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Day 23 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

August 1

Hammock chat - Jeff knowingly smiles


The first of many hammock chats in August. Jordan pictures herself going to the end...little did she know. 😉

Jordan is saying she can't picture herself going home, picking up her bag and walking out, she says that maybe people are thinking she's too nice and no one will evict her so they will evict her so as soon as she gets the chance she's going for Natalie & Jessie.

Jeff says me too. Jeff thinks they have been talking to much (with Michele who is a wildcard) and that they have to tone it down. They talk about Michele...Jordan says she heard Jessie wants Jordan out...Jeff says he doesn't trust Lydia at all...Jordan doesn't think they've said anything to her...Jordan says she thinks Jessie will come after both of them that's why he can't win HOH next week.

Jordan who has been looking through the mirror says that Natalie is like a little rat just watching...Jeff says he just saw her right now...Jeff says that he came outside to cover the pool table and then he walked inside and everyone stopped talking. :/ and Jeff just laughed and then Natalie said to Kevin "I can't confirm or deny that", they were talking about something but didn't want him to hear.

They talk about Lydia again and how they got caught out there talking to her, Kevin tells her and she still doesn't believe it (about Ronnie)...Jordan says they need her to be here for votes...Jeff says yeah but he's going to keep his distance. Jordan says she doesn't tell Michele a lot...Jeff says he said some things regarding Jessie to her (regretting it)...Jordan says if Jessie wins HOH again they're screwed...Jeff doesn't think he will...Jordan says she knows because Jeff is going to win it....Jeff knows he has to win it soon...Jeff says he's an idiot...Jordan says she's seeing it too...Jeff sees they need to tone things down even more...Jordan knows Jessie's word is worth shit and Lydia confirmed it because she told her that Natalie said she wants all the girls out except for Chima.

Jeff says Lydia is talking shit too...Jordan thinks if Michele wins she will put Jessie up...Jeff thinks she's too scared to unless she has the backing but she won't put them up...Jordan says Jessie, Natalie & Chima can't get HOH...Jeff runs over scenarios but says that they shouldn't get ahead of themselves, they need to get through this week...Jordan brings up the mystery power and says if it gets in one of those three's hands it would be Sayonora...Jeff smiles and says Sayonara. :)

Jordan says it would suck so bad then they wouldn't have a chance period, hopefully America would see that...Jordan thinks Chima might get it because she's a diva...Jeff thinks one of them is going to get it., he has a feeling him or her is going to get it because why wouldn't they? they were on the bottom the whole time...Jordan wonders how they are portrayed...Jeff says he has no idea how they portray him, hopefully nice...Jordan says she is still iffy on Russell...Jeff says he does and he doesn't, they should talk to him a little bit...Jordan says to hang out?...Jeff says yeah, now?...Jordan says Chima is up there and will probably be there the whole time...Jeff says who cares then, he doesn't want to force it.

Jordan thinks they are in a good spot right now so far, their friends took the fall for them...Jeff wishes some others would win HOH and put up Jessie & Natalie...Jordan says so they can lay back...Jordan says if she wins she has to make a move...Jeff says no question he will do that too, they would do the same to him, they say the same shit about them so it doesn't matter.

Jeff hopes he gets the magic power...Jordan says she won't even know, she'll be stressed and Jeff would say shut up, shut up...Jordan says she would love that too, she would wait until nomination night (eviction night, lol), make him scared and she would use it saying "I need to use this to protect Jeff" :) ...they agree it would be so good...Jordan says they would be unstoppable.

Jordan says Natalie is watching them, she's like the messenger...Jeff says no matter what, she'll go back and say something...Jordan doesn't care, everyone knows they talk...Jeff knows but she'll say that she "heard" something, she's such a fu**ing dork, she's only 18...Jordan says she loved when Casey called her out.

Jordan says she would have loved to see them, Casey & Laura in the final 4 but then he knows they'd end up having to backstab them, her & Jeff would make it til the final 2. Jordan says "you better not umm, if it's down to three you better not cut me, the third person, I'll be pissed"


One of my top 5 singular moments on the feeds


Jeff's smile is beautiful when she's telling him that and it continues as she talks...

Jordan says "quit smiling like that"...Jeff keeps smiling and says "what?"...Jordan says one of them will win half a million and one will win 50K, that will be better than nothing...Jeff says they don't even decide...Jordan says that she's saying if they're in the top 3 and you get a chance to pick that person, he better pick her because normally the guy always lets the girl go (Jeff's still smiling...)...Jordan says they're in this together...Jeff laughs...Jordan says "don't forget that and don't forget when you didn't have anybody, who still talked to you? me!"...Jeff says "RE - LAX"...Jordan says she's just saying.

They start talking about Jessie & Natalie again, how much they want them out, how Jessie would be so bitter, Natalie would be like a lost dog without him...Jordan wonders if BB made up the mystery thing to help them out...Jeff doesn't know if it was geared towards them, there's always a twist...Jordan hopes people in Charlotte & Chicago are pulling for them...Jordan is tired of kissing ass all the time...

Jordan has a good feeling, if those two are gone, they can take over, some people there just want to make it to the jury house...Jeff says let's worry about this week, no decisions have gone their way, let's not talk about the finals...they talk more game and then Jeff says for them to go, he needs to get his clothes and for Jordan to come with him...Jordan says her neck is sore from yesterday...Jeff says "let's go rub each other" ;) ...they get up and each go their own way…

It's 90/10


Jeff & Jordan snuggle in the RR. Jeff rubs Jordan's neck because it's sore. They chat with Michele who is in the room.

Michele leaves @ the 3:30 mark

Jeff & Jordan start whispering & it's hard to hear because their mics are off...Jeff says Michele is mental, that's why they put her in there (😂l)...Jordan says she thought you couldn't be (LOL)...Jeff says maybe a little :) and that she is freaking him out...

