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Day 54 of BB13 Feeds

August 30

Jordan likes Jeff scruffy

1:45 PM

Feeds return from palm trees just before the 1:45pm mark...Jordan is in the pool talking to Shelly who is laying out...Jordan is talking about Johnny Depp, how he's such a good actor, she would feel stupid acting, she couldn't do it...Shelly asks if Jordan thinks Jeff will keep growing his Johnny Depp in the jury house?...

Jordan says he won't, she doesn't know why he won't, she thinks it's cute, she likes when Jeff is scruffy...Shelly hopes Tony is scruffy when he comes to LA

Jordan is ready to be with Jeff

6:48 PM

Jordan, Adam & Shelly are talking outside on the couches in the BY...Shelly says "you're so bummed, I wish you were smiling more, you just look like you're so ready to see Jeff and everybody and everytime I look at you I feel guilty" (You SHOULD! )

Jordan says "I am ready"

Shelly says to go tell him to switch spots with me (maybe you should have not voted him out then...grrr she makes me mad)

Jordan says she is ready...Adam says 2 weeks...Jordan says 2 weeks isn't long…

It sucks how Jeff went out, Jordan feels bad

7:28 PM

Jordan and Adam are outside talking game...Adam is in the hammock, Jordan is standing nearby...they are talking about the whole situation with Shelly and Dani...Adam says Dani was so good at getting people to fall for her...Jordan says she just doesn't understand how because Jeff is so honest and so straightforward...

Adam says an enemy of my enemy is my friend so everybody saw her and Jeff as a tough couple, 2 playing for 1, if you don't break them up now, you can't do it later...Jordan says it sucks that Dani put that in everybody's head, Jeff said he knew he probably wouldn't make it to the end, he would try his hardest, he had to win every veto but it sucks because he was scared to put up Dani, Dani would've gotten rid of Jeff in the DE anyway but it just sucks, she wishes she had, she wishes she knew ahead of time...

Adam says if it wasn't during the FF at least they could've spent the last week together...Jordan says it sucks how it just happened...Adam says it was so fast they didn't even have a chance to say goodbye...Jordan says she felt like they were winning, getting back on their feet and they were pushed back down again...Adam says he feels partially responsible for not winning the HOH or veto for him...Jordan says she feels bad too...Adam says it sucks she couldn't play in this veto...Jordan says her name always get called except for this one and she was just so upset because if she wouldn't have just guessed, she was so flustered, if she would've have known, Jeff would still be here, they all would, she gets so mad when she thinks about it...they continue talking game...

Jordan shout-out to Brad & JeJo for CA tix

11:46 PM

Jordan and the other HG's are talking outside on the couches...they're talking about selling or not selling their stuff on ebay...Rachel says that she wants to make a scrapbook of things fans have made for them...she plugs the website...Adam says to Jordan "and don't you guys have Jorff?" LOL

Rachel says "GeeJo"...Jordan says "JayJo"

Jordan says for her birthday people sent stuff, a cooking book, people are really nice...Rachel says someone sent them a bottle of champagne to their hotel on NYE...Shelly wants to know how they knew where they were...Kalia thinks that's creepy...Rachel says they're their friends...Adam says they might have tweeted it...Rachel says they did...

Jordan says "they" bought her and Jeff Carrie Underwood tickets in Vancouver, 2nd row, super nice, super super nice, they knew they were going there for their Amazing Race trip and this really nice guy, he doesn't know how, they got in contact with Jeff or something, it was like a surprise, they surprised her with the tickets, she was super excited, she had nose bleeds for the one she went to in Charlotte in October, then to watch her 2nd row Jeff doesn't like country music but he ended up loving it but she thinks he was moreso infatuated with her then the music, he could just stare at her the whole time so she could enjoy it...Jordan says it was really really nice, you're almost thinking they're too nice, you appreciate it but you feel bad, you don't want to take it because you feel bad but then you feel rude if you don't take it...

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