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Day 8 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

July 14

Game talk w/Dom

12:59 - 1:10 AM

The feeds switch to JeJo just before the 1am mark...they're in the candy room talking to Kalia about plastic oranges and medicated deodorant...Kalia and Jordan both have some...Jordan says it's some green tea stuff from Elizabeth Arden, it works...they whisper a little game and then Kalia leaves...Jeff and Jordan compare tans and Jordan says they both look the same color. A minute later Dom comes in and they talk game which essentially means they both lie to each other about the game and their intentions ;)

Just after the 1:08am mark Jordan thinks she hears something so game talk ends and they goof around...Dom asks them who he has a better chance with Daniele or Cassi?...Jordan thinks Dom means gamewise and says Danielle...Dom giggles and says it was a joke...Jeff says "oh, you mean to bang?"...Dom laughs...Jordan says oh, she thought he meant competitions...Jeff says he thought he meant to team up with, maybe he should try both LOL Dom leaves shortly after whispering that they'll talk later...

Jeff warns Jordan not to listen to Rachel

1:10 - 1:19 AM

Dom leaves the candy room and Jeff and Jordan start whispering again...Jordan tells Jeff about what Rachel told her up in the HOH room about Cassi, how she asked Jordan if she ever watches Cassi talking to Jeff and Brendon...FISH :/ ...when they return Jeff says to not let Rachel influence Jordan too much...Jordan says "how is she influencing me?"...Jeff says "when she talks she's kind of a nutball, ykwim?"....FISH :/ ...when they return Jordan is telling Jeff how Rachel said Cassi's always talking to Jeff (basically implying she has ulterior motives with him)

Jeff tsks and says "she's paranoid, just generally paranoid, not paranoid within the game but she's worried about her reputation"..."are you that stupid? you think I'm that stupid to"...Jordan says "to what?"...Jeff says "to be a fu**ing idiot like that?"

Jordan says she didn't say that, she was sticking up for him...Jeff says "well then good"...Jordan says she didn't pay attention to it...Jeff says she can say she's fine with Jeff, let her worry about her own guy, there's enough things to worry about in there besides her reputation.

They start talking game again, they say that if they go up or B&R go up and they don't win POV they're fu**ed...Jeff asks Jordan if "that" question was to feel them out?...Jordan thinks so...they continue talking game & scenarios...Jeff reiterates Daniele is in the best position...they go over the golden keys and how they work...Jordan says everyone is going crazy...Jeff says it's early and already like this...Jeff then says "I have a feeling we're going to win HOH tomorrow" ;) Jordan says that's good...Jeff says he feels pretty confident that Jordan will make the shot because they're going to be nervous and then Brendon and Jeff can just slap it wherever ;) ...Jordan feels like her breath stinks...Jeff smells and says no...Jordan says everybody is stressing her out...Jeff says she's already on edge with her period...they quiet down…

Knock on wood

1:18 AM - 1:25 AM

Jeff and Jordan continue talking game...Jeff says as a whole house they'll vote to evict Porsche the 4th week because she's crazy...Jeff farts :/ ...Jeff says does anyone fart as much as he does?...Jordan doesn't know...Jeff says BB better not make a segment on his farting...

Jordan says they probably have, they talk about it all the time...Jeff says in the DR?...Jordan says she hasn't said anything...Jeff says "liar!"...Jordan cutely says "no I haven't"...Jordan says she told the DR some things, like when she's listening or not, she never knows what Jeff is thinking but when she's not interested she zones out...Jeff says he does the same thing, he says he never listens LOL

Jeff talks about Porsche again, how weird she is, he then says how he loves that Adam tries to talk circles around him...Jeff says "oh man"...Jordan says "I'm going to be so mad if we're separated this summer"...Jeff says "we're not, we're going to get it" and he reaches over and knocks on wood. ;)

Jeff says if Jordan wins then there will them 3 the next week, they'll be gold...they whisper more game...FISH...feeds return with them talking about what time BB is going to wake them up...Jordan gets under the covers and gets Jeff to feel her just shaved legs...Jeff says "Smooth Jazz" :) Jeff yawns and Kalia walks in

Hot Breath

1:55 - 2 AM

Feeds switch to JeJo in the candy room...they are whispering in bed talking about Porsche knowing Janelle...Jeff says he doesn't even want to hear Porsche's stories...Jordan says she's such a liar...Jeff says he doesn't even care about her, he doesn't even listen to anything she says...Jeff whispers that Rachel and Dani were saying that Shelley is acting weird, they're getting all paranoid about her and he reassured them Shelley is cool.

