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Day 9 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

July 18

BY - Jeff is hurt and let's Jordan know


Laura and Jordan are sitting in the hammock discussing the upcoming POV. Jeff comes over to where they are and sits down beside them to talk about the same thing. Jordan tells Jeff she's using it on Laura if she wins because Ronnie promised her Jeff is safe 😩 Jeff tells her that he's a liar and that it doesn't matter, he's going home. They go over how they didn't trust Laura in the beginning. They discuss the various scenarios...Jordan tells Jeff to play it cool with Ronnie and to not say anything or she will hit him...Jeff says "I'm already done talking to you, what do I need you for?" Jeff shoots her a cute smile...

the cam pans away in the close up shot but you can see Laura smile at how J&J are looking at each other, they "have a moment" :)

Jeff then says in a hurt voice..."I can't believe you're not gonna use the veto on me, she just lied to me" :( ...Jordan says "shut up!"...Jeff says "If I get through this, you're outta my loop...I'm rolling solo"

Jordan says that he wouldn't go without her anyways, Jeff says "yeah?"...Jordan then says she took the heat and stuck up for him (in the beginning) and Jeff says that he stuck up for her too. Jordan says well then we're even, so stop.


Jeff in a completely serious tone says that he already thanked her for that so she doesn't need to throw it in his face and show off in front of her new friend (Laura). Jeff then says Jordan is skating on thin ice with him...Jordan asks why, because she was in a bad mood?...Jeff says yeah, you had a sassy attitude, if he played the cold shoulder with her see if she would like it...Jordan says he played the cold shoulder yesterday...Jeff says it was because he was pissed and now he is up for veto and she's still playing the cold shoulder...Jordan says she told him she was sorry...Jeff says she didn't...Jordan says she went up to him and rubbed his back and asked if he was ok...Jeff says Michele did that too, what does that mean?...Jordan "what do you mean, what does that mean"...Jeff "what am I a dog, that just got hit by a car...ok, see ya later"...Jordan says no, that she went to her room (implying that Jeff could follow her)...Jeff says "what, am I supposed to read between the lines now?"...Jordan says it was a sign that when she was done eating she could go hang out with her...Jeff says so that she could (does a swatting motion with his hand) swat him away, he wasn't in the mood (he's pissed! :) )...

After this the tension gets diffused by Jordan asking Jeff where he is sleeping tonight...Jeff says in his bed...Jordan asks if they kicked him out? Chima was bitching about it, she said if Jeff was a real man, he would give up his bed, they talk about how Chima wants Jeff's bed back and her diva attitude...Jeff doesn't even want to deal with her because she will just go off on any little thing. Jordan then gets called to the DR and Jeff asks her if she is going to apologize in there for being mean to him all day.

BY chat - Welcome to the party


Jeff & Jordan are sitting with Kevin, Laura & Casey outside on the couches. They are joking around doing their Irish accent talk. Laura says that is the only time everyone gets along, is when they talk like that. Jeff says everyone likes this guy better (the Irish guy)...he says "Jeff's had a bad week leave him alone." Casey says to Kevin that he's sitting entirely too close to these fools (all of them)...Kevin says he's tired of this bullshit...Casey says "well join the fu**ing club" Jeff says "welcome to the party".

Jordan says something to Jeff, Jeff looks

over at her and asks what? Jordan nods no/nothing and Jeff smiles at her and rubs her head and keeps his hand behind there. Cute little moment. :)

BY chat - JJ in their own world


The BY chat continues between JeJo, Casey, Kevin & Laura. Jeff & Jordan are sitting next to each other. I will highlight any convos that pertain to Jeff & Jordan.

Jordan says she loves Chicken Parmesan, that and hamburgers. Jordan says what the others were eating looked real good (she's on slop)...they talk about how it's easy to forget someone is on slop (referring to being asked if they wanted to have dinner)...they talk about the spider that's hanging and if he's dead or not...Jordan is sure it's not Gus because Gus isn't that thick...Jeff mentions that he went to water the garden and it was gone. :)

They talk about the different things you feel in the house and Jeff says it's such an emotional roller coaster everyday...Kevin & Casey say it can switch up soon (referring to Jeff maybe winning the POV)...Kevin says "do you want Veto?"...Jeff tsks...Kevin laughs...they talk about who would go up instead of Jeff then...Jeff says "who knows, I'm in the dark....he pulled a fast one on me"...Kevin says "you had no idea?"...Jeff says no, that Ronnie told him 2 minutes before that he had a plan but it involved him.

Jeff says "um, f**k, what? what does that mean?"...they laugh...Jeff says he asked Ronnie if it meant putting him up and Ronnie told him he would talk to him later and Jeff thought what was he talking about, they have to sit at the table right now (for noms) so Jeff had a feeling he was going up.

The others chit chat and Jeff just intently looks at Jordan...Jordan says what?...he keeps looking at her and smiling...

Jordan shyly looks down...they discuss when the POV comp will be...Kevin talks about the bugs and Jordan giggles...Jeff says he's got them on him too, now he has arachnophobia...Jordan giggles more and Jeff says "what are you giggling about?"...they talk about the HN comp and Laura says that her question was the only one that Jeff got right...Jordan giggles again...Jeff says he was just guessing at the end...Casey says Jeff was going to a darker and darker place.

They talk about how people were just picking the outfit they liked rather than picking the correct answer and how it all went down. They talk about the sleeping arrangements and Jeff starts rubbing Jordan's neck. Laura gets up, says goodnight and leaves.

More chit chat about the game & paranoia...Jeff says he's starting to get paranoid about the bugs and swats some away with his hat...Jordan leans forward over Jeff to point out a spider...Jordan giggles at Jeff trying to swat it, she sits back up saying that Jeff flicked it on Casey...Jeff places his hand on her neck again and gently pulls the hair hanging in the front of her towards the back. Sweet moment, the look on Jeff's face towards Jordan is fascinating…

BY long talk - Jeff immediately games with Jordan


Another long talk in the BY once the other HG's have gone to bed...

As soon as Michele leaves Jeff says "you sold me out"...Jordan says she didn't, did he really think that?...Jeff, very unconvincingly says "no"...Jordan says thanks for making her look bad in front of Michele...Jeff says who cares...Jordan wants to know what Jeff wanted to talk to her about...Jeff says she can't say anything...Jordan says she won't...Jeff says he stuck up for her, well he's bringing her along for the ride if she wants to go...Jeff says that he was inside with Jessie just fu**ing around saying how his ship was leaving Thursday and Jessie told him that he's not going anywhere because he's on his team, they have other plans in mind...

Jordan asks "can we trust him?"...Jeff says that it's all he has right now, he continues saying that Jessie said there were two of them (J&N) and Jeff told him the same, he was part of two also (J&J), how do they feel about Jordan, she's the only person he trusts and then Jessie said that's the thing, the four of them would be perfect...Jeff is skeptical, Jessie reassured him saying that Jeff is on their team, they'll talk more but not to say anything and Jeff told him that she wouldn't tell Jordan now (so he did LOL)...Jordan doesn't know if she can trust him...Jeff says "at this point what do I have?"...

Jeff begs Jordan not to tell anyone...Jordan says "I swear to God I won't say anything"...Jeff says "please Jordan please because this is my ticket to get off the block"...Jordan says something is up, there's a catch...Jeff says he has no other options, Ronnie and Lydia both told him they're not sending Jeff home...Jordan says they were making smart comments about her and Laura's boobs and how they could use them to get free wine...Jeff says they're being catty...Jordan says then why are they being all about Jeff now...Jeff say they want someone else out of the house more...Jordan says they want Russell out...Jeff says at this point he either listens to them or goes out...Jordan asks then why is he getting all bent out of shape with her trying to help Laura?...Jeff says he just wants people like Michele not to know anything and he just likes busting her balls as well ;) ...Jordan says he's such a butt...


Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says nothing...Jordan says he's pausing and looking...Jeff says she's fu**ing selling him out...Jordan says she hasn't sold him out (umm, you kind of did)...Jeff says he'll get that veto and roll with the other team...Jordan says "fine"...Jeff says "sell out"...Jordan stares at Jeff and says "I'm not, I'm not a sell out"

Jeff snaps out of it and says that if they stay with him, Jessie owns this place...Jordan doesn't trust Natalie...Jeff says look at how they are...Jordan asks who they want out?...Jeff doesn't know...they talk a little about Ronnie, Ronnie told Jeff he was not going home...Jeff says he'll do whatever it takes to get him through one more week...Jordan says Ronnie told her he could promise her three more weeks of safety but she doesn'k know if she believes him...Jeff says Ronnie already lied to them.

Jordan says did you see the looks Natalie gives her?...Jeff says he knows but he just talked to Jessie and he wants their foursome, Natalie will do whatever Jessie wants even if Natalie totally hates Jordan she will go along with it, she's Jessie's pawn.