Jordan whispers in Jeff’s ear...

and then Jeff whispers in Jordan's ear...

They whisper game for a bit and then Jordan snuggles into Jeff...

Jordan turns and complains about her neck hurting, they are then told to put their mics back on. (assuming this because feeds are cut off @ the 3:33 mark)

When they return a minute later they are putting their mics on...they talk about there being a crazy person in the house (Michele)...Jordan asks Jeff to rub her neck again, to finish...Jeff says he did finish...Jordan says "pleeease"...Jeff says while Jordan giggles "listen, I'm not even joking, I'm not even messing around, if you don't rub my back when I want I swear God, I'm not even joking, I swear. to. God. I will never even scratch you ever once again, ever"...Jordan says "okaaay"...Jeff continues "even if you get a mosquito bite and your arms are broken in an accident, I won't even scratch it" 😝 Jordan laughs...Jeff ends "I swear, so no more playing games".

Jordan says "okay Jeff! Gawd!...Jeff says "not God, it's like 90/10, it's outta control"...Jordan giggles more and says "those beds aren't comfy"...Jeff says "and you need to stop complaining and say something nice about me once in awhile"...Jordan says "I always say nice things about you" (I beg to differ, lol)...Jeff whispers "stones"...Jordan says she does not, she jokes around with him...Jeff laughs and says he knows, he's just playing (I beg to differ, lol)...Jeff starts rubbing...Jordan says for Jeff to not be so sensitive...Jeff says he's just playing too...right on cue Jordan pokes fun at Jeff saying "tooooo"...Jeff squeezes Jordan's neck and says "see what I mean?"

Jordan starts getting ticklish...Jeff says "now you got the giggles?"...Jeff keeps rubbing and Jordan says it feels good right there...Jeff asks if it tickles or hurts?...Jordan says both...Jeff says she has a knot...they banter a little more over the rubbing/tickling and then Jordan says Jeff can stop, it's better and she appreciates...Jeff says "you're welcome"...they quiet down & then Jordan sings & the feeds cut out very briefly...they return with them settling down to sleep and then the feeds cut out & switch out...

High-five/Johrrdan x2


Jordan is taking a shower. Michele & Lydia are in the bathroom putting on makeup, they're prepping for the upcoming POV comp/camera time. Jeff walks in just after the 9:16am mark and walks straight past them without saying a word & heads for Jordan, gives her a high five and goes into the bathroom stall...

Just after the 9:18am mark Jeff exits the stall, washes his hands, fiddles with his hair and says in Peyton voice "Johrrdan", he looks at Jordan and giggles saying "ahh, that's funny"...he puts some product in his hair and leaves shortly after…

A few minutes later just after the 9:22am mark Jeff changes into his shorts in the RR, he gets into his bed and still thinking about Jordan says in Peyton voice again "Johrrdan" :)

Johrrdan :) / Who pooted?


Jeff, Jordan & Russell are laying down in the RR. Jeff is in Natalie's bed, Jordan in Jeff's bed & Russell in Kevin's bed. They're bored...Jeff asks Russell if he was up late last night? Russell says yeah, he was up until 3, he ate too much candy...that brings up Michele talk and how super hyper she was last night, like going crazy hyper...Russell says "like sex talk?"...Jeff says no just her usual giggly self...Russell says maybe she needed a beer...Jeff thought she needed a doctor...Jordan giggles...Russell says what are the odds that Jeff didn't get picked again...Jeff wonders if Jessie wins, will he save Ronnie?...Russell says no or he'll come after them, he told them that...Jordan says Russell is good at competitions so he'll be good, she gets anxiety watching the comps, like watching basketball...Jeff says he hopes whoever wins keeps things the same...Jessie gets called to the DR and Jeff says "wizard"...

Jeff asks "every time you go in there do you look at the couch?"...Jordan says "yeah" and she laughs...Jeff laughs too saying that he walks in (doesn't see anything) and says "f**k!"...Jordan laughs...Jeff says the DR asks "hey Jeff what's up?" and he sadly says "nothing"...Jordan says she did that last night thinking maybe...Jeff says America hates him (nope!)....Russell says "no they don't" (yep!)...Jeff says "I'm not the wizard" (not yet!)...Jordan laughs...Jessie walks in and Russell says that Jessie is the wizard...Jessie fist pumps yes!...they start doing their Irish schtick...Jeff says maybe if he did the accent more America would have loved him 😋

Jeff starts talking about a skit on Jimmy Kimmel where they bleep out words in a regular speech that aren't even swear words, he says it's so funny...Russell in a southern accent asks Jordan why she's smiling?...Jordan says nothing, she's just thinking...Jeff tries to do his Johrdan, he calls out her name a few times "Johrrdan"...Jordan says "what?"...Jordan explains to Russell that's how her brother says her name...Jordan says it...Jeff repeats...Jordan says that she feels like she can't think of her mom's voice right now, it's no good, she hasn't talked to her in so long...she describes her mom's voice as being soft and she shows how she answers the phone at work...

Lydia joins Jordan in bed. They talk about if the upcoming POV comp was eating disgusting things...Jeff says it would be awesome to watch, he hopes they have to eat weird shit...Jeff says he's going to rep Casey's shorts...Lydia and Jeff banter a little and Jordan asks why Russell looks frozen...Russell says he was just daydreaming...Jordan says she used to daydream in class all the time...Russell and Jeff say they are both daydreamers.

Someone farts, Jordan asks Russell if that was him? He denies and she asks "who was that?"...Jeff asks "what?"...Jordan says "farted"...Jeff in Jordan's accent says "who pooted?"...they start making a ruckus about who pooted blaming it on Russell, another poot...eww's and omg's! Russell laughs and points at Jeff...Jeff says with a smirk on his face "gross Russell" while Russell says "eww Jeff"...Russell cracks up laughing...Jeff admits to one by saying he's always got "one on deck" and he doesn't know why...more eww's...Jordan says it's nasty...Jordan says that yesterday Jeff asked her to pull his finger and she didn't know why and Jeff farted a hard, wet one...

