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Day 18 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

July 27

JeJo cuddly in RR


Jeff & Jordan settle in for the night. They cuddle in Jeff's bed in the RR while the others hang out, chit chat and Lydia dresses up as Kevin. Once again they are in their own little world. Jordan especially seems super touchy opinion - she did not like the tiff they had had hours earlier

All of these are on Cam 4 except for one moment

@ the 1:11am mark Jeff starts rubbing Jordan's neck.

@ the 1:12 am mark Jordan turns and lays her head on Jeff's chest and Jeff caresses her face/ear.

@ the 1:16am mark on Cam 3 super cute moment when Jeff looks down at Jordan and brushes his thumb over her forehead and face and smiles at Jordan.

@ the 1:17am mark Jeff scratches Jordan's arm for over 3 minutes.

@ the 1:20:30am mark Jordan rubs Jeff's chest and Jeff goes back to rubbing her shoulder.

@ the 1:25am mark The HG's start talking about jellybeans...Jordan shifts around, sits up and Jeff asks "where you going Jelly Belly?" She lays back down after pulling the big cover off of her.

@ the 1:26am mark Jordan moves Jeff's leg over hers and he laughs saying "just move me where you want"

Feeds return, Jeff & Jordan are in bed talking about game & life. Jordan wants a letter from home...Jeff says she needs to win HOH...Jordan says she misses her mom, talking to her and she asked for a letter from the girls at Planet 21...Jeff says "you love that job huh?"...Jordan says she loves the people there, great managers and owner she works for...feeds go to fish...Jeff turns to face Jordan, putting his hand on her tummy, Jordan pats it and starts scratching his arm...they are quiet and then Jeff says he feels like french fries, something potato-y.

Chima comes in saying they're all going to dress like each other tomorrow...Jeff says tomorrow that will all fall apart when they're all crabby at 8am...Chima leaves to do laundry...Kevin comes in and asks if they're going to sleep with each other? is that what's going on?...Jordan smiles and reaches for Jeff's hand...Jeff says it's gonna get hot and heavy over here...they laugh...Jordan starts blowing loud farts on Jeff's arm and Jeff says "you like to amuse yourself huh?"...

Jordan gets in Jeff's armpit again and she rubs and pats Jeff's belly, Jeff looks down at her, she looks up at him and she keeps rubbing his chest...

Lydia walks by and they say goodnight...Jeff asks if she was dressed like Jessie? he puts his glasses on to get a better look...Jessie comes down dressed as someone else, they model each other's clothes...Kevin asks who Jeff is dressing up as? Jeff says he won't play, he'll say "yeah, dress like me, f**k off" LOL

Jessie asks Natalie to come upstairs so they can play chess, some laundry discussion then Jordan complains her arm hurts so Jeff starts massaging...meanwhile Jessie and Natalie leave to go upstairs...Jeff asks if she feels better? Jordan says yeah...Jeff asks if she's all good in the hood?...Jordan says kind of...they get quiet knowing Kevin is still in the room and feeds switch off of them...

Feeds return, Jordan is scratching Jeff's back and is telling him that her family is going to think what she is doing is wrong (being in bed with Jeff and rubbing him). Jeff says there is no going back now. Jordan is getting hot but Jeff wants her to keep scratching so she does...Jordan whispers sorry to Kevin (for making noise)...Kevin doesn't respond...Jordan starts giggling saying "why are you laughing?"...Jeff says "you make me laugh" :) Jordan says "why?"...Jeff says "I don't know"...Jordan looks around asking if Lydia is in bed? Jeff thinks so.

Jordan says she is going to her bed in a second...Jeff whimpers...Jordan imitates him...Jeff moves saying he hates when they have to get up early...Jeff gets up saying he's not tired, he drinks some water and then heads back to bed, he spits some out by accident and Jordan laughs...Jeff says "I'll spit the water out, don't touch me" LOL

Interesting part just after @ the 2:09 mark when Jeff basically admits that all she has to do is touch him and... watch Jordan's reaction...they laugh and Jeff says "this fu**in place is crazy"...more laughs...Jeff says he can't believe this shit...Jordan looks up coyly at Jeff and says it is...she starts rubbing again...Jeff says tomorrow is going to be so weird...Jordan starts fiddling with Jeff's mic and tells him to take it off...Jeff says BB probably wants to kill him with his chain. Jeff looks over at Jordan, smiles and touches her face..