Jordan asks so they want the four of them to team up and get everyone else out?...Jeff doesn't know...Jordan says she wants Laura to come along too, she trusts her, she's good, she's smart...Jeff begs Jordan to not tell Laura anything...Jordan says she's not...Jeff says he's not bright, he doesn't know how to play the game, he doesn't want to go home now and if they have plans for him to stay he wants to stay...Jordan says Natalie acts like she's BFF with Chima, Chima hates her and Jeff...Jeff says he thinks everyone is sick of Chima to be honest, doesn't Jordan think so?...Jordan and Jeff in unison says look at how she's acting :)...Jordan is about to say something that she said in the DR, she says "I was in the...nevermind I can't say"...Jeff says "what!?"...Jordan says she can't say because...Jeff says "oh oh in the diary room"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff says "I was like you motherfu**er, more secrets"...Jordan smiles...and says "no I tell you everything"...Jeff says "alright I bet you don't"...Jordan says "I do tell you everything"...Jeff begs Jordan again not to say anything to Laura, he knows how this game works, for real don't...feeds cut out…

Feeds come back to Jeff saying that he's on the block now so if they (Jessie's crew) are going to save him (he'll go with it)...Jordan asks if Jessie and them win POV will they use it on Jeff?...Jeff doesn't know the plan...Jordan thinks that Jeff doesn't need to get the POV, Laura needs to get it so they can save her...Jeff thinks their plan is to backdoor somebody...

Jordan says to backdoor Russell...Jeff thinks so...Jordan continues pushing Laura needs to stay with her saying that Laura has to win the POV, they have to save her and then if it's going to be that way then it can be her, Jeff, Natalie, Laura and Jessie (umm no lol)...Jeff tries to get through to Jordan explaining that at this point Jordan has to stop including Laura and everybody she wants to bring to the top, she has to think about herself...Jordan says what about Ronnie? she has a feeling him and Jessie have something going on...

Jeff says she's not getting it, if he doesn't listen to what they're saying he's going home...Jordan says ok, then, listen to them...Jeff explains it's better Russell, Laura, whomever going over him, he's here for him and he is bringing her along with so if she can change the BB rules and bring 12 other people with her, he doesn't know how she's going to do that but good luck to her. :)

Jordan giggles and says her main goal tomorrow is to win POV and save Laura 🙄😠 i..Jeff bitterly says that was your goal from the beginning...Jordan says she knows Jeff is not going to be evicted, she was going to talk to him about it anyways, it's not like she was going to go behind his back and not tell him...Jeff says she told him but...feeds cut out...

Jeff says he has to start worrying about himself and stop playing the game worrying about others and making friends, that's not what the game is about, he's played the honest card and he got f**ked every single day he's been in there, he's going to start playing the game, you gotta be a dickhead, step on some heads and break some friendships...Jordan says she's going to be Jeff's pawn, he better not backdoor her...Jeff says why would he tell her that (that he's taking her along)...Jeff says that Jordan is not giving him the veto so beat it...Jordan says no, later on...Jeff says like she did today with the veto vote?...Jordan says whaddya mean?...Jeff says "that you're not going to give me that veto"...Jordan says what does he want her to do? compete by herself? she's not sitting there going against him, she's not. (yes you are Jordan)

Jordan says it would be weird if she was secretly telling people stuff <----this makes no sense!...Jeff doesn't know what else to say...Jordan says it's a hard situation and she would hope that if he would do the same thing (huh?)...Jeff says "not take you off the block?"...Jordan looks up and says "right"...Jeff says "I'll remember you said that cuz if I stick around it might come to that"...Jordan clarifies saying if they're in the final 5 he better take her off the block (now her tune has changed!)...Jeff says "oh, really?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "why, what's the difference?"...Jordan says "because there are more people now...why do you want to be taken off the block? you're safe" (oh now he's safe, you didn't know that earlier when you said you would save Laura)...

Jeff says they told him he's safe and now he's on the block, now he's safe again, they might have just told him that to keep him quiet so he doesn't snap and start choking everybody...Jordan giggles...Jeff says they might be thinking if they tell Jeff he's safe he won't go crazy, he won't go crazy for 2 seconds while they drag him out the front door.

Jeff says he didn't even think there was an option, he thought he was gone...Jordan thinks there is something behind it though...Jeff tries to explain more...Jordan cuts him off saying she knows, take it, take it, do it...Jeff says he knows, thanks :)

Jeff says "you're the brains behind this operation huh?"...Jordan laughs and says "and you are?"...Jeff says not anymore, he'll let other people take the wheel...Jordan says to stay low, let everyone else fight, let Chima and Natalie start all the trouble...Jeff says if they save him, that's all, he'll sit in that floatie and not say a word, for real, he'll go as far as he can with Jessie, once he gets to the jury house then he can stab him in the back and if he finds out Jordan is stabbing him, he'll make deals with others and start stabbing everyone until he wins LOL

Jeff says he's here to win and not make friends any more...Jordan says "oh thanks"...Jeff says "oh thanks? I just told you you're coming with me"...Jordan says he said he's not here to make friends anymore...Jeff says he's not...Jordan says thanks!...Jeff says "what do you mean thanks?"...Jordan says it's because he said he's not here to make friends anymore...Jeff says "are you my friend?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "well then I don't need to make anymore then"...light bulb goes on over Jordan's head :) ...she says "I know"...

BY long talk - Jordan looked sexy


J&J talk about them getting all excited and then being brought back down to earth...Jeff says it's the only option he has right now (Jessie plan)...Jordan knows...Jeff says he's just repeating because she doesn't understand...Jordan insists she does understand, why does he think she doesn't understand?...

Jordan says she's pissed off at the comment Chima made about blondes...Jeff says she is ignorant and rude, he can't believe the things she said on TV, the little cracks she says, who is she to act like that?...Jordan says maybe she is just playing a role...Jeff says no, that's who she is...feeds cut out...

Jordan then surprisingly asks "did my hair look bad today in the competition?" :/ ...Jeff covers his face and says "it looked awesome...that's what I was worried about the whole time, your hair"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says he was being sarcastic...Jordan asks if he could tell it was up and creased?...Jeff says "Jordan, I wouldn't notice if you were wearing a red wig today, I wasn't really concerned, I was pissed off".

Jordan says "you didn't notice when I had to walk down there? that was so embarrassing"...Jeff says "in your outift?"...Jordan says "yeah"...Jeff says "you looked so sexy" 😍...Jordan says "no, it was embarrassing"...Jeff says "oh shut up, you looked sexy, you liked it"

Jordan insists it was embarrassing...Jeff says "oh shut up"...Jordan hides her face and Jeff says "look at you all grinning cuz you liked it"...Jordan says "no, I'm embarrassed thinking about it...Jeff says "yeah looked...good"...Jordan says "I didn't look fat on TV?"...Jeff says "no, you looked hot!"...Jordan says "cuz I ate a bagel before" LOL...

Jeff rubs his face and says he's going to stop blowing her head up. Jordan says she knew Jeff was going to pick sports fan, that would be his answer...Jeff says he's so mad...Jordan said the others were looking at her and she thought "I got this" and then he had to go say fricking cheerleader...Jeff says that's why he was so pissed, he's said it enough...Jordan says she had to sit there and listen to him complain about it...Jeff says it was because that's exactly the kind of girl he likes (sports fan)...Jordan says she knows, she remembers them sitting outside and Jeff saying he didn't like ditzy, dumb girls...Jeff genuinely laughs at the possible irony ;) ..Jordan doesn't get it saying wasn't that what Jeff said? that he didn't like the ditzy cheerleader types, he'd like the type of girl that you could watch sports with...Jeff says yeah, that would be his answer...Jordan says if he hadn't have chosen that costume she would have gotten 4 right, she does know him the most out of anyone...Jeff tsks saying she knows nothing...Jordan says she does too...Jeff says he's joking...Jordan says Jeff got her question wrong...Jeff says she didn't even know what her question was...Jordan says she half listened but she only had the cowboy outfit, unless she wasn't paying attention. Jeff says they're two idiots...they laugh...Jordan says "I know, we're so dumb"

BY long talk - JJ game banter


Jeff once again says that he can't believe he has an option, he thought he was gone, didn't she think he was gone today?...Jordan says no...Jeff says yeah right...Jordan asks if Jeff didn't feel her squeeze his leg? ...Jeff says "yeah, don't touch me" LOL...Jeff says he wanted to say "see ya later sweetie", he knew he wasn't getting it (a key), that motherfu**er...Jordan says Jeff was sitting outside plotting his goodbye saying he was going to kiss her in front of everybody...Jeff says yeah for sure, that's how he's going out...Jordan says it will make Kevin excited...Jeff says he might squeeze Kevin's ass too...Jordan says "why?...Jeff says he's joking LOL...they laugh.