Jeff says he told her that his finger was a little sore from the competition and for her to feel it, it's so weird and she pulled it, it was a good one...Russell in Jordan accent says "Jayeff! did you just poo?"...Jeff says "you pooted and I was like Johrrdan" ☺️

Jordan says their poots stink but nobody can top her brother...Jeff says Russell's almost made him quit the game the other day LOL More poot/fart talk even including a kid's book on poots/farts, poop particles and pink eye...Michele walks in and they ask her expertise on pink eye :/ ...they discuss more and then Michele says she's going to go sleep, she leaves.

Jeff can't help himself, he says "Johrrdan?"...Jordan hmm' turns a little dirty with some cute banter around Jordan and Lydia...Kevin comes into the room, sees Russell in his and goes into the SS room to sleep...Russell immediately gets up saying Kevin can get in bed, he's going upstairs, he leaves...Jeff says if he doesn't fall asleep he'll be right up...Jeff calls Jordan again "Johrrdan"...Jordan hmm's and says "what?"...Jeff says "nothing I just like saying Johrrdan" :) ...she closes her eyes...Jeff says "Johrrdan...Johrrdan?"...she says "what?"...Jeff asks what she's doing?...Jordan says "sleeping"...Russell comes back, puts his hat on and lays on top of Lydia and Jordan briefly...he quickly jumps off saying sorry he touched boob, it scared him, he doesn't even know how to react to it, how funny was Casey saying he just wanted to knock one out (quickly)...Jordan says he's probably doing it right now...Russell says he probably hasn't stopped doing it.

Jeff says he wants to see his face when he realized he forgot his cigarettes...Russell leaves again and Jeff looks over at Jordan and says "Johrrdan...why are you smiling?" :)..Jordan says she's not...Jeff shows her how she was smiling...

Jordan smiles...Jordan asks if the air is hitting him?...Jeff says "a bit" and starts singing "L'il bit" by 50 Cent...Jordan smiles and rolls her eyes...Jeff asks "did you just roll your eyes?"...Jordan nods...Jeff zips off his hoody saying that she was about to come over there too, now she can forget it, it's all him.

Jeff gets all cozy and Jordan smiles at him...Jeff says "what are you doing Johrrdan?"..Jeff says "I'm not making fun, I just like the way it sounds"...

Jeff continues "I think it's cute...for real"...Jordan giggles...they quiet down...Jordan switches over to Kevin's bed and they all sleep…

Jordan bear hugs Jeff


Jordan uncharacteristically lets her guard down and gets frisky with Jeff on camera.

Jeff sits on top of her while she's laying in bed and she feels his legs under his shorts...which catches even Jeff off guard.

Jordan says she has to stand up and show off his shorts so that Casey can see that he's wearing them...Jeff says he'll throw down an M for Minglemixx...Jordan says it's going to be hot out there...Jeff says he's dressed for it...Jordan says she's going to pluck her eyebrows while the POV comp takes place...Jeff tsks and says for her not to do that, they have all day to do nothing and she's going to do that?...Jordan says "omg, Jeff, your attitude"...Jeff says "I try to help you", they banter a little and then Jordan bear hugs Jeff and tackles him down to the bed. :) Jeff does his signature clearing of the throat when things get a little too intense for the cameras LOL Jeff then gets under the covers with Jordan…

Jeff snuggles up to Jordan and they make small talk and then they start whispering game under the red one point they hear Ronnie saying Jeff's name and wonder what he's saying...Jeff says "fu**ing asshole"...Jordan says he's so corny...they try to build a fort but Jeff needs some rope. LOL

They hide under the quilt, Jeff says he wishes they could just hide under there and listen to what people say...Lydia comes by and says "whoa"...Jordan says nothing is happening...Jeff purrs...they giggle...Jeff says it's cozy in there...Jordan says she's definitely working out today...they whisper some more about game and food, some rubbing is going on, they talk about the quilt and then the feeds switch…

Sexy Goddess


Jeff & Jordan are cuddling in the RR.

They are a little tipsy from the wine during the POV comp. Jordan's neck is still sore and Jeff rubs it but complains about the inequality of the rubbing yet again so Jordan gets up and moves over to the other bed. They are quiet for a bit...

Natalie comes in the room and puts away some stuff, Chima comes in and says she's tipsy as hell from the wine. Jeff says he's burnt out...they discuss how much wine they drank, Jeff wishes he could go by the pool right now but they are on lockdown. Chima says to give it a few hours. They leave.

Jordan says "I have a headache"...Jeff says muffled "shut up"...Jordan slyly smiles and says huh?...she sits up and says she does...Jeff ignores her and covers his head with the red cover...Jordan says "listen here bud"...Jeff sticks his hand out from under the cover and gives her the finger...Jordan says omg...Jeff laughs and says "I'm just kidding, come over here"...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says to take a nap...Jordan says he kicked her out...Jeff denies it saying he was rubbing her neck and he doesn't know what she did...Jordan says "being crazy?...I am not crazy".

Jeff starts doing the Jorrrdhan thing...Jordan says "Jordo"...Jeff says no it's Johrdan, how does he say it?...Jordan puts on the wreath from the competition and does her "Joorhhdann" thing, Jeff loves it.

Jordan says Jeff should have represented Casey's shorts, Jeff says he did but he doesn't think he got any camera time anyway, what are they going to do? show him drinking wine on the sidelines cuz the whole show is about him. LOL

Jeff says "come here, lay with me Jordan"🥰...Michele comes in talking about being a goddess...Jordan stands up and says "Greek goddess"...Jeff says "come here you sexy goddess"...she's embarassed saying "eww, don't say that!"