Jeff then tells Jordan that Rachel told him that she made a deal with Dom earlier in the week, this was news to him, how many deals did she make? and Rachel told her pretty much with everybody and Jeff was like what about them? she better not be throwing them under the bus...Jordan says Kalia said people were being paranoid, she didn't tell Kalia that Shelley was voting their way...Jeff says maybe Jordan shouldn't have said that it will make Kalia nervous, she should have told her there were others that were voting their way...more game talk and then Jeff says Jordan has hot breath LOL Jordan says sorry and Jeff giggles.

Jeff says they're fine and everyone is getting too crazy...Jordan starts to snuggle up to Jeff but he sits up to take his shirt off...they stay quiet and pensive...

Feeling good about today

9:34 - 9:43 AM

Jordan joins Jeff in the candy room...Jeff is laying down and asks Jordan what everyone's doing...she tells him and then sits quietly...Jeff squeezes Jordan's leg and asks "what's up?"...Jordan says nothing, more silence...she reaches over and starts rubbing Jeff's hair, she says she didn't sleep good last night, did Jeff?...Jeff say yes, he was out...Jordan says she wakes up really hot, then she gets cold...Jeff doesn't understand why it's like that.

Jordan keeps rubbing and says "I feel good about today"...Jeff says me too...

Jordan keeps rubbing Jeff's neck/back...more silence...Jeff suddenly turns and says "what are you thinking about!? you're freaking me out just sitting here"...Jordan giggles and sits up...they chit chat some more...Jordan says her slippers are falling apart...Jeff says what does she want to do about it?...Jordan says she still has the ones from BB...Jeff says "win HOH and you get a new pair, how does that sound?" ;) Jordan says it sounds great and she can see her mom...Jeff gets up, gets dressed and asks if Jordan wants anything?...Jordan says no, she'll wait to eat lunch, she doesn't want breakfast...Jeff asks if Jordan is coming out there?...Jordan says she's going to stay in the room for a bit...Jeff leaves.

Frisky neck bites

11:19 AM

Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen talking to Rachel about cleaning. Jordan is washing dishes...Rachel leaves to go to the metal room...Jeff wanders over to Jordan and neck bites/tickles her...

Jordan screeches as he continues...

Jordan says that gave her chills...Jeff giggles and goes in for another one...

They laugh...Jordan says Rachel was cutting Brendon's hair (in the bathroom) and she was sitting there taking a dump LOL Brendon comes over and Jeff pretends something is wrong with his hair...Jeff laughs...Jeff says his hair looks like a carpet right now...Brendon says Rachel has messed it up before and didn't tell him...then Jeff says something which is a running gag between them "forever's a long time" ;) Brendon says it is, let me tell ya…

HOH lockdown cuteness

11:49 - 12:22 PM

Jeff and Jordan remain close during the HOH lockdown...they're laying by the bed on the floor and have some cute moments...

11:49am Jeff asks Brendon if he's wearing his purple shirt or a throwdown? Insert "throwdown" explanation ;)

11:50am Jordan lays down by Jeff and plays with Jeff's belly briefly and puts her foot on Jeff

11:51am Jordan starts playing with the drawstring of Jeff's sweatpants as Adam, Jeff & Dom joke around

11:52am Jordan is flirty, she grabs Jeff's arm and kisses it, holds Jeff's hand

11:53am They all start joking around about Vit Tan Don and then Jordan puts her foot on Jeff

11:55am Jordan gets touchy again and rubs Jeff's foot & leg & then lets her guard down a little with this frisky move ;)

11:57am Jordan goes in for the big hug

12:07pm Jordan, after having left to sit on the couch, comes back down to where Jeff is and lays down next to him again. Movie talk ensues.