Jordan says how did they end up being so hated?...Jeff doesn't know, he wants to look at the "tapes", what the hell did he do that was so bad? maybe he said something "that I don't even know, you know what I mean?"...Jordan in Jeff voice says "that I don't even know, you know what I mean?"...Jeff doesn't take the bait, he says what did we do?...Jordan wonders why now all of sudden everyone is all about Jeff?...Jordan says that Ronnie wants to take Jordan and Jeff to the finals...Jeff starts to refute that but Jordan then says that Jeff can't get on his bad side, they still need him...Jeff says he didn't!...Jordan says she's just telling him...Jeff squeezes Jordan's head between his legs LOL Jordan eeks...

Jeff says he didn't, he said Ronnie got him and Bravo...Jordan says she has boob pain and then asks Jeff if they look fake? kind of?...Jeff doesn't respond...Jordan says they're still new...Jeff says they look good. :)

Jeff says "you kill me Jordan"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff smiles and says "I don't know"...Jordan says "why!?"...Jeff says "you just make me laugh"...Jordan asks if it's because of what she just asked?...Jeff says no, just the things she says, everything in the past, he won't bring it up but she just makes him laugh...Jordan says that when Jeff was looking through his hands his eyes were all cross sighted, she makes a face...Jeff says did you say eww? what does she think she looks like when she does that?...Jordan says "sexay"...Jeff says yeah...

Jordan goes back to game talk saying that it's good Jeff is safe...Jeff says safe? not until they kick someone else out...Jordan says hey, they promised...Jeff pfftt's and says promise? they might as well wipe their ass and hand it to him promise...Jordan says to listen, he's not paying attention...Jeff says he's paying attention to himself now...Jordan says if they go with them none of the other people will put them (J&J) on the block?...Jeff says Jessie runs the show, they can ride that train until they can't anymore then they'll come up with another plan...Jordan says obviously their plans don't work...Jeff says he doesn't even have one...Jordan says Laura knows about this game, they want to get rid of her because they know she is smart, even Ronnie told her when they were upstairs that Laura is a smart girl...Jeff asks Jordan to do him a favor and not slip...Jordan says she doesn't say anything...she puts out her pinky and says to pinky promise, Jeff does saying that she has to think before she talks...Jordan says Natalie gives her looks, she doesn't trust her...Jeff says that doesn't matter right now...Jordan says maybe Ronnie talked to Jessie about them...Jeff says maybe Jessie wants to backdoor Ronnie down the line and he needs their votes to get him out.

Jordan says that Casey said that Jessie told him that if it came down to it, he would get rid of Natalie...Jeff says he heard that too...Jeff says that they have to go with the flow...Jordan says she's just going to float now...Jeff says he'll talk more with J&N, Jessie told him he was loyal to Braden and now he wants his loyalty...Jordan says maybe he sees their loyalty to each other...Jeff says Jessie knows Jeff is another person for HOH who can keep them safe, there are various people who want him kept safe...Jordan says Jeff better not let Jordan be put up on the block, she'll be mad at him...Jeff says he didn't even have to tell Jessie to bring Jordan along, he knows he comes with Jordan...Jessie said it was good having the two of them...they talk about who would be voted out first between the two.

Jordan says she'll be fake with Jessie but she doesn't like him...Jeff says he hopes they regret keeping him down the line...BB tells Chima to knock it off...Jeff says "what is she doing? clawing somebody's eyes out?" ;) Jordan says probably...

Jeff goes back to game talk saying that people have to be cut, it hurts but he's here to play this game and win now, he was trying to be friends, obviously he sucks, he's the worst, so he has to let others play for him, you gotta step on a couple of heads, Ronnie gets away with stabbing people...Jordan says to just go along with things, just be nice...Jeff says this might all be bullshit, he might be going home....they talk about Lydia and Russell fighting...Jeff says they could make up in 2 days and then he's out again, whatever, he just needs to be safe...Jordan says "that's good"...Jeff says he doesn't know how it happened, he swears he thought he was gone...Jordan asks if they took him aside?...Jeff says it happened earlier…

BY long talk - JJ 500K banter


Jeff says they needs a couple of weeks where they just slide through and not be the center of attention...Jordan knows, maybe they're jealous because they are BFF, jealous of their friendship...Jordan says Jessie wanted to align with Jeff before right?...Jeff says yes but in passing, it wasn't real, he never wanted to, now he has no choice, he's going to be one of those puppets he talks about to advance him, down the line he'll have a different plan because he'll have to stab somebody in the back to win...Jordan says it better not be her...Jeff says he'll stab her in the front if he has to :) ...Jordan says he'll pop her implant 😜 ..Jeff says he'll get her new ones with the money...Jordan says yeah bigger, better and improved...Jeff says they'll spin around...Jordan says they'll have disco lights or something...

Jordan says how weird it is to think of winning a half a million dollars, you would just be good for...Jeff says he'd buy property, a car...Jordan says there's a house that she wants near Mint Hill, a house that sits really far back with a lot of trees, has a wraparound porch where you can put rocking chairs and swings, it's half brick, half wood, it's been for sale for a long time and she told her mom that if she won the money she'd put a down payment on it or pay it off, the good thing about where she lives is that you can get pretty good sized houses for cheap...Jeff says you can, it sounds so southern with the swing and stuff.

Jordan says she told her mom she would give her grandparents some money because they gave them money when they got kicked out of their house...Jeff says if Jordan won this game he would shit his pants (well....😉) ...Jordan says "why? cuz you don't believe it!?"...Jeff says he doesn't know what he would do, he'd be so shocked if she won...Jordan says he doesn't have faith in her...Jeff says if she somehow weaseled her way to the end, he would die. :) Jeff giggles...

Jordan says she would give her sister, brother, dad and aunt money, she would buy her friend a new car and invest the rest...Jeff says wow, how much is she planning on winning?...Jordan says half a mil...Jeff says it's only 300K after taxes...Jordan says that's still good...Jeff says not after buying people cars and houses and giving people money...Jordan says a used car, her friend got so excited when she found out Jordan was on the show, she said OMG, we can get our Range Rover's!!...Jordan wants a white Range Rover with black tinted windows or a white or cream 2 door Infiniti or a BMW x5...Jeff says spend 80G's on a car?...Jordan says heck no!...Jeff asks how much does she think they are?...Jordan says you can get a used one, go on Ebay for that...Jeff says Ebay?? for a car?...Jordan thinks it's Ebay or Craigslist...Jeff pffttt's saying Craigslist? that's a chop shop, it's so sketchy...feeds cut out...

Jordan explains a good deal she saw on Craigslist...Jeff says yeah, it comes with serial killer included LOL ..Jordan says she would have a guy go with her and carry a gun (well that's a comfort LOL)....Jeff asks if she knows people who roll like that?...Jordan giggles saying not like gangster, just carry a gun in case...Jeff puts on his newsboy hat and points his finger asking if they'd look like this?...Jordan says he looks like a 1920's guy... :)

If you win this game...


During their long talk outside on the couches, Jordan tells Jeff she would buy a home with her money and give some to family.

Jeff says "if you won this game I would shit my pants"

Jordan says "why?....cuz you don't believe it!?"

Jeff says "I just, I would, I don't know what I'd do..I would die, I would be so shocked"

Jordan says "why!?"

Jeff says "if you won?"

Jordan says "you don't have any faith in me"

Jeff says "if you somehow weaseled all the way to the end...I would die"

Jordan giggles, Jeff looks at her and laughs...Jordan continues talking about what she would do with the money if she won…

BY long talk - JJ bickering


Jeff who is wearing his newsboy hat to show what Jordan's companion would look like to buy a car off sketchy Craigslist starts talking in his Irish voice "that car better be legit"...Jordan says "don't talk in that voice!"...Jeff swings his hat at her saying "quit telling me how to talk"...Jordan denies she does...Jeff says "oh you don't?"...Jordan says no...Jeff says "everything I say you go eww, everything I do you go eww, now that I think about it, I'm getting tired of you"...Jordan says "no, you're not"...Jeff says he is...Jordan says "no, that's why you kept coming up to me"...Jeff says "because you were crabby today and you kept going like that" (giving the hand flick)...Jordan says he was crabby...Jeff says you know what, he was done with it...Jordan says "no, you're not"...Jeff says "you can fend for yourself"...Jordan says "no cuz you just told me I'm in your plan, you wouldn't ditch me"...Jordan waits for an answer...Jeff says "it's week two"...Jordan shakes her head saying "you wouldn't ditch me"...Jeff says "yeah but I have a feeling you'd ditch me cuz you sold out that veto" 🙁 .Jordan snaps her fingers saying "in a heartbeat"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says she's just kidding...

Jeff in a cute Jordan voice imitates her saying "yeah, I'll save you if go on the block, now you're like well I have to save Laura and then me, Laura, Ronnie, Teddy, Freddy & Jason & Bob, we're all going to go to the final 2, all 8 of us are going to the final 2 cuz we're all friends" 😜 Jordan laughs...