Michele comes back in the room and they talk about how every week she thinks she's going. Jordan has taken off the wreath and has put on Kevin's glasses...Jeff says she looks like a dirty little teacher.

She's embarassed again, lol, saying "Jeff! quit it!"...Michele says she needs the bun going on...Jordan wraps up her hair...Jeff says to tell Michele she's staying after school Michele bends over and says "spank me with your ruler"...Jordan slaps her on the butt and Jeff says "oh snap!" Jeff hides under the cover, lol. Jordan gets in bed with Jeff, they talk about the comp they just did and the feeds go to fish @ the 3:34pm mark.

Feeds return briefly with Jeff, referring to Peyton, saying "how about Schroeder? he wouldn't be able to say that...Jordan says "Schrooehhdder, he'd say Schroehhder" :)

Jeff & Jordan are cuddled real close and seem to be napping...Jeff's arm is totally around Jordan and it paints a funny picture 😉 The feeds switch soon after...

Jeff kisses a sleepy Jordan


Jordan is napping in Jeff's bed. Jeff is about to go outside, says Johrrdan but no movement from her, he gives her a big silent kiss before heading out. 😊

I trust Jordan


Michele & Jeff are out in the BY talking game. Michele asks Jeff where he stands on Russell? Jeff says he doesn't know, he's a wild card but he did put up Ronnie so why wouldn't he trust him? Jeff says "I don't trust anybody in this house to be honest with you...I trust Jordan"...Michele says "I don't trust me, I know that much" fake giggle giggle barf, barf...(Feeds go to fish but audio is still heard)...Jeff says "I don't trust anybody"...Michele says "well you just said you trust Jordan!"...Jeff says "what?"...Michele repeats herself...Jeff says "I trust Jordan, everyone else I don't trust"...Michele says "yeah I know" 😬

I trust Jordan (again)


Jeff & Michele are outside talking game...they make a loose agreement to work together...Michele tells Jeff that if she finds out he told people they are done...Jeff says the same right back at her, he knows he keeps his mouth shut and if she doesn't want her to tell Jordan what they're talking about that is cool too...Michele makes a face and says Jordan is a little leaky 😤 ...Jeff says "you know what? she's not leaky, she's just uh"...Michele says she doesn't think Jordan needs to know...

Jeff says "but she's not though, I've told her a lot, honestly and I've told her everything about every single person and she's part, it doesn't look like it from a lot of standpoints but she's a lot of the reason why I'm still here, you know like keeping my sanity, letting me vent once in awhile, like cuz she stuck with me from the beginning when I thought I was out week one or week two you know? and thank God I won that veto and she still stuck by me so that I respect you know? and I respect people who stand by me or open up to me so you opening up to me bw is a sign of respect and I respect that so, you know, take that for what it's worth cuz when I say that, I don't say that to everybody, I'm not playing all sides, I think you know that"... 👏👏👏

Michele tells him she knows he's not...she shakes her head and fake yawns. 🥱 Jeff continues talking game...

What’s up cookie dough


Jeff & Michele are still outside talking game...Jordan comes outside eating some cookie dough and says "what's up?"...Jeff says "what are you doing?"...Jordan says hmm?...Jeff says "could you leave us alone for a couple of minutes?"...Jordan sheepishly says yeah and turns back...Jeff laughs and says "no, get outta here I was just joking!"...(I can't believe Michele said this but she actually had the nerve to say "we need some alone time" when Jeff said this to Jordan implying that he was trying to get rid of Jordan to be alone with her..UGHHHHH)

Jeff pinches Jordan's cheek and says "what's up cookie dough?"

Jordan says "nothing, just woke up"...Jeff says "I know that, I was just laying next to you" :)

JJM Alliance chat


Michelle, Jeff and Jordan talk about forming an alliance.

Jejo debriefing chat


Literally the SECOND that Michele leaves Jeff and Jordan alone in the BY, Jeff says to Jordan "what do you think?" :) Jordan says she's just thinking...Jeff says "what do you think about Michele?"...Jordan shrugs and says "what do you think?"...Jeff says he doesn't know, she wants to be with them...Jordan says that what Michele based it on was that Jeff was a strong player, people underestimate her and she saw that Jordan really wants to be there by the way she hung on so long in the last comp...Jeff says it's good she hung on as long as she did, she did good, Jeff thinks Jordan is underestimated too...Jeff says she's going to win an event, when the time comes she will win.

Jordan didn't want throw out any names or anything...Jeff says he and Michele were talking...Jordan asks what'd she say? who started talking?...Jeff says she did but he told her she's a wildcard and he didn't know what to think...Jeff says Michele said Jeff never trusted her, Jeff admits he didn't and Michele said she wanted him to know she's with him until the end.

Jordan says she thinks Michele doesn't care for Lydia or Kevin...Jeff agrees...Jordan says they need Michele to go after Jessie and Natalie not them...Jeff says he tried to put that in her head, he gave her his trust and said they need L/K for votes...Jordan keeps asking Jeff "what'd she say" and Jeff keeps telling Jordan everything...Jordan gets up from the hottub to get a towel and sits down...they talk about trusting Russell and who he doesn't trust...Jeff says Michele said the only people she's nervous about beating are Jeff and Russell...Jordan says Jessie was being all cocky...Jeff says "dude, he won a bucket contest, get real"

Jordan says if she gets HOH she's putting up Jessie and Natalie...Jeff too...Jordan says then Chima next...Jordan gets a drier towel and comes back...they discuss Chima and what she might win...Jordan says Jessie and them are being really nice to her, he's just trying to mess with them so for Jeff not to fall for it...Jeff says "who you talking to?"...Jordan says she's just saying...Jeff says she knows where his mind is, he plays dumb card and is nice just like Jessie does.