12:08pm Jeff asks Jordan about her favorite movie, she likes Blow and wants to rent it when they get out...Jeff says he'll just buy it for her...Jordan turns to hug Jeff again and Jeff snuggles in

Things get quiet for awhile and Jordan continues snuggling into Jeff until @12:15pm Jordan starts getting a little too touchy with Jeff's chest...Jeff starts clearing his throat :P LOL and taps Jordan on the forehead to signal that things are getting a little too close ;)

12:20pm Jeff taps Jordan again so she can unlock her grip on him LOL but she cuddles even closer...Jeff giggles and says "what?"...

12:22pm Jeff and Jordan finally unlock, turn away from each other and try to get some sleep

Jeff will buy Jordan’s favorite movie

12:08 PM Jeff and Jordan are laying together near the bed during the HOH lockdown...discussion about favorite movies...Jeff asks Jordan "what's your favorite of all time love ♥ ?"...Jordan says "I like a bunch...I like Blow"...Jeff says "yeah...(Jordan says she likes Pretty Woman)...that's in my top 5"...

Jordan turns to snuggle with Jeff and says "when I get outta here I'm gonna go rent that"...Jeff says "you want me to just buy it for you?"...Jordan mmm hmm's...Jeff says "ok" :)

(Detailed) Jeff will buy Jordan’s favorite movie

12:08 PM

Jeff and Jordan are laying together near the bed during the HOH lockdown...discussion about favorite movies...Jeff asks Jordan "what's your favorite of all time love ♥ ?"...Jordan says "I like a bunch...I like Blow"...Jeff says "yeah...(Jordan says she likes Pretty Woman)...that's in my top 5"...

Jordan turns to snuggle with Jeff and says "when I get outta here I'm gonna go rent that"...Jeff says "you want me to just buy it for you?"...Jordan mmm hmm's...Jeff says "ok" :)

Waking up to Jeff/Eye Surgery/Grey hair

2:11 - 2:17 PM

The HG's are getting ready in the bathroom for the live show...Jordan is drying her hair...Jeff waits his turn and then starts shaving...he starts shaving shirtless ;) ...Shelley is there and asks Jordan "Jordan do you have a hard time waking up and looking at Jeff every day?" :/ ...Jordan says "why?"...Shelley says "it's hard isn't it? when he walks down the hall"...Jordan giggles...

Shelley says "I bet you just say put your clothes back on"...Jeff says in the morning it's a little rough...Shelley says "it's tough isn't it?"...Jeff says he's usually (he starts squinting)...

They talk about Jeff having glasses and Jeff says that Jordan bought him the eye surgery after the show...Shelley aww's :) Jordan says she wanted to buy him something...Shelley says that's sweet...Jeff says he did help her win half a million dollars and he got eye surgery...they continue getting ready...

Jeff mentions cutting his hair and says why is he so grey?...Jordan says she likes it, Jeff shouldn't dye his hair...Jeff says he's not...Shelley agrees that he shouldn't, men are allowed to get grey hair...Jordan says there's a guy in his 30's that comes to the salon and does it and it looks so fake...Jeff says it looks like a toupee...Jeff says he wanted to book a commercial that made him dye his hair and then when people ask him he'll say that they made him do it ;)

Jordan touches the side of Jeff's hair and says there's more on the sides...Jeff says he notices it a lot more now, when he was 21 he had patches of it...Jeff starts shaving and the feeds go to trivia...

Jordan wins HOH (Live comp)

6 - 7 PM

Keith is evicted by a vote of 6-4. Voting him out are Jeff, Jordan, Danielle, Brendon, Kalia and Shelley.

Jordan wins the golf comp HOH by scoring the lowest score of 3. :)

Jeff says "yay love" and gives her a big hug after her victory!

We’ll do it later ;)

7:39 PM

Jeff and Jordan are in the kitchen preparing their food...Jordan is making a sandwich...Lawon asks her "what you eating J-Dog?"...Jordan says a John Gotti sandwich :)

Jordan says to Jeff "aren't you proud of me?"