Jeff turns and Jordan argh's...Jeff gives her the hand brush off...Jordan laughs...Jeff says Jordan lives in a dream world...Jordan says la, la, la, la, la :) and says they should try to go to bed...Jeff says that's a good idea...Jordan says she has to sleep on hard bed, he gets cushion...Jeff remembers this saying ahhh...Jeff says "I felt bad for you today"...Jeff says he should get some hugs in now, he has a feeling he's not going to talk to her much this week once the slop kicks in...Jordan says she'll be crabby?...Jeff says yeah plus how she was today, he'll be in the pool while she'll be all the way in the back room as far away as you can get...Jordan says she's sorry but when she gets in bad moods she doesn't like talking to anybody...Jeff says she flicked him off three times today and in his head he was thinking "do that one more fu**ing time" he was being nice...Jordan says "and what? and what?"...Jeff says he can get slapped anywhere in the house, he doesn't need to come to his friend and get slapped...

BY long talk - JJ getting testy


Jordan changes the subject saying that it was good Jeff and Russell talked, they seem cool again, she wonders if it was because her and Russell talked...Jeff just thinks he's sick of being a little puppet, he was talking shit about Jessie...Jordan says he's about to be out the door...Jeff says better Russell than him...Jordan thinks they would be friends outside the house....Jeff doesn't care, he's not there to make friends anymore, guys are different when they fight, they blow up and get over it, girls take it to another level, they're so catty, they're worse than guys...Jordan smiles & giggles under her breath...Jeff just looks at her and says "what?"...Jordan says "nothing"...Jeff says "why are you laughing?"...Jordan says "you're just funny"...Jeff says "what's funny about that?"...Jordan says "don't get all mad, I'm just saying"...Jeff asks again what's funny about it?...Jordan says "nothing, I'm just laughing, can I not laugh? I feel better now, I felt like poo today and now I feel better"

Jeff says he's glad she feels better that he's on the block, she should be rubbing his back and stuff...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says because he might be going home...Jordan says he's not going home!...Jeff says "really? no more kiss when you walk out the door, instead you're getting a spin kick" he giggles...Jordan says "yeah right, you'll probably grab me and try to do it like a movie scene"...Jeff says "for sure"...Jordan says he'll do it in front of everybody and Kevin will get so excited...Jeff says he's totally doing that...Jordan says "are you really?" :) Jeff says "yeah, it's better than breaking a window"...Jordan says "break my face"...Jeff says no, he's got more class than that, he would never do that...Jordan asks "hit my?"...Jeff says no, break something.

Jordan thinks this will be the most memorable cast because of all the fighting...Jeff doesn't know but thinks it's a weak cast, he's not sure...Jeff says what's funny is that if he goes home now, people won't even remember him on the show...Jordan agrees and then adds after pausing that nobody will remember her either...Jeff jumps on that one immediately saying "I was just going to say, nobody will remember you! you think you're so safe"...Jordan says "I don't" (chill out, BOTH of you will be the MOST memorable HG's :) )

Jeff says he can't wait until she's on the block because she hasn't even mentioned it once, he hopes he gets saved and then she goes on the block (be careful what you wish for), he's gotta give his veto to Natalie...Jordan says "you know what? I'm about to go to bed cuz I don't feel like listening to your mouth and you being rude"...Jeff says "really?...Jordan says "yeah, really"...Jeff says "go, I gotta new teammate"...Jordan says "who? Jessie? you trust him?"...Jeff says "well I can't trust you cuz you're not giving me your veto" (hmm, good point)...Jordan says to not throw that in her face,

Jeff says whose face can he throw it in?...Jordan says somebody else's but quit throwing it in hers, Laura's her teammate, she can't do this by herself...Jeff asks who she needs more? Laura or him?...Jordan says both, right now, do not put her in a weird situation...Jeff says she's not in one but don't let this come back and bite her in the ass...silence stares...Jordan says "staring game" to break the tension...

Jordan changes the subject by bringing up that they will be asked questions about them when they leave the house, she says that Jeff will say that Jordan was so nice, she stuck with me and she will say the same about Jeff...Jeff says that he'll say "Jordan was cool, she was my friend and then she gave up the veto and now I'm talking to you...cuz she said I'd be safe but she's the 8th person who fu**ed me in the house...not literally"

Jeff says he was prepared to go home, if they build him up like he's staying and then he goes home then he'll be pissed...Jordan says to not get cocky...Jeff says how is he cocky?...Jordan says she's just saying...Jeff says he was already planning what he was going to do when he got home or stay in LA for a couple of days, should he take the week off of work next week, his mind was already gone, he didn't even think about the veto, he was just pissed off…

BY long talk - trivia/school/


Since Jeff has just been saying what he would do if he left the show this week, Jordan brings up that she needs to go back to school after this...Jeff says she should do that...Jordan says she has to do something with her life...Jeff says go to school, she said that she had one more class...Jordan says then you have to apply to get in the program...Jeff says then go, get that credit and apply...Jordan says "I know"...Jeff says "you gotta do that, for real"...Jordan says "I know, I'll be 23 in November"...Jeff says "whoa, you better hurry up" :) ...Jordan says "hey, it flies by"...Jeff says whatever, just go to school...feeds cut out briefly...

Jeff asks if Jordan lives by the beach?...Jordan says 3 hours, it's not bad, Jeff isn't by the beach though?...Jeff says he's by Lake Michigan...Jordan says that's a popular one right?...Jeff says it's a great lake...Jordan giggles...Jeff asks if she can name two Great Lakes, how many Great Lakes are there?...Jordan is stumped...Jeff says to talk about something else...Jordan says to hold on, she tries to name one...crickets...Jeff says Lake Michigan is all she has to worry about (hmm, I wonder why? ;) LOL)...Jordan asks isn't there a bay of something?...Jeff says Green Bay? Montego Bay? Tampa Bay?...Jordan says no...Jeff says whatever, he's not giving her trivia questions.

Jordan says they're bored, she wants to...Jeff says "trivia questions?" and laughs...Jordan says "ask me, I'm serious"...Jeff doesn't know, he asks what was Jordan's best subject?...Jordan says SS and English.

Jeff asks who was the first president?...she says George Washington...Jeff says "nice"...Jordan says that's the only one she knows and then from Clinton onward...Jeff asks who was the 16th president?...Jordan says Abraham Lincoln?...Jeff says yeah!...Jordan says nuh uh!? that's awesome...Jeff laughs...Jordan says she knows George Bush Sr, then Clinton, then the other Bush, then it was Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, she doesn't know any others....Jeff asks the presidents on the money, they go over that and both are mostly confused as to who's on what bill LOL

Jordan says to name 7 Jeff is stumped and says for her to name them...Jordan tries, starting off with Australia...the feeds switch out to the inside of the house but audio stays on J&J for a bit then cuts out then comes back to them...Jeff asks what continent they are on? Jordan says the United States, they giggle...Jordan then rattles off the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe...Jeff doesn't think they should be playing trivia because BB is going to air them not knowing anything...Jordan says Jeff didn't know the continents...Jeff doesn't want to get them wrong in case they air it...Jordan challenges him on it...Jeff says he doesn't want to give them ammunition...Jordan says he doesn't know what they are!...Jordan says she thinks she's misssing one but doesn't know...Jeff says to ask questions they know the answers to...Jordan says "you know what I never got in school?"...Jeff mumbles "A's" LOL Jordan says global warming, they both say they don't understand it...

Jordan says her problem is she doesn't comprehend what she reads, she was always in a special class, she laughs...Jeff asks if she took the small yellow bus to school? she did...Jordan says she'd always have to stay after school for tutoring, more giggles...she says that her mom used to say that all 3 of them (siblings) had something wrong with them...Jordan says they call her brother their little Jeffro Bo Dean...Jeff says she told him that...Jordan says that her sister isn't dumb, she used to think her mom was smart but she's dumb too...Jordan cracks up...

Jeff says "you laugh about it"...Jordan says she told her she didn't learn nothing because of her...Jordan says she is so spacy and out there...Jeff says he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed either.

Jordan laughs saying she can tell because they're the two that aligned with each other and they can't get through a game...Jeff says yeah they're so stupid and dumb doing that...Jordan says she thought he was smart because he had a good job and he went to college and knows what he's talking about...Jeff says he knows what he's talking about but who the hell knows what the hell they're doing in this game, it has nothing to do with anything, you could have your masters and not know what's going on in here.

Jordan says school is hard...Jeff says this game is harder than school...Jordan says that's why she doesn't like school, she's not good at it...Jeff says that's why you keep going to school...Jordan disagress and says she was always cheating like on her math tests, she wouldn't call it cheating, she calls it "checking your answers"...she explains she would answer then glance over to see what someone else put and then change it if she got hers wrong because she'd always go with what the other person put...Jeff says "that's called cheating" mmm hmm

Jordan says it's not, it's called checking your answers...Jeff says "whatever, as long as you got by, like I said, I'm not the best either"...Jordan says she graduated, that's all that matters, her mom was so excited she graduated, they didn't think she would because Spanish was holding her back...Jeff wishes he knew another language...Jordan says she doesn't because she knows she's not going to go to another country so she doesn't need to speak it, (wrong!)