They worry about the wizard getting in the wrong hands...they pray it's not any of them...Jeff doesn't want it to be anyone but him or her...Jeff says Lydia scares her because she still won't admit she likes Jessie...Jordan says she saw them hugging before the comp...Jeff says he's not telling her shit no more, he felt like he told her too much...Jordan says she goes back and forth...Jeff says "she's so stupid, she's so dumb"...Jordan says if they can get Jessie out Lydia will definitely be on their side, she would want Natalie out then (wrong!)...Jeff says you would think but you don't know that (right!)

They start talking about when the wizard could use their power...they think someone would have to find out tonight or very soon...they discuss scenarios...Jeff thinks it's going to be big and shake things up...Jeff talks about Jessie and his position in the house, he says that Jessie owns Lydia...which is so stupid, stupid! Jeff says he knows Lydia is like that because she won't admit anything.

Jordan says she doesn't want Jessie winning HOH because he will put them up...Jeff agrees...Jeff says he has to win HOH, something, it's great coming in second but that's the first loser so it means nothing...Jordan says if Natalie gets the wizard they will know with her demeanor...Jeff says he feels like telling Jessie STFU with the little comments he's always making...Jeff says Jessie is so one-dimensional, he thinks he's so funny, his jokes aren't funny...they say he's always flexing...Jeff says "that guy's got the personality of an orange road cone 👷‍♂️"...Jordan giggles.

Jordan says they have to hope for the best...Jeff says "or win, win, win"...Jeff thinks he hopes it's a random game for HOH not majority rules, he'll feel they rigged it...Jeff says the mystery thing is killing him...Jordan says me too...they wonder who would possibly get it and why...Jeff says there's a reason for each person to get it depending on how they're portrayed, people in general like to vote for the underdog, he doesn't think they'd like to give it to someone in position of hierarchy but you never know (you're right Jeff!)...Jeff says it sucks if they don't get it, just when they're climbing out of their hole.

Jeff says they will still be under pressure because Lydia is ultimately on their side...Jordan thinks with the feud between her and Natalie you never know...Jeff thought it would have popped already...Jordan says if they got rid of Jessie, her and Natalie would go after each other...Jeff doesn't know, he doesn't understand, it's obvious both of them like Jessie, why does Lydia make all these outfits and be her best friend?...Jeff doesn't get it and Jessie tells Lydia what she wants to hear and she's like butter...aaannd surprise! Jeff thinks it's stupid. 😉

They talk about how America might view Jessie, they have to portray him as he is, the whole house wanted Ronnie out and Jessie kept him around going against every single person, he was selfish, that should be Jessie's demise...Jeff thinks the whole house should see it like that "but they love that guy, Jesus, I don't get it"...Jordan doesn't know why Jessie wanted Casey out so bad...Jeff says it's to keep him around to get to the jury, it's another vote for him, in Jessie's mind he's walking through this thing and no one is going to challenge him.

Jordan thinks Michele is more of a target now since she's won 2 POV's...Jeff thinks they are still the target, people want to split them up and the others still think they can get Michele on their side, the others know they can't swing them...they get quiet and then Jordan says they have to win HOH, they discuss what the HOH comp might be...Jordan says Kevin is getting tired of Jessie...Jeff says Kevin is tough because he doesn't talk, he's so scared and him and Lydia are both nervous because they have both won prizes.

Jeff says he has to talk to Russell today, he hasn't gone up there to talk to him...Jordan says there's always that crew up there...they say that the others are up there talking shit about them...Jordan makes fun of them saying they don't talk game up there, 95% of the time they talk about their lives...Jeff says 95% of the time they're outside...Jeff says their turn will come.

Jordan says Russell looked evil during the comp, he loved it when people looked like they were about to fall, it gave him encouragement...Jeff says it gave him encouragement...they laugh about people falling and getting hurt...Jeff says it was a lot harder than it looked...Jordan says the seats were so little, she asks Jeff if he was in pain? Jeff says yes but 85% of that was in their minds...Jordan kept telling herself to stay on longer but when she hit that thing twice and it dug into her leg, her eyes got watery...Jeff says Jordan did good...they think she might have been on more than an hour.

Jordan says the food was good...Jeff says he doesn't feel that great from the wine and sun...Jordan says it gave her heartburn...Jordan says for Jeff to watch what he says around Michele, to not pinpoint names...Jeff knows but you have to trust people at some point to get the numbers...Jordan says they've been screwed in the ass so many times...Jeff says it hurts to trust someone again...Jordan says Kevin and Lydia seemed mad when Jeff and Jordan told them they were outside with the losers (them)...Jeff says they don't fool him...Jordan says "yeah and Ronnie called me dumb, can you believe that?"...Jordan says if Ronnie gets evicted she won't stand up, she'll stay seated...Jeff says he doesn't know what he'll do.

Jordan says she says a prayer every night...Jeff too...they get quiet for a little while and then Jeff slightly dozes off...Jordan secret smiles a bit then she says "they really did think we were making out"...Jeff says "they did?"...Jordan says they bet it was because of the wine...Jeff says "whatever"...Jordan asks if Jeff drinks wine when he goes out...Jeff says mostly when he goes out for dinner...Jordan likes flavored vodka...Jeff too...Jordan likes grape with either sprite or soda...Jeff likes Stoli Blueberry...Jordan likes Smirnoff Raspberry with Red Bull and cranberry...Jeff says it's too much sugar...they get quiet again and then Jeff leaves to go to the washroom...

Silent rubbing & spider convo in the BY


Jeff comes back from the bathroom and lays down on the couch with his head near Jordan's head, facing the opposite way, he closes his eyes and they are silent for a few minutes...Jeff perks up, turns on his side and asks Jordan what she's thinking about? Jordan says she's just thinking...she automatically starts rubbing Jeff's shoulder...