Jordan smiles, looks at Jeff, gets shy and buries her head

Jordan pats Jeff and says the others are upstairs...Jeff says "isn't the scheming over?"...Jordan says no, it's never over...they start whispering inaudibly, they are trying to be as quiet as possible because Kevin is in the bed next to them...Jordan whispers in Jeff"s ear which causes him to bust out laughing twice!...

Jeff bites his hand to stop the giggles and they whisper some more game...they get quiet, Kevin gets up and leaves...they wonder if he heard what they were saying...Jeff cuddles into Jordan and she gets nervous, she wonders if she was being too loud, they talk about Kevin and Natalie...Jeff says when he comes back they should say something to him...Jordan says he probably heard them...Jeff says heard what? he couldn't hear...Jordan says "are you sure?"...Jeff says he couldn't even hear what she said LOL Jordan just wants to make it through Thursday...Jeff says Casey is going up for sure...Kevin comes back and Jordan calls him "Gucci", she apologizes for making noise, he looked pissed...Kevin says no, he went to brush his teeth...they talk a little game and then Kevin tries to go back to sleep.

Jeff say Ronnie probably brought a stethoscope to listen through the walls...Jordan giggles...Jordan cuddles up to Jeff again and rubs his belly while talking game...they start stealth whispering again...more closeness…

Jordan finally says she should go to bed, she sits up...Jeff rubs her leg and gives her a look like he doesn't want her to go...Jordan says to not give her that look...she realizes Kevin is still stirring so she hesitates giving Jeff a kiss, she kisses him on the arm and then kisses her hand and puts it to Jeff's face saying goodnight.

Scoot over


Jordan walks from the bathroom to the red room with a blanket in her arms. Jeff is asleep in his bed, lying on his stomach, legs apart. Pretty much taking up the entire bed. Jordan stops and considers leaving him alone, but instead walks over to the right side of Jeff's bed. She pokes him in the calf and he opens his eyes and rolls over to look at her.

She motions for him to scoot over. He does and she gets in bed with her blanket. She puts on the hood to her hoodie, lays down on her back and takes off her mic to try to sleep.

(Cute that there were other available beds, but she wanted to be with Jeff.)

Jordan wants a little puddin’


Jordan is sitting outside on the couches. Jeff is putting on sunscreen. Jordan tells Jeff to come sit down by her. Jordan says he smells like sunscreen. Jeff likes that smell. Jordan says do you? Jeff says yeah because it reminds him of vacation...Jordan says like the beach? Jeff says yeah...Jordan giggles.

They start talking about how douchey Jesse is and how he is so bitter. They talk about how Russell is two faced as well. Russell comes out and joins them. Jeff starts talking about shaving his chest, he did it in the hotel for the first time.

Jordan squeezes Jeff's belly. Russell says don't do that. Jeff says he's getting fat. Jordan says she likes guys with a little bit of fat on them. Jeff says Jordan needs to get away from her with the cookie dough. Russell says why would you do that to someone? what if he did it to you? Jordan says she knows she has meat on her. Jeff says it's his fault, he puts it in his mouth and it goes to the belly.

Russell asks if girls don't like guys that are muscular? Jordan says yes but not too muscular so all you feel is muscle. Jeff says would you like me if I had a pair of boobs? Jordan says she likes when guys have just a little something, not all ripped. Russell says not like Jessie? Jordan says not like...Jeff says more like this? and points at himself, lol...Jordan says if you touch him there's no fat to squeeze, there's nothing there.

Jeff says Jordan wants a little puddin'. :) Jordan says yeah, cuz she has a lot. Russell says two puddin's make a cake...Jeff says oh yeah. Russell then says he's leaving next week. Jordan is like yeah right, she'll go...Jeff says "I'll be sitting with ya baby"

Why are you looking at me like that?


Jeff, Jordan and Russell continue talking game...Jordan says that she's going next, they got rid of Braden, Laura and now either her or Casey and if she makes it through this round she'll be up again...Jeff says he's out of the loop...Jordan says he'll be up with her...Jeff says he knows that, he's not that far out of the loop...Russell says he was glad he didn't have to make the latest decision, Jessie is going to catch a lot of shit for it...Jeff asks "is he?"...Jeff doesn't think he's going to catch anything...Jordan says probably not.