English is all she needs to know....she asks if Jeff agrees?...Jeff doesn't agree, he just said he wish he did, Spanish can get you far, what he's saying is it doesn't hurt, he just thinks it's cool...Jordan says she thinks it's cool too but she knows she's not going to another country because she will get...she stops herself saying she shouldn't say anymore, nevermind, she'll get herself in trouble...feeds switch out…

JJ - hot sauce contacts


Jeff, Jordan, Laura & Casey are in the bathroom...Casey is taking a shower, Laura is putting on makeup (as usual), Jordan is brushing her teeth, Jeff is taking off his glasses, putting on his contacts...Jordan leaves...Casey asks Jeff if he's worn glasses all his life? Jeff, while starting to rub his eyes, answers saying no, he started wearing them in high school, he was playing outfield on the baseball team, the ball would come to him and he couldn't see it and his buddy would be yelling at him that the ball was right in front of him and he would say "where? I can't see it" and the ball would fall on the ground right in front of him, his buddy would get so pissed...Jeff keeps rubbing his eyes and says that's when he figured he needed glasses.

Jeff says he was looking to get that surgery this month but he came to the clown house instead ;) ..Laura says "what were you thinking?" (best thing Jeff could ever have done, that's what! :) )...Jeff sits down on the bed, he's still struggling with his contacts, and says what's up? it's like someone put hot sauce in his contacts...Casey laughs and Laura says she wouldn't doubt that...Jeff says "me neither, holy f**k"...Jordan walks back in after getting her clothes saying to Jeff "what's wrong with your eyes?"...Laura says someone put hot sauce in his contacts...Jordan says "shut up!"...Laura says no, she's kidding...Jeff lays back mumbling "oh f**k"...

Jordan, who is about to take a cold shower, turns the water on and Jeff giggles saying "make sure you run that so it gets nice and cold" :P ...Jordan laughs and walks toward Jeff....Jeff watches her...

Jordan puts her blanket down on the bed, walks by Jeff and rubs his head saying that she took his jacket...Jeff kicks her playfully but hits her harder than expected, he says sorry, that was hard...Jordan giggles...Jeff asks what she said about his jacket?...Jordan says she took it to wear when she gets out so she won't be so cold, she'll be freezing...Jeff says ohhh...they laugh a little about some weird noise Michele made in the stall...Jordan starts taking her cold shower and says it's going to suck...Jeff lays back on the bed in silence after a big yawn...feeds cut out…

GR - Jordan is being rude to Jeff/Jeff is pissed


Jeff, Jordan & Laura are in the GR...Jordan is applying makeup, Jeff and Laura are chatting about Ronnie who had just been in the room with them and was called to the DR...Laura is thinking he's not really a teacher (add that to his list of lies)...Jeff says who cares what he does...Laura says she doesn't care...Jordan asks Jeff to close the door, please...Jeff does...Jordan says Natalie made some smart comment about Laura in her bathing suit and Jordan thought "she looks good in a bathing suit so shut up!"...Jeff imitates Jordan saying "so shut up!"...they start talking game again, about Ronnie...

Jeff says "whatever, he's so full of shit"...Jordan says "Jeff, just play along with it"...Jeff says "is he here?"...Jordan says "no!...what?"...Jeff says "well then relax"...Jordan grrr's and says "geez, you get on my nerves sometimes"...Jeff says "why did you just snap at me?"...Jordan snaps again and says "I didn't snap at you Jeff!"...Jeff says "that sounded like another snap"...Jordan half giggles and says "be quiiietttt"...Jeff is fuming...Jordan har har's...Laura imitates her and then Jeff says "and looked at me?"...Jordan says "no Jeff! I didn't look at you! UGHHHH Gaw!" Jeff glares at Jordan...Jordan says she's just kidding, she's being mean to him on purpose...Jeff says "yeah?....keep digging yourself a hole Jordan"...

Laura says her and Jeff have dug theirs...Jeff says he's going to plant a couple seeds, some rumors about Jordan...

Laura starts talking about Ronnie again, she says she's going to plant a seed of doubt in Ronnie's head as she's leaving...Jeff says that's a good one, they laugh about that, it will scare him because he's so paranoid...Jeff says he believed Jeff's story about having a friend with an airplane...Laura says he's still pretending he wasn't the rat...they agree they don't give a shit, they believe none of them...Laura says their mistake was trusting the wrong person...Jordan says Laura was right about him, her & Jeff are dumb at this game...Lydia gets called out by BB...Laura calls her a hood rat...Laura asks if Jeff is nervous about the veto? she hopes that it's one of the ones where you can get prizes...Jeff says he might flip for 10G's...Laura says she would take money over a vacation...Jeff says he would too, then he could go wherever the hell he wants to go (I guess he forgot that later in the game ha!)

Laura says watch it be one of those comps and her happy ass ends up in the freaking unitard, what a week, the unitard, slop, cold showers, hard bed...Jeff says that would be awesome...Laura thinks it would be too.

Jordan really cuts deep by saying "Sorry Jeff but Laura I hope you get the veto" wow! ouch! 😠...Laura says "don't say that"...Jordan looks back at Jeff saying "well I mean, I know he's safe" (no, no you don't)...Laura says she will be just as happy if Jeff gets it...Jordan says Ronnie's plan backfired because Russell was chosen to play...Laura told Ronnie she's not scared, if she doesn't get it, then she was supposed to go home week 2...Jordan says "Jeff, you're safe, I'm trying to save Laura here, she's my teammate"...Jeff says "I understand that Jordan but keep saying it because you're making me sick each time you say it"...

Laura says Jeff isn't going home...Jordan says "we have to protect Laura here"...Jeff sighs and says "be quiet"...Jordan grrr's and Jeff glares at her again...

Laura who was always on the pulse of the American people LOL says that America will be sadder to see Jeff go anyways, they want them to continue their showmance

Jordan says "we do not have a showmance!"...Jeff says "she gets on my nerves"...Laura says whatever they have, they like it...Jordan says they're just BFF, no showmance...Jeff says they're not even that barely, they're "F's"...they laugh...Laura says "see, I told you they like you"...Jordan says to Jeff "I wonder what my mom is saying about you right now?"...Laura says she probably likes him :) ..Jordan mmm, hmm's...Jeff says she's probably thinking "why does he want to drown her?"...more laughs...Laura asks Jeff what his parents think of Jordan?...Jeff doesn't know, Jordan is Jordan huh?...Laura asks if he's dated a lot of blondes?...Jeff nods no...Jordan says he likes dark headed girls, that's how she knows she can't trust him because she's the blond...Jeff says "can't trust me? you're not even giving the veto to me, trust you? good thing I don't have a wallet here" LOL...Jordan says she's not even in the comp, so shut his mouth...Jeff says if he had money there, she'd probably steal it LOL

Jordan starts giving Laura makeup advice...Jeff sits up asking who's makeup this all is? Jordan says it's hers...Jeff says it must be expensive...Laura says it's $18 a thing...Jordan says she loves M.A.C...she has a card and pays it off like her Victoria Secret card...Laura says that's good for her credit...Jeff asks what this is? Jordan says eyeshadow...Jeff reads the names of the eyeshadows, a lot of "gold" ones :) Jeff tries to bug Jordan and Jordan rubs his head briely…

The cute moments ends though when Jeff asks what Jordan is getting all dolled up for?...Jordan stares at Jeff saying "can I not?"...Jeff says one more crack today and she'll be banned from existence cuz he'll be gone and she won't be able to see him again...Jordan keeps putting on eye makeup and Jeff asks if she just rolled her eyes or something?...they giggle...Jordan gives Laura more advice...Jeff says to use "gold mode" :)...Jeff asks if Jordan is using it, Jordan ignores and then says they're not talking right now, she's kidding, she likes to pretend to be mean to Jeff, it's funny...Laura gets called to the DR...J&J bicker about two completely separate things, a miscommunication.

Laura leaves and Ronnie walks in, they have small talk with him about the veto comp...Jeff says he might be out of there soon...Ronnie says no, nooo...Jeff says "I've got to soak up my last Jordan moments" :)...Jordan says "you're going to miss me, don't lie cuz you're not going to find anybody that will fart with you...just kidding"...Ronnie leaves...Jordan says her skin looks bad, she's breaking out...feeds go to fish briely...when they return Jordan is saying it's going to be weird when they get home because they're used to be around the people in the house and they won't be there anymore...Jeff says he'll walk in a room and expect Jordan to be in there (aww)...Jordan says she knows but Jeff is hours away so he'll just have to...Jeff says "text you"...Jordan says yeah...Jeff continues saying that eventually it will wear off and they'll move on with their lives (LOL)...Jordan says "at first that's normally what happens because everybody gets back in their groove of things" (normally yes but you two are not normal ;) )...feeds switch out...