She rubs Jeff's head/hair for a bit then goes back to the shoulder...silence continues...Jordan taps Jeff briefly but continues...she finally stops at the 6:27pm mark...continued silence...Jeff turns a little, looks up at Jordan and puts his arm up over his head to reach for Jordan but then brings it back down...Jordan keeps looking off into the distance, she finally says that she always wanted a couch like that one so that when she watches TV she could stretch out either way and she wants one that has a recliner...Jeff says like a lazy boy?...Jordan says yeah, she likes those.

They get silent again...Jordan makes a comment about Michele still being in the DR and then sneakily puts her arm on Jeff's chest (hoping for an arm rub)...Jeff obliges by patting her arm and starting to rub...he says Michele is still in there, maybe she's the "magic" girl and they made friends with her just in time...Jordan smiles and says it sucks that they can't tell each other if they have it...Jeff rubs her arm in silence for a couple of minutes...Jordan asks "where's Orange County from here?"...Jeff says it's inland, away from the ocean a little more, he doesn't know exactly which direction, it's not too far...

Jeff says where it's super nice is Laguna Beach...Jordan asks if it's a lot of surfers?...Jeff says it's ritzy, people have money there, boutiques, restaurants right on the ocean, it's beautiful there, the LB high school is right by the ocean...Jordan talks about when Laguna Beach the show came out and she was a junior in highschool, did Jeff watch it?...Jeff says he watched some of it, they played it all the time out there.

More quiet rubbing by Jeff...Jordan finally takes her arm away just after the 6:36pm mark...more silence...feeds cut out briefly to the SS room but they return to J&J just after the 6:38pm mark.....Jordan is pointing out a spider in the distance that is walking on the far fence...Jeff says "shit, that thing's big if you can see it from here"...Jordan says "yeah it is"...Jordan says she hates spiders, they're so gross, anything more than 4 legs is gross...Jeff can't believe she saw it, it's huge and creepy...Jordan says it looks like it's floating in thin air...Jeff guffaws at her mistake...Jordan just giggles...the lights go on in the BY...

Jeff says "welcome to the party"...Jordan points out the spider is almost at the top of the fence but now it's dropping...Jeff says he thinks it's making a web huh?...Jordan tries to recall when someone threw a moth into a web but it was last season...Jordan says it's a clever spider...Jeff says they're all clever...Jordan doesn't know why she's so amused by this...Jeff says there's nothing else to do...Jordan asks "what do they make their webs out of?"...Jeff says "web" 😂...Jordan asks where it comes from? their bodies?...Jeff says inside of them...Jordan says "really? does it shoot out of their butt?"

Jeff says "I don't know where the f**k it comes out of...their wrists"...Jordan says "nuh uh"...Jeff says "yeah, they're like Spiderman"...Jordan says "oh man"...Jeff says no, it doesn't...Jordan says the spider is going to town...Jeff says he's making a big ass web...Jordan says yeah he is, he's all over the place...Jeff says how do they make it so symmetrical...Jordan says she wouldn't know how if she was one...Jeff says she would know...Jordan says no, it would be hard to learn...Jeff yawns and says "oh God Jordan" LOL

Jordan asks "how do spiders mate?"...silence...Jordan asks again...Jeff says "what do you mean how they mate? they bang each other the same way you do"...Jordan says duh, but do they do it from behind like horses?...Jeff says "dude what is your mind, what do you think about all day?" 🤣

Jordan giggles and says random stuff...she asks if they lay eggs...Jeff doesn't think so...Jordan says her and Laura named one of the dragonflies Gus, he was really big, she wants to name this spider...Jeff says Peter Parker ...Jordan doesn't get it...Jordan says she would kill the spider if he was near here, she'd get Jeff to stomp on it...Jeff is outraged LOL, he says "you'd kill it?"...Jordan says "heck yeah"...Jeff says he's not bothering her...Jordan says they're disgusting, why would you want it alive?...Jeff says because he'll eat bugs that he doesn't like, he'd rather have a spider than a mosquito that will bite him...

Jordan already showing her opposite tendencies with Jeff says she'd rather kill the spider and be eaten by the mosquito cuz they're little and easy to kill...Jeff says it's chilling over there and not bothering her...Jordan says just the fact it's ugly and gross she'd kill it.

Jordan shows how they could scurry on Jeff's chest, he asks her to do it again, lol...she does and then looks up saying she's paranoid a spider is going to be above her...Jeff says now she just sent out a bad vibe for spiders so now she's going to be bit by them...Jordan says now she's aware of them, normally they're on that wall...Jeff says you know they say that you eat 5 spiders a year in your sleep?...Jordan knows but doesn't believe it, she says she also doesn't believe that someone dies every minute of the day...Jeff says that there are also people being born all the time too...Jordan doesn't know...Jordan says when it was June 6 of '06 women were trying to delay their babies being born because of bad luck...Jeff says he got 6,6,6 on the pig veto comp...Jordan says that's bad luck...Jeff says he also had a 69 in there...they giggle..

Eagle & Squirrel Convo in the BY


Jeff & Jordan continue chatting...

Jordan asks if Jeff wants to split an ice cream sandwich...Jeff says no, he feels like shit...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says he thinks it was the wine, then he drank strong coffee...they talk about the spider again...Jordan says doesn't it seem like spiders are by themselves? you never see them in groups or with a partner...Jeff says they're loners...Jordan says she would hate that.