Jordan says that Ronnie looked at her and laughed, smirked at her during the POV ceremony...Russell says "did he really?"...Jordan says didn't he hear her say to him, what are you looking at? and Ronnie said nothing.

Screencap from the CBS show:

Jordan says she walked in the back with Jessie and them right after the meeting was adjourned and Ronnie went to talk to them, Jordan says she told them that if Ronnie says anything to please come to her and confirm it because you know he had two days to sit there and think about a plan.

Funny ranting & raving


Jordan says that if Ronnie wins HOH next week, he's going to put up her up, Jeff up, Russell up...Russell says he would put the whole house up...Jeff says no, he'd put him and her up because Russell is protected by Jessie...Russell says Ronnie doesn't like him...Jeff says Russell is protected by Jessie so he can't go up, Jessie's got him by the balls now...Russell laughs...Jeff says Ronnie will do whatever the f**k Jessie wants...Jordan starts making fun of how Ronnie is always "that one time on season 5, blah blah blah, on season 1, blah blah blah"...Jeff says to press the rewind button cuz Ronnie's gonna be running around scheming all day...Jordan says he already has, she caught him last night...Russell says he was scheming with Michele and he thought "you're still talking game?"

Jeff says "it sucks"...Jordan says she feels bad for Casey, she could tell he's down...Jeff says of course...Jordan says she thinks he's down...Jeff says that the whole house said that this guy caused so many problems between everybody, he doesn't see the logic in keeping him, obviously Jessie sees him as an asset but he doesn't see anyone else as an asset because he chose him but it's his choice, doesn't matter what he thinks, he just doesn't like Ronnie being here because he made everyone mad, he made people mad at him, he made Jeff mad at people, he made him say things he shouldn't have and vice versa.

Russell says Ronnie made 3 people go home...Jeff says there's a way you play the game...Jordan says she doesn't like Ronnie because he said she was his bestie...Jeff says "his bestie bitch, he said"...Jordan says "I wasn't his bitch, I wouldn't suck his dick, for nothing" 😯 Jeff's face when Jordan says this is priceless...he says "I wouldn't say that"...Russell says "you'd have to find it first" LOL Jeff says "where's that edit button?" LOL

Russell says that was Jordan's first edit button...Jeff says "I don't know about that"...Russell says he'll take that back because of her stories...Jordan says she doesn't feel like laying out...Jeff says he's going in the pool...Russell says there's always eating...Jordan says she's tired of it...Jeff says "yeah, get away from me"...Russell says he ate 17 bags of candy...Jeff says the last 5 days were terrible...Jordan says she doesn't feel like getting sweaty....Russell asks if she ever gets sweaty?...Jordan says yeah...Russell and Jeff talk about working out today/tonight...Russell says he wishes they could watch a movie or TV one night because now they have to listen to Ronnie scheme for 7 days...Jeff says he's glad he's not part of that clique, he doesn't want to hear it...Jordan says Ronnie won't be coming to talk to her anymore.

Jeff starts ranting about how he doesn't want to hear how every single person in the house should be up and then you storm away with them being up and then it's totally different, Ronnie should just save it...Russell laughs saying it was funny when Jeff said that Ronnie said everyone is going up...Jeff says "every single person...that's it Russell's going up vooottttt, that's it you're going up! "I'm already up!"

oh yeah, let me come back, that's it...yeah you're going up smartmouth "I'm up! you fu**ing idiot! you already went 360, I'm already up, get away from me!"

Russell is cracking up and says "you smile at me? you're up!...Jordan, you're my best friend in this house, you're going up!"...Jeff says imitating Ronnie again "Jordan, you're my best friend vooottttt she's a fu**ing stupid idiot, I got her wrapped around my finger voootttt hey Jordan you want some cookies!? vooottttt Jordan's a fat ass she eats too many cookies! voootttt Jesus dude, the switch on that guy's back...two faced bastard" (too much Russ 🤨)

Jordan says Russell better be careful, Ronnie might backdoor, he loves that trick, it would be between one of them three...Jeff thinks Russell is safe because of Jessie, he has to do what Jessie says now...Jordan still thinks he will backdoor someone, he's all about the backdooring...Jeff says "he wants it in the backdoor from Jessie"

Russell cracks up and says he's going to close the sliding door, he does...Jeff sarcastically says he was glad to be involved in another team meeting, he was playing pool and they told him there was a team meeting and Jeff thought, that's great, I'm not there, Jeff's a loser, corner pocket, DING!