GR - Plucking Jeff's eyebrows


Jeff, Jordan & Laura have been hanging out in the GR. Laura gets called to the DR

Jeff who is laying down on his tummy is asked by Jordan if he's sleeping. He says he's not...Jordan says he can't sleep in there...Jeff says "I'm not sleeping!"...Jordan says "God, you're ewww"...Jeff turns to Jordan and says "why are you so mean to me today? (he turns away again) I'm fu**ing on the block, I'm trying to relax, can't you be nice for one day, be an actress"

Jordan who keeps one hand on Jeff throughout this says "I'm trying to talk to you now"...Jeff says "well, what are you talking about?"...Jordan says "nothing, you're turned away"

Jeff turns back and looks at Jordan and then brings his hand up to pretend choke Jordan, Jordan giggles...she says "awww" and rubs Jeff's head while Jeff places his head in her lap.

Jordan says "should we check your ears again and make sure there's no bugs?"...Jeff says nuh-uh, she checked good (before)...every 6 months...Jordan says "doesn't this sound weird?" and she practically blows out Jeff's eardrum by talking loudly into it :/ ...Jeff says "it's so loud"...Jordan giggles.

Jordan touches Jeff on the neck and asks if he's ticklish right there...Jeff says no, it feels good...Jordan describes how her mom tickles her on her ticklish spot on her neck and they laugh...Jeff says he likes it.

Jordan reaches for her tweezers in her makeup bag and moves them towards Jeff's face...Jeff says "what are you doing?"...Jordan says "plucking your eyebrows"...Jeff says "don't like do them too crazy, what are you doing?"...Jordan says "oh my gosh, calm down"...Jeff says "don't make me look like a chick"...Jordan starts plucking...Jeff says "you just getting the loose ones?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's...

Casey walks by and in and gives the whole scene a look 🤨 ..Jeff says he's getting a facial and Jordan smiles the biggest smile at Casey :) ...Jordan says "look at Casey, he's looking at you like you're..." Jeff lifts his head and says he's getting camera ready...Casey says "dude, how much ammo are you going to give the boys back home dude?"...Jeff sits up to quickly look in the mirror and says it's not bad, doesn't Casey clean his eyebrows? response from Casey, lol...Jeff says "they're not getting shaped"...Casey says "oh, they're shapely"...Jeff looks at Jordan and says "no, they're not"...Jordan says they don't look bad...Jeff says "don't shape them"...Jordan says "I'm not!"...Jordan giggles and Jeff says "what?!"

Jeff sits up to really look in the mirror as Jordan keeps giggling and Casey says the ammo thing again...Jordan says "I didn't do anything"...Jeff says "alright, just do this side now, come on, now I'm getting scared"...Casey says he's calling Jeff out on nat'l TV on the Veto, if he wins he'll say it was because of Jeff's more aerodynamic eyebrows...they Casey leaves Jeff says "dude, people pluck their eyebrows"...Jeff says "don't shape them Jordan"...Jordan says "you have to trust me! you?"...Jeff says "not really LOL "I trust you for real but don't shape them"...Jordan says "you trust me?"...Jeff says yes, but don't shape them...Casey walks by again and Jordan smiles at him again and giggles...Jeff says of all people it's Casey...Casey says just when you think you know someone...Jordan says to lay still and she starts plucking...Jeff says "I'll fight you if you shape them"...Jordan says "will you please be quiet"...Jeff says ok...Jordan says "I'm trying to do this and you're distracting me...weirdo"...Jeff says he doesn't think there's room for name caling LOL

Laura returns and Jeff gets called to the DR, he gets up saying "shit, now I have red eyebrows"...Jordan sarcastically says "oh, do you want some makeup to patch it?"...Jeff struggling with his mic cord, gives Jordan a look and says he doesn't know where her sassy attitude is coming from...Jeff goes to leave and Jordan says "good luck Chuck" (??)

Jordan's braids & cuddles


Laura braids Jordan's hair, she goes in the GR to lay down by Jeff who is stressing over the POV comp to come. Jordan insists Jeff is safe but Jeff says he just needs to win, he hasn't tried yet to win anything. Jeff strokes Jordan's hair.

Jeff comments that Jordan's ears are small and he pulls them, Jordan says not to pull them but then says to and she makes the Whoville face. Jordan talks about her earrings, saying she lost one and lost the mate to the other. She informs Jeff she loves square diamonds more than round. :)

Jeff says he likes her hair, it looks nice. Jordan pokes fun at his nice comment and he says that was a compliment, he was being nice...Jordan says she knows, she doesn't like "nice"...Jeff says she doesn't like anything he says. Jeff says she's too negative, Jordan disagrees. Jordan gets all shy and playful and talks about her pink nails. She loses her train of thought (common occurence around Jeff, lol)...she asks if he is excited (about POV comp) and Jeff says he has to do it. Jordan says she likes saying stuff to make him mad because he gets so irritable. Jordan says she doesn't like the word stones either. Jeff says she better say nice things. Jordan says obviously he likes it because he keeps hanging around her...Jeff says he has no other choice. Jordan says he loves it...Jeff says he has no choice...Jordan says he would still pick her...Jeff says for what?...Jordan says for anything.

Jordan says he gets worked up for nothing...he says he does huh? They banter back and forth a bit more and then Laura enters the room...

GR - JJ & L chat


As soon as Laura enters the room she tells Jordan that she has a huge butt :/ ..Jordan says "me?"...Jeff slaps Jordan's butt with his foot (I'm thinking he doesn't mind Laura :) ) Laura says that's why she's surprised Jordan didn't pick space butt...Jeff says yeah, space butt...they talk about the Truth Hurts comp and how Jordan got mixed up thinking the only option she had were the small or medium cowgirl outfits...Laura explains how BB tried to make her costume look like it could be both answers.

Jeff says "Jordan thought she was so cool in that cowboy costume"...Laura says "that was hot"...Jordan says "I did not!!"...Jeff says she said she looked so good in that thing...Jordan says "I did not say that!"...Jeff says "yes you did"...Jordan says "I did not say that"...Jeff says "no, I'm just joking"...Jeff stretches his leg onto Jordan...Laura says she did look good...Jeff says "I told her she looked good in it"...Jordan explains she was scared because when she was tying the costume the strings kept snapping and she couldn't make it tighter to push her boobs together, the sizes were all wrong and it wasn't working for her, also that she wanted to take the rope and lasso Jeff with it but then she got too embarassed and didn't do it.

Jeff likes this and says "aww you should have"...Jordan says she got really embarassed and she forgot her lines.

Laura says she doesn't get too nervous getting out there but right now she's nervous, not about the outcome but nervous about competing in front of everybody on TV...Jeff says he isn't nervous...Jordan says she'll be freaking awesome.

Jordan says they have to leave a souvenir for her to keep...Jeff says they're not leaving right now...Laura says she will leave Jordan something good and surprise her with it...Jeff says he'll leave Jordan chapstick...Jordan says "oh, do it" (she actually sounds excited about it LOL)...Jordan says "what am I going to leave?"

Jeff says she can leave a watch...Jordan says huh?...Jeff says she doesn't need it because she can't tell time...this is the first Laura has heard this so she's intrigued...Jordan rolls her eyes and says "uhh, Jeff!"...Jeff says he's just joking...Jordan starts to explain and Jeff says he was just joking, don't get into it, he says she had a Mickey Mouse watch and the hands went crazy one time LOL Jordan explains to Laura her problem with telling time and Laura is nice about it, she says that Ben gave her a Guess watch that had only the 12, 3, 6 & 9 on it and she would get confused as to the exact time so Ben exchanged it for another that had all the numbers...Jeff says that Ben sounds like a little cutie...Laura says yeah he is a cutie...Jordan says he sounds nice. (nice? LOL)

Ronnie comes in to inform them that they are loading gear for the comp...they guess incorrectly it's outfits for them to wear, they get excited about that...Ronnie leaves and the audio gets warbled with Ronnie & Natalie talking in one room mixed with J&J & Laura talking in the other...the GR talk is about the word Gucci, will Jordan be allowed to say it since it's a ™/ ®...they ramble on about that for a bit and Jeff covers his head with 2 pillows LOL

Laura says if she doesn't win veto, Jordan has to leave her a good goodbye message...Jordan says ok...Laura says it's sad they're talking about that but she's just ready for Jeff to get evicted after her so he can buy her a steak, a filet because she was right (about Ronnie)...Jeff says he realizes it now...Laura says he owes her one...Jeff says he told her she's getting it and they're going to a Falcons game…

GR - JJ & L & M chat pre - POV


Jordan tells Jeff & Laura that she was talking to Russell and he told her that he regretted sending Braden home...Jeff says it's too late now...Jordan says she told him so...Jeff says their side would have had control...Jordan knows...Laura says that Russell is an alpha male, he runs things, he's normally the boss...Jeff says that Casey said Russell is 3rd in line...Laura says exactly but that may help Jeff because he can align with him to get rid of the others and drag Jordan along, she doesn't mean "drag" but they know what she means...Jeff says Jordan has to get off his back at some point and start making things happen...Laura says yeah, Jordan...Jordan says "making what happen?"...Jeff says "make some moves"...Jordan says "like what?"...Jeff says win HOH. Laura says she is proud of her, she beat her out the other day.