~CLASSIC JEJO BANTER ALERT & something that will live forever in BB lore~

Jordan says "if you had to be any animal what would you be?"...Jeff says "an eagle"🦅...Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "cuz they're cool..and they fly...and they, I don't know, I'd just like to fly so I'd definitely be some kind of bird"...fittingly a plane flies overhead just as Jeff finishes 😊

Jordan says "I would be umm, I like koala bears, I would be a squirrel cuz they run fast and they crawl up things fast"🐿️...Jeff in disbelief says "you could be any animal in the whole world and you'd be a squirrel?" 😂

Jordan laughs and Jeff looks up at Jordan...Jordan says what other animal would he think, she wouldn't want to be a lion, they eat blood and stuff...Jeff says "a squirrel??"...Jordan indignantly says "what's wrong with a squirrel, they hang out in neighborhoods and stuff" 😂

Jeff says "what kind of aspirations do you have for yourself?"...Jordan says "whaddya mean?"...Jeff says "a squirrel?"...Jordan says "yeah, a squirrel or a dog, I'd be a dog, but I'd just want a nice family"...Jeff starts rubbing his face...Jordan says she wouldn't want to be with an abusive family who would keep her outside, she'd want to be an inside dog...Jeff says "how many days have we been here?" 🤣🤣...Jordan doesn't know, she has lost track...Jeff says "oh my God, I'm losing it" 🤪

Jordan continues saying she wouldn't want to be a monkey cuz they smell and they throw their poop at you...Jeff smiles and asks if Jordan is just joking around?...Jordan in all seriousness says she's eliminating them, thinking of animals...Jeff asks if she wouldn't want to fly?...Jordan doesn't think she'd wanna be a bird...Jeff asks how about a shark under water?...Jeff says she'd be a fish...Jeff says a shark would kill her...Jordan says she wouldn't want to be a shark because they're gross...Jeff says it's a fish...Jordan would rather be a fish with pretty colors...Jeff says you'll be eaten...

Jordan says she'd be a piranha then with the big teeth or a whale...Jeff says a whale is cool...Jordan says they just chill, eat and cruise, or a dolphin...they agree that would be cool...Jeff says he would change from a shark to a dolphin...Jordan says "yeah sharks are stupid" ...Jeff pauses and then laughs, Jordan laughs and Jeff says yeah, that's why he wants to change, cuz sharks are stupid...Jordan laughs and Jeff says "holy shit!" 🤣

Likes, fears & dreams questions in the BY


Jordan changes subjects asking Jeff if he had to pick anywhere in the world to go where would he go?...Jeff says so many places he wants to go, that's tough...Jordan says hers would be Fiji because it's an island, clear water and pretty...Jeff says somewhere by the ocean for sure...Jordan wants to stay in a Tiki place on the beach near iguanas...Jeff says Brazil, Rio de Janeiro...Jordan asks if he could eat one thing right now what would it be?...Jeff says "crab legs"...Jordan eww's saying she's not a seafood person that's why she doesn't like it...Jordan asks Jeff his dream job?...Jeff says he would host a travel channel TV show and see everything...Jordan says yeah, that would be Gucci...Jordan asks if he could live anywhere where would it be?...Jeff says probably somewhere in Europe...Jordan says really? she's watched Locked Up Abroad, she's ok with staying in the US...Jeff says he just likes the lifestyle, somewhere near the water in Europe...Jordan asks if he had to hang out...

Jordan changes topics and asks Jeff his favorite football team? Jeff answers the Bears...she asks his favorite basketball team?...Jeff says the Bulls...Jordan asks what's your favorite number?...Jeff says 23...Jordan asks if it's because of Michael Jordan?...Jeff says no, it was his football number...Jordan asks Jeff's favorite color?...Jeff says blue...Jordan asks why?...Jeff says cuz he likes it, it's like the ocean...Jordan asks his favorite song? she answers for him saying Bob Marley...Jeff says yeah...

Jordan asks Jeff which celebrity he would want to go out with?...Jeff asks super hot? or just who he'd want to date?...Jordan says just in general...Jeff says he'd go out with that girl, the VS model Ambrosio or whatever...Jordan says she's hot.

Jordan asks his favorite sport?...Jeff says football...Jordan asks his favorite hobbies? his normal routine?...Jeff says he likes to work out, it makes him feel good, he likes playing games, being outside...Jordan asks if he likes to go hiking?...Jeff says he likes it but doesn't look for it, there's not too many places in Chicago to hike...Jordan asks if he's ever been white-water rafting?...Jeff says no...Jordan says he's missing out, it's fun...Jeff says he's been canyoning in Switzerland, it's like a natural waterslide in the mountains, you slide down all the way, you go in big pools of water, jump off cliffs, repel off the mountain, it's super cool...Jordan says she's jealous.

Jordan asks Jeff's fears?...Jeff says one of his fears is dying before he has a kid, isn't that one of hers? or no?...Jordan says yep, also being buried alive, drowning, being murdered...Jeff says everyone has those...Jordan says she wouldn't want to die when her kids were young, her mom's mom died when her mom was 23, she can't imagine being her age and not having a mom, she would die...Jordan asks what's the craziest thing he's done?...Jeff says he doesn't know, he's done stupid things...Jordan says it's her turn.

Jeff asks which celebrity she would want to hang out with for one day?...Jordan has a lot...Jeff says that's not the question, ok who would she want to date for one day?...Jordan says Brody Jenner...Jeff says what about a weekend vacation?...Jordan says Justin Timberlake...Jeff says someone to just hang out with for the day, no sex involved, just for fun?...Jordan says probably Justin Timberlake...Jeff says wow, weekend getaways and hanging out?...Jordan thinks he's hot, she's trying to think of someone else, probably a football player, she'd like that, the guy who is dating Gisele...Jeff says Tom Brady?...Jordan says yeah, she thinks he's so cute...Jeff says how does she know how fun he is?...Jordan doesn't...Jeff says he'd want to hang out with Rob Dierdick, the Fun Factory guy...Jordan says oh yeah...Jeff says that'd be sick, he seems like the funnest guy in the world...Jeff gets up to go to the bathroom...Jordan asks for Jeff to bring her some cookie dough...