Jeff sits on the other couch to have a smoke...Russell says he's not missing out on much...Jeff says then Jessie talks to him saying everything is cool and Jeff thinks he wasn't at that meeting...Jeff says he's smoking too much...Russell says he needs to stop...Jeff says "no shit dude"...Russell says he never smoked this much, Casey is rubbing off on him...Jeff says if Casey leaves he might be done...Jeff says if he was sitting pretty he might not smoke as much...they lament how they work hard one week & stress to stay just to have it start again the minute someone leaves.

They start talking about who the next targets will be...Jeff says nobody is safe...Jeff says Ronnie won't win again, he's going to win, he has to...Russell says they have to make it one more week Jordy <-(ugh!)

Jordan says she's already taken it up the ass twice, so she doesn't know...Jeff says no more stuff can fit in his ass...Jordan says she has two things in it already...Jeff says they're talking about now, not before she got here.

They talk about Jordan's speech and how it was to the point...Jeff says it was very Jordan...Russell says Michele was so nervous, she has a twitch and she giggles...Jeff says she does...Russell says she always has an awkward laugh...Jeff says always, she has a nervous tic...Russell says he wonders what that side twitch is, what is that?

Russell asks Jeff to work out with him...Jeff says he's going to do it tonight...Jeff says he has to stop smoking, it's disgusting, he needs to do it like on the weekends, a cigarette or two, with his friends, people that like him. Russell gets on the elliptical saying he hates it...Jeff says he's getting in the pool...Russell says careful he might get backdoored...Jeff says he might get drowned...Jeff gets in, Russell starts working out and Jordan just stares off into the distance occasionally looking at Jeff. :) Jeff says "can we get a raft in here?"....

Man in a banana suit 🍌


Jordan & Jeff discuss game on the weight bench out in the BY. Jeff says he wishes he could win HOH on Thursday then he would be so relieved, it'd be the best week ever...Jordan says it would be a week of not worrying, a week of not being on the bottom...Jeff says they could have a big bed and listen to Bob Marley. Jordan says he would, she'd be just laying there...Jeff says he would put it on just so he wouldn't have to hear her talk. Jeff laughs and squeezes Jordan's leg...Jordan says excuse me?

Jordan says "I don't know we'll see"...they decide to worry about it when the time comes...Jordan asks "are you sure it's endurance?"...Jeff says he doesn't know what it is, it might be the majority thing...Jordan says if it's that, they're screwed.

Jeff gets up to lift some more and says he's going to do a set real fast, don't think he's showing off...Jordan says her arms are still real sore...Jeff asks from what?...Jordan doesn't answer...Jeff says it's so hard to workout today...Jordan says it's hard to work out in general.

Jordan starts giggling, Jeff asks what?...Jordan says "Casey's banana suit"...Jeff says to Casey "thanks Casey"...Casey says "no problem"...Jeff & Jordan both look at him watering the garden and then suddenly Casey breaks out in song..."man in a banana suit". Jeff & Jordan watch and laugh. Super cute! 😄

Jeff says "aww that was so sad"...Casey says it's a sad song, a sad day in banana land...there have been happier fu**ing days for the banana...Jordan says Casey is so funny. Jeff does one more set of weights and sits back down...Jordan says "aww, I love him, he's so funny"...Jeff says "you love everybody, you like everybody"...Jordan says "I know, I'm calling Laura when I get out of here"...Jordan runs her hands through Jeff's hair while getting up to leave...Jeff says "where you going banana?"...Jordan says Laura is probably watching them, doesn't Jeff think so?...Jeff says yeah, she got the live feeds...Jordan walks away...

Jordan works out, Jeff is proud of her


Jordan is about to work out on the elliptical. Jeff is near the weight bench working out but mostly resting and watching Jordan. Casey is sitting on the couches having a smoke & drinking coffee. Jeff says Jordan looks sexy up there...Jordan says "Jeff! don't say stuff like that, I get embarrassed"...Jordan starts working out...Jeff whistles at Jordan and Jordan says "Jeff!" :) ...Casey says "hey Miss Parker"...Jeff says "hey Johrdan".

Jordan continues working out, they continue chatting...just after the 6:26pm mark Jeff rests between sit-ups and the cameras catch Jeff watching and smiling at Jordan while she works out.