Laura says she's not even worried about POV, just more about them watching her (mocking her)...Jeff says to just do her best, who cares what they think...they talk about the POV comp...Jordan says they better be prepared...Jordan says Laura has to win because they know Ronnie isn't going to use it on her...Laura says "DUH! that would be the worst move ever if he did that, he would never, ever do that". Jordan pulls her socks up and Jeff squeezes her leg with his feet and Jordan holds onto Jeff's leg...Jeff says they just have to wait to see what happens...

Jeff says he feels tired...Jordan rubs Jeff's legs and says "better wake up"...Jordan does this and says "why do you like being rubbed so much?"...Jeff says he likes it...Laura says everybody likes being rubbed right?...Jeff mumbles "Jordan doesn't"...Jordan says she's not an affectionate person...Laura says that she never was before, she wasn't into holding hands or PDA but Ben is really affectionate so now she loves it and when he's not she asks what's wrong, she likes affectionate guys now...Jordan says most guys she's dated aren't affectionate.

Laura says "are you still missing an earring?"...Jordan says she is, she figures it's her good luck...Laura laughs and says "she's so freaking cute, don't ya just want eat her or something?"..Jordan points to her ear and says she's gangster, keeping the one...Laura says "one earring, it does not get better than that, it just doesn't"...Jordan says she lost the other diamond, she can't find it and it's real and someone there is probably going to keep it.

Laura says "she's so cute, I don't even know anyone like this" Michele walks in, Jeff shakes his foot to signal to Jordan to keep rubbing his leg...Michele says Jordan's hair looks cute...Jeff, about his foot, jokes around and says "touch it, kiss it"...Jordan says "I'm not kissing your toe, it looks gross"...Jeff says he knows but do it, just one little one...Jordan smiles and shakes her head no and says "that looks gross"...Jeff says he doesn't like toes...Jordan says "look how ugly his second toe is, it's fat, look at that, it like curves"

Jordan says her second toe is longer than her big toe and Laura says that means you're the dominant one in the relationship, that's what they say...Michele's is too and Laura's isn't...Jeff says that's baloney. Jordan says she's going to change into shorts, it's going to be hot. They talk about the outfits they got in the HN comp.

Jeff keeps shaking his foot for more rubbing but Jordan won't do it, she just smiles. Jeff sneezes and no one says bless you so Jeff says "nobody huh? scumbags"...Jordan and Laura say "bless you"...Jeff says "forget it, I gotta worry about myself".

Michele throws some pillows on Jeff saying she's going to throw a raft on him alluding too earlier when Jeff was in the RR, he was all pissed and threw a raft on Michele not even noticing she was laying there in the corner. LOL They laugh about that and Laura says this place is a madhouse...Jordan says of Jeff "you can't do nothing right in here"...Jeff says "I know", they laugh again.

They talk about who was picked for POV, Laura says she didn't worry about it too much, she feels everything that is supposed to happens will happen in a way, she will be mature about even if she doesn't win but they won't, either way they will jump for joy or pitch a fit. Jordan mentions definitely having to put on shorts...feeds cut out for a second...they come back talking about what they got from the comps...Jeff is peering at Jordan through the pile of pillows on his head, lol

Jeff does the sign of the cross and Laura says "was that an air Salud?"...Jeff nods...Jordan says she's going to go change into her shorts and get prepared, it might be awhile...Michele wants this thing to happen...Jeff says they're going to make them change, stand by the door for 5 minutes...Jordan snaps saying that she's bored and there's nothing else to do right now...Laura says when they call Lydia, who is hosting they'll know it's time...Jeff says Jordan can scratch his back if she's bored...Jordan says she doesn't feel like it...Jeff says she never does...Jordan whines "I'll do it laterrrr"...Jeff says "you're lying to me like everybody else in here, liar!"...Jordan rolls her eyes...Jeff says "go change"..."and while you're changing your shorts change your attitude too"...Jordan gets off the day bed and says Jeff can lick her butt and she walks away…



The coin POV comp has just ended, Jordan is taking a shower, Laura is putting on make up...Laura says Ronnie is worried now because he thinks Jeff is going to come after him next week, he just proved he's a good competitor. Jeff comes out of the bathroom stall...Jordan comes out of the shower and opens her eyes wide and says "do you like my raccoon eyes?"

Jeff says dude, what's up? Jordan says it's called mascara, eyeliner...Jeff says eww, yuck, ewww.

Jordan says the slop affects her and she makes a grumbling noise, Jeff laughs. She knows not to take it before a comp...Jeff says he finally feels good in this house...Laura says good, she hopes he wins HOH.

Jeff wants to enjoy this moment because tomorrow he will be crying...Jordan says pool time tomorrow...Jeff says they need to get sun...Laura says too bad they can't eat...Jordan says she wants chicken parmesan...she says when she gets home she wants to go to an Italian restaurant...Jeff says his two buddies have Italian restaurants and they're awesome, they have the best food ever, it's so homemade it's like eating in Italy...feeds cut off...

Feeds come back a minute later with Jordan getting dressed and Jeff getting ready to take a shower...they almost bump into each other and laugh at how she was putting on her panties and he did it on purpose...Jordan realizes her tank top isn't the same purple as her shorts' trim, she says she thought they matched, she was trying to be cool, lol. Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to re-use this towel, he says he has one...she says whatever and he says don't boss me. 😜

Jeff gets in the shower and says there's a quarter in there and that Ronnie said he had 3 in his butt. LOL Jordan laughs...she makes the comment on how it is weird to see someone naked because you never normally see them naked...Casey makes a face 🤨like what is she talking about...he says yeah, it's pretty much that probably. LOL :)

Jordan says when she sees someone naked she's like oh, you look different. Jeff says something about seeing someone in a space suit (I think referring to the space booty pick up line in the truth hurts comp)...Jordan laughs at Jeff and says it looks like he's in a car, Jeff says like he's driving? Jordan and Jeff laugh.

JJ head upstairs


Jordan has just finished doing her hair, Jeff has been laying on the lounger with Laura & Ronnie nearby. Jeff gets up just as Jordan finishes, she turns to Ronnie and says "you wanna go upstairs?"...Ronnie says sure and heads off...Jordan goes towards Jeff and says "c'mon"...Jordan turns and Jeff grabs her from behind, walking with her and says "where we going?"...Jordan says upstairs and they walk down the hallway. Jeff raises his arm to signal he's smelly and Jordan tucks under it, holds Jeff and says "you smell fine, c'mon"...

Jeff says he'll be right there and heads the other way.

JJ in the round chair


Jordan is up in the HOH talking with Ronnie about the Veto comp. Jeff sits down next to Jordan in the round chair and says his shirt is so soft. She feels it and yes, it's soft, lol. They go over Jeff's strategy in the coin comp and how it won him the comp. They go over Ronnie's strategy and how it was a big FAIL LOL

Then they go over Ronnie's strategy of putting up Jeff on the block, Jeff asks him why him? Ronnie says he knew Jeff would fight for it. Jeff doesn't even want to know the plan. Ronnie asks him if Jeff is saving himself...Jeff says what do you think? Duh

Ronnie says everyone wants Laura out of the house. More lies come out of Ronnie's mouth and then Jordan asks him who will be the replacement nominee...he doesn't answer. Jeff says it's hard for him to trust him now. Jeff says he's not even sticking to his word. Jeff starts playing with the pink Play Doh...

Jordan says "you're not thinking about putting me up?" Ronnie sighs and Jeff says "don't put Jordan up Ronnie, don't put her up man". Ronnie sighs again and Jordan looks at Jeff with a weird look on her face, they both realize what's up and both say "Ronnie!" Jordan says "you're putting me up?" Ronnie lies and says no.

Jeff tells him not to lie to him anymore, he's getting a 2nd chance with him, usually he cuts people off when they fuck him. They tell him he is scared of Russell. Jeff hands Jordan a pair of boobs made of Play Doh 😋

They keep trying to talk sense into Ronnie and Ronnie keeps lying. They go in circles and then Jeff tells him to not even bother lying about the Braden vote, he knows it was him. Ronnie admits he did it, Jeff thanks him for finally being honest...they go over why Ronnie voted that way, Jeff says Ronnie was strong armed into doing it. Jeff says he fucked them and made it a bad situation for their side of the house. Jeff calls Ronnie out on putting him up vs. Laura and says that he knows he did it rather than putting up someone like Lydia or Kevin because they are on the side of the house that Ronnie is ultimately with. Jeff says people think he's dumb but he knows what is going on. Jeff says Ronnie thinks he's a push over but he's not. Ronnie lies again 🙄

Jeff hands Jordan the Play Doh penis he just made and Jordan holds it and says it matches her fingernails. Jeff says there ya go. Jordan says it's a small penis...Jeff says it's a little peepee. Jeff says it's a limp one while holding it "down there" LOL

Jordan says gross...then she waves it in his face, Jeff grabs it and says it gets bigger and stretches it out. He cracks himself up. :D

They continue to talk game and who would be put up next week depending on who wins HOH. Ronnie says he would have put up Michele vs. Laura if he could have. Ronnie explains why Laura was put up. Jeff says he won't talk strategy with Ronnie anymore. Ronnie lies and says "they" don't want Jeff out.

Cute sidenote: Jordan picks something off Jeff's chest and throws it to the ground...

Jeff puts his legs over Jordan and says he took his medicine so whatever. Ronnie lies again about talking to Natalie & Jessie about Russell. Jeff says he will vote with the house from now on to not get in more trouble. Ronnie lies about Laura again. Jeff says no one thought he would win the comp. Jeff says he knew he would win it.

Jordan has been massaging Jeff's foot with the Play Doh and then she tickles him with it and Jeff says it felt good, do that. :)

More crap spews from Ronnie's mouth, Jeff's not buying it and Jordan is quiet. Chima comes in to take a shower and Jeff asks Jordan if she wants to go outside. Jordan says yeah. Jeff says they can come back and kick it in there and listen to Legally Blonde the musical, lol. Lydia comes in and shows off her Play Doh creations. Jeff laughs. They eat some sour candy...they talk about the bubble maker Ronnie got...Jeff looks at Jordan and says Jordan, what's up? you're spacing out. Jordan says she's thinking.

Cute sidenote #2 - Jeff then picks a hair off of Jordan's face. :) He then looks at her again, pinches her cheek and goes to touch her hair but pulls at her ear.

Jordan then asks Lydia what she looks like while doing her Whoville face. 😜 Jeff laughs. Lydia asks her if she sits in front of the mirror and does that...Jordan says no, Jeff pulled her ears today and said she had little ears and we discovered it.

They start talking game, Ronnie asks Lydia if she would vote Russell out, she says yes. Jeff and Jordan say leave us out of this, they don't need more people hating them. Lydia says no one hates you Jordan.

Jeff shifts position in the chair and puts his hand on behind Jordan and touches her hair, Jordan immediately lifts her hair and asks for a neck rub. Jeff says no, only if she rubs his back when he says so, Jordan says she will, he says something about minutes (the whole 50/50 thing) and he pretends to slap her face, Jordan taps his face, they make cute faces at each other and Jeff starts rubbing LOL

More game talk, Lydia tells Jordan no one wants her out, they just don't like who she aligned with...Laura. Jordan says all the people she chose to be friends with are bad people...Jeff is like me? Jordan says no.

They banter a bit more which is difficult to hear because Lydia & Ronnie keep talking game. Jeff says something about a broken leg and would Jordan carry him a mile to the hospital? LOL

Jordan then says Jeff looks good in blue, all guys look good in blue...Jeff says did you feel it the shirt? :) Jordan says yes, it's just like your black one. More whispers btw them and then Jeff does something to Jordan that makes her owwwww. They giggle & talk but the cams aren't on them but whatever they are doing, it seems cute. Damn you control room!

Jeff makes weird bubble noises with his mouth, they start rolling their tongues, Jeff can't and Jordan apparently has some magical thing she does with her tongue that Jeff says holy cow! that's like 4 of them, how do you even control that? ...Lydia says Jeff seems intrigued by her tongue. ;) Jordan leaves and Jeff goes to listen to Ronnie's CD.

JJ Hammock chat


Jeff is laying in the hammock, he had been sitting on the couches but left...he is pensive. Jordan is talking with Michele, Laura & Russell at the couches. They are talking about how Ronnie is probably going to put Jordan up, she expects it. Jordan walks over to Jeff and lies about Ronnie putting her up (as a joke). (ironically she does end up getting put up...)

She says hey, what's up? He says the same. Jordan says "Ronnie put me up on the block" Jeff says "no, he didn't" Jordan says he's going to. Jeff says who said that? Jordan says he called her up there...Jeff says no, he did not...she swears to God, that is why she was up there. She says he's putting her and Laura versus each other. Jeff stares at her dumbfounded and Jordan says I told you. Jeff says he told you that? Jordan says yeah, that's why I was up there. Jeff says come on...Jordan says she's serious...Jeff says you're a fucking liar, get the fuck outta here...Jordan says to go ask him...Jeff says why are you laughing?...Jordan says because you're looking at me funny...Jordan says go ask him, I swear...Jeff says are you kidding? because I'm going up there...Jordan swears, go ask him...she says he's making her laugh...Jordan says go up there, go up there...

Jeff is super serious and Jordan says she told him he was going to put her and Laura's part of the plan...whatever, she doesn't even care...Jeff says he told you that? Jordan says yes, she went up there a little bit ago, they wanted to talk to her up there, she says Ronnie said they all know Laura is going home, he assured her she would stay...Jeff says he'll go talk to him...Jeff is pissed and closes his eyes. Jordan tells him not to be mean.

Jeff says how is that strategy, he has no balls that's what that is. Jordan says she doesn't know...Jeff asks what happened to putting Russell up? Jordan says he doesn't want to, he's too scared so it's me, I'm going home...Jeff says she won't go home...Jordan says she's freezing...they're quiet and then Jordan says why isn't he saying anything...Jeff says he can't believe it, he keeps shitting on us, he's a huge pussy...

Jordan says for Jeff not be mad, she's doesn't even care anymore...Jordan says for Jeff to not say anything to Ronnie..Jeff says why? he won't say it in front of everyone but...

Jeff calls Ronnie a pussy again, Jordan says you knew he was going to do it, Jeff says no he didn't know. Jordan says she said he would. Jeff says his whole plan was BS, they even threw him the comp so he could win HOH. Jordan says but anyways...and leaves Jeff to stew on the hammock...

The lie that ends up being the truth


@ 10pm - Jordan is in the bathroom telling Ronnie & Chima about how she just punked Jeff making him think that Ronnie is for sure putting her up. She hopes Jeff doesn't say anything awful to Ronnie.

Jordan thinks he is going to flip out. Jordan says she needs to go outside and not be so obvious. Ronnie keeps up the charade with Jordan about putting Russell up as the replacement nominee. 🙄

@10:18pm - Jeff comes into the HOH to "discuss" (what Jordan told him)...right away Jeff & Lydia start bickering over keeping secrets...Ronnie gets scared of Jeff's face, lol, and immediately decides to tell Jeff that Jordan was playing him, there's no way in hell Jordan is going up, they are backdooring Russell. 🙄

Jeff says he was wondering what was going on because Jordan had told him she was going up. Ronnie high fives Jeff. (gag!) Lydia & Ronnie talk about how everyone likes Jordan, they dislike Laura,

Laura said awful things about Jordan and they wanted to keep things on the downlow so Russell won't find out because he's going to flip when he's nominated. Jeff says ultimately Russell won't do anything to Ronnie. They go around the horn for the next 15 mins or so about the comp, the noms, etc....aka everything that comes out of Ronnie's mouth is a lie...

@ 10:34pm Jordan comes into the HOH, Jeff looks at her and says "you're such a loser"...Jordan laughs and says she is terrible at lying. Jeff says that she thought he would go up there all fired up. Jordan says she thought she should go check on Jeff. :)

Jordan sits on Jeff's lap.

Jeff says "you're a fu**ing idiot"

Jordan says "did I do a good job?"

Jeff says "no, cuz you started laughing"

Jordan says "I wasn't laughing, I was being serious and then you were like giving me that look"

Jeff says "go sit by your friend" and pushes her over to where Lydia is sitting. LOL

They continue to talk game...

@ 10:39pm Jordan tells Ronnie she knew he was going to get Jeff to come up there, she was going to let Jeff sweat it for a little bit...Jeff says he didn't go storming off...he was getting his thoughts together to talk to Ronnie...Jeff says he was going to tell Ronnie putting Jordan up was no strategy, he had some choice words for him...Jeff says what if Jordan came up here and Ronnie was hanging from his bubble wand? 😜

They keep talking game...the lights go off just before the 10:47 mark...they wonder what's going on...Ronnie tells J&J to come downstairs, they get up...Jeff walks over to Jordan and side hugs her and they walk out together (with Jordan saying she was going to tell Jeff (about the lie)). 😊

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