Michele comes outside, her and Jordan chat...Jeff comes back a couple of minutes later and thankfully Michele goes back inside...Jordan says thanks for her cookie dough...Jeff says he found out who she could go on a weekend vacation with...Jordan says "who?"...Jeff says the Pillsbury Dough Boy ...Jordan giggles...Jeff says you love him huh?...Jordan says she thinks tennis players are hot, she might want to go out with one of them, she likes guys with dark hair, dark skin rather than blondes...Jordan asks Jeff's preference?...Jeff says he doesn't know, he usually likes dark haired girls...SILENCE LOL

They continue playing...Jeff asks where she would want to live if she could live anywhere?...Jordan says maybe California cuz it seems so neat, so different than back at home...Jeff asks her dream job?...Jordan says a dental hygenist, she likes teeth...Jeff says "that's your dream?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's, you work good hours and if you have a family you can work part-time, get off in time, it's good pay, you don't have to depend on a man in case you divorce them...Jeff says "you already plan on your divorce?"...Jordan says just in case, you never know these days, her parents were married 28 years and then divorced so...

Jordan says that would be a fear, getting married and then it being a mistake...Jeff says he wouldn't want that, he wants to get married once...Jordan says her too but at the same time she doesn't agree with staying in the marriage if you're not happy cuz there's always someone out there for someone and everything happens for a reason...Jeff says there ya go. Jordan says she has to go pee, she gets up saying she eats so much cookie dough here, she leaves the BY…

Jeff appreciates Jordan is a neat freak


Jeff is in the kitchen cooking dinner, Jordan has been cleaning up, she walks into the kitchen from the bathroom...Jeff says " get on these little cleaning kicks"...Jordan says "huh?"...Jeff says it again...Jordan says "I'm a neat freak"...Jeff says "that's good...somebody's got to"...Jordan says she gets on her mom's nerves at home, she's does it obsessively...Jeff says "cleaning?"...Jordan says "yes, especially when we share a room, you know things get a lot messier"...Jeff says yeah but that's a good quality, no?

Jeff says that Jordan is not getting on his nerves cleaning, somebody's got to...Jeff then says "I appreciate it" :) Jordan uh-huh's...Jeff is cooking Jordan...Jordan says he loves making that chicken and stuff...Jeff says he does...Jordan asks if Jeff cooks a lot at home by himself?...Jeff says he does, all the time...Jordan asks if he doesn't go out often to eat?...Jeff says he does, his buddies have restaurants, he likes to cook dinner because at work he usually eats out for lunch...Jordan says "right"...

Jeff is inspired by Jordan's cleaning so he starts cleaning the stove, lol...Jordan wants to organize something...Jeff then asks if Jordan ever gets those whole chickens from the grocery store? the rotisserie chickens?...Jordan knows what he means but no, she doesn't get them...Jeff says he does all the time, he loves them...Jordan likes the chicken fingers, those are real good...Jeff keeps cooking and Jordan keeps organizing...Jeff walks over to where Jordan is and says "wow, organizing everything too"...the other HG's start joining in…

Jeff could kiss Jordan


Jeff, Chima, Kevin, Lydia and Russell are in the BY. They are discussing the "mystery power". Russell and Lydia are hoping Ronnie doesn't get it. Jeff is sure someone already has it. Kevin agrees. Russell says it's Jeff, America voted for Jeff's great looks. (Well, that didn't hurt him!)

Jeff says "well obviously they don't think that 'cause I didn't get it". LMAO! Lydia pats Jeff on the back to console him. He says "Thanks, I need something. A pat on the back will do, I guess.." Jeff sips his beer and Lydia says "'cause you were making out with Jordan..."

Chima interrupts "ok, waitwaitwaitwaitwait! I wasn't present for this. So you guys finally made out?" Jeff denies and Lydia insists they did. Lydia says Jeff is such a liar! Why is he smiling? Russell says "Big Brother 11 - first kiss?" Jeff still denies.

BB interrupts: HG, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG.

Russell briefly changes the subject and Chima goes right back to it. "So Lydia, what EXACTLY occurred?" Jeff: "Oh, boy." Chima laughs her Chima laugh. Jeff: "Not dropping it, huh?" Lydia describes walking into the RR while the covers are over JeJo and hearing kissing sounds. Jeff again denies "That's not a true story!" Lydia says she heard giggling and that Jeff had just claimed he was kissing her neck, but she thinks more was going on.

Chima: "And Jeff, what was your version?" Jeff: "Not that. I swear we didn't make out." Lydia says "Ok, well, KISSED". Jeff says they did not kiss. Chima: "What's wrong with kissing Jordan?" Jeff: "I could kiss her. We just didn't." Lydia: "Do you want to play truth or dare?" Jeff: "No." Chima laughs. Jeff: "That'll end up happening then, if we play that" (kissing).

Talk moves to truth or dare and the love triangle with Jessie, Lydia & Natalie. Jeff does his best Julie Chen impersonation and grills Lydia like Julie did during the live show.

Jeff has a girl


Russell and Jeff are playing pool. Talk moves to the veto comp earlier in the day and a hot model that was there.

Russell: Dude, that girl was smokin' today.

Jeff: Ohh, man.

Russell: Did you see me blowing her kisses?

Jeff (smiling): I didn't see.

Russell: I was winking and she smiled. (puts his head down and giggles like a delusional love sick 14 year old - kinda cute)

Jeff: I just saw her when I came out and then I stopped looking. I didn't want to be creepy.

Russell: F**k that. I was creepy as f**k. You have a girl. I don't. I can do whatever the f**k I want.

(Big smile and no comment from Jeff. I love how he never denied it like Jordan did. No "we're just BFF" from Jeff.)

Jeff gets distracted, almost hits the wrong pool ball with the stick (not the que ball) LOL

Jeff: I think it was just part of seeing a different chick. Whoa!

Russell: OMG, they exist! 😅

Both laugh.

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