Jeff sees that Jordan is putting forth the effort to work out and so he yells out to her "I'm proud of you" (super cute) Casey just about gags with all the gushing, he says he's tired of all his sweet crap, lol...Jeff tells him she needs motivation, she hasn't worked out once since she's been here and now he's proud of her, Jeff says Jordan says it every day and yet she eats cookie dough two at a time. Jordan smiles and says Casey eats cookie dough too. Casey yells shut up!!!! at Jeff and Jeff says no! (he says he has to hear about it at night).

Jeff says Jordan says "I can't fit into these jeans" and yet keeps eating it...Casey says "it's hard"...Jeff laughs and says "it's hard Casey"...Casey says "you can have a salad or cookie dough which one you gonna have?"...Jeff laughs...Casey says "cookie dough, every time"...Jordan says " know I'm movin on up"...they joke around a bit about Casey leaving on Thursday and how he should go. Jordan wants to know what Casey's wife looks like and Casey tells her. Casey says his wife hated Jessie, he hope he hasn't embarrassed her. Jeff comes over to sit with Casey and says about Jordan's time on the elliptical..."12 minutes? Jordan"

Casey gives Jordan some advice on keeping weight off and then Jeff tells Casey that halfway through that sentence, Jordan was already thinking about something else...Jordan says "no I wasn't"...Casey says that's not very nice...Jeff looks at Jordan and says "what were you thinking about Jordan? were you listening?"...Jordan says "hmm?...umm...yes I was"...Jeff looks at Casey and laughs...Jordan giggles and says "sorry...I was Mr. Banana🍌"...Jeff says Jordan is doing a good job, he was just cracking on her a little bit but he's proud she's working out, yay....Jordan says yay.

More cute gushing when Jeff says he's got abs underneath somewhere in there (pointing to his belly) and Jordan says that's not bad Jeff, girls don't like that and Jeff says he appreciates it, she is not so bad herself...Jordan says thanks...Jeff smiles at her. Casey almost gags again, lol. Jeff says you have to say positive comments to stay on track.

Jeff says and shows how he feels about Jordan


Jordan is still outside working out...Jeff has come inside & is finishing up a snack...

@ the 7:00pm mark Jeff is in the kitchen, standing behind the counter finishing up his snack, he seems a little "lost", he takes a couple of peeks over towards the sliding glass door but not able to see who he is looking for (Jordan), he non-chalantly walks over to the door on his way to the bathroom & peers through it at Jordan, who's working out...even though the camera angle is from behind Jeff, a little smile can be seen on his face…

Jeff has taken a shower and is making dinner...@ the 7:17pm mark Casey, who is on his way to the bathroom, sees Jordan outside still working out and says "Jordan's out there a beast dude!"...Jeff says "I know, I kept looking at her smiling, I'm so proud of her"🥰

@ the 7:24pm mark Jordan finally comes inside...Lydia says "good job Jordy"...Jeff says "I was watching you rock it"...Jordan says she was doing squats...Jeff says "I saw"...she heads over to the kitchen area to get a glass...Jeff pats her back gently and gives her a little smile and says “yay Jordan” ❤️

Many of the HG's are now milling about the kitchen, Jordan is sitting on a chair off camera...Jeff turns and sees her sitting there, he heads over to her just before the 7:34pm camera Jordan is heard oww'ing, probably Jeff pinching her cheek lol...the cam now focuses on them...Jordan leans her head into Jeff's hip...Jeff pats/rubs her back...then rubs her head...Jeff returns to the kitchen area and keeps cooking his meal...

Banana reggae remix


Jeff joins Jordan and Casey who are out in the BY chilling. Her and Casey seem down and Casey is bitching and chain smoking...Jeff says Casey is motoring through those smokes...they talk about the spicy chicken Jeff made.

Jeff tries to cheer them up. Jeff says to Jordan "what's up sad burger?"...Jordan smiles and says "nothing"...Jeff says "what are you guys having for dinner...sad burgers and cheese cries?" LOL

Casey says "watch yourself"...Jeff cracks up! Jordan slips off her sneakers...Jeff says they have to laugh otherwise they'll go crazy. Jordan asks Jeff if her feet stink and Jeff smells but doesn't answer because Jordan then says her socks turned pink...Jeff says it's kinda cute. :)

Jeff says the Banana song was good...Jordan says she loved it...they say that Casey will get some good stuff on the show and that he'll have lots of fans...Jeff says that is the only cool thing about leaving, is the audience yