s not me” and takes off. Joanie and I do the same. Jeff says, “man, that’s deadly!!!” And we all just laughed our butts off. We made Joanie go test the air before we went back to the table. It was so funny. He was the 1st one to deny and run, LOL.

I think he will definitely be back next year and Jordan will be with him. He said he was impressed with the event and didn’t have a bad thing to say about it. Everyone was so nice even though they didn’t know him. He’s so humble. It was like he thought he didn’t deserve to be there, but we all know he did and I told him he did. He was so appreciative to have been asked to be a part of the event. I love that about Jeff. I asked him if they actually had to serve the food and he said they told them they could do as much as they wanted. He got into it and was refilling glasses and bringing out the courses. He said he had fun with it. I thought that sounded like him, that he would put 100% into it and make it fun.

Some of you may know that Jeff gave up chocolate for Lent and he has an obsession with York Peppermint Patties. He has told of how badly he misses them. So I brought him a York Peppermint Patty Easter Bunny and Jordan an M&M bunny (or N&M as we know she likes to say) and a card. I had them in a box and when I gave it to him he asked if he could open it or did he need to wait for Jordan. He looked like a little kid on Christmas and I told him to go ahead. When he saw what it was he got so excited, his eyes got big and he said “this whole thing is a YPP???” I told him yes and he said, “OMG, I’m putting this in Jordan’s freezer as soon as I get there and am going to eat the hell out of it when I can!!!” He was so funny about it. I told him to tweet a pic out of his 1st bite and he said he would, now if he remembers to I’ll be surprised, lol. Even before reading the card he asked if he should wait for Jordan, so cute!!! Anyway, I got my 2nd hug of the night and I liked it…

We talked a little about BB. He loved 11 best because that’s where he met Jordan and everything was new. We talked a little about TAR and he said how proud he was of Jordan for doing the wire walk and the bungee jump. He was open to doing anything on ATWFF but he’s not a thrill junkie. Once he’s done something it’s checked off and that’s it, lol. I had to do a lot of leaning in to hear him and be heard. It wasn’t a difficult thing to do…

I told him I had brought the duct tape and he didn’t believe me. When I took it out of my purse he got this shocked look on his face and then he started laughing and laughing. I said, “pretend like you’re an actor and look scared.” That’s the 1st pic I sent. Then we did a 2nd one and he was laughing so hard it didn’t come across as scared but it was cute so I sent it. He had a good time with it.

Even though he’d not slept well the night before and had to get up early to fly to Nashville and was exhausted, he took the time to sit down with me and talk and laugh. I told him several times how much I appreciated it and that I would understand if he wanted to leave and get some rest. He said each time that he was fine and wanted to stay and that he appreciated me coming to see him, like I was doing him the favor. Crazy boy!!! We stayed till last call. He asked if we were driving home, I said, “yes, unless you invite us back to your room.” He busted out laughing. I was serious but told him never mind we’d just go on home. He asked where we parked and if we could get there ok. I thought that was so nice that he was concerned about our safety. He wanted to tell some people goodnight so he hugged us, told us thank you again for coming and we went our separate ways. I floated to the car (some might think that’s because of the margaritas but I know it was because of the wonderful evening I had just spent with Jeff.)

What I came out of the evening knowing with certainty:

Jeff loves Jordan. Jordan loves Jeff. They are always on each other’s minds. They’re excited about being back together. Jeff really is a nice, down to earth, humble person. Jeff’s a good sport. Jeff and Jordan are good people who have a great relationship that will endure and last a lifetime. Jeff smells good and is a great hugger.

ETA - You're all very welcome. It truly was an amazing night that I will treasure. I tried to remember everything but thought of a few other things this morning I'd like to share. Jeff went to the ball game last night with John, Jordan's BIL. And at one point we were talking about Jordan missing out and he said everybody wants to see Jordan because everybody loves her so much. I told him that yes of course it would have been wonderful to have been able to meet Jordan, too and that is on my bucket list, but that I bought the tickets to see HIM and knew Jordan wasn't going to be there. He said he appreciated that but did wish I could've met Jordan too. Such a sweetie!!!

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