Jeff says "I'm very proud of you...we'll do it later if you want"

Jordan giggles and says "yeah right" ;)

Jeff knows how Jordan is

10:02 PM - 10:07 PM

Jordan and Rachel are talking in the candy room...Jeff comes in and says "how you feeling love?" ♥ Jordan says "I'm not crying so..." Rachel aww's...Jeff says she's just achy right?...Jordan says "you know how it is"...Jeff says "yeah, I know how you are" :) Jordan says it explains for 2 days why she was being so gripy and emotional...Jeff says she wasn't that bad...FISH...Rachel says to never play Jordan in putt putt, she plays a mean game...Jeff says "that was awesome" :)

More small talk between them about the golf comp and how much time they practiced...Jeff says all that practice and he didn't get to play but he hopes that happens all the time...more small talk about when they went to bed and the HOH comp again...Jeff was happy Jordan got it, he admits he was nervous and was trying to relax too hard, the others cranked it and said they weren't nervous but they had to be if he was...Jeff says Jordan would be feeling a lot worse if she wasn't HOH...Rachel says that's true...Jeff says he told Jordan that him & Brendon had it to ease the pressure off Jordan...more whispering about the nominations and Dominic…

Jordan gets her HOH room

Thursday July 14, 2011 11:39 PM - Friday July 15, 2011 12:10 AM

Jordan gets her HOH room! :)

As Jordan exits the DR she calls everyone to come see her HOH room...Jordan yells out "let's go!", they all head up the stairs, Jeff is the last one to arrive...Jordan opens the door...

Everyone starts looking around at Jordan's stuff, her pictures...Jeff says of one "is that your Dad?"...Jordan says it is...Jeff points out one saying to Jordan, "you look so different"...Jordan says "that's Brooke's wedding" :) Rachel says "aww, Jordan you look so beautiful"...Jordan shows everyone it's her friend Brooke's wedding and that's her mom...Shelly says Jordan looks gorgeous, it's a great picture...yep it is!

They fawn over Jordan's childhood pics and then Jordan explains one pic is of her aunt and her two cousins Tori & Blake...Jordan's CD is Tim McGraw greatest hits...they continue talking about pics...Brendon has come back with Porsche who was forgotten LOL

Jordan reads her letter after asking if they all want to hear it...they all do...Jordan says she won't cry this time and she doesn't...

Jordan's family misses her, hopes she's doing well, they had a great 4th of July, Maggie misses Jordan and keeps messing in Peyton's room (poop dropping lol), they tell Jordan to say hello to Jeff, they wish him good luck too, they want Jordan to enjoy herself and not worry about one thing, they're doing the same old, same old, Peyton's pet sitting business is taking off and Miss Megan got a feather and is looking Gucci :) they all miss her and will see her soon.

Things get quiet and start getting awkward LOL Jordan says they don't have to stay up there ;) Jordan shows off her goodies in her mini fridge and her basket, she starts talking about her mean mug face laugh about how Peyton got the shaft again with no feeds the fish :) while they discuss her discussion...Shelly takes some cereal & chips downstairs...they talk about the new gas station/BBQ place that opened up near her house...more random weird talk...Jeff points out Jordan has new slippers...Jordan says they're better than their old ones...Jordan tries them on and they're snug...Jeff says to get a different size...Jordan says she will, her and Rachel discuss HOH slippers ;)

More random talk about Dom snoring...Jeff is happy he won't be around snoring tonight, yay! and then he gently suggests it's ok for everyone to scatter, they don't need to stay up there ;) they start talking about how awkward it can be when you don't know when you should leave hint one takes the hint...they start discussing how see thru the shower door is, the HOH robe and back to Jordan's the feeds return everyone is finally filing out of the HOH room except for the vets...Dani leaves shortly after as well leaving Brenchel up there with Jordan...Brendon is excited to find out that the spy screen now looks into the purple room as well...Jordan leaves to get her stuff, Rachel offers to help her...they leave and Jeff re-enters bringing in his stuff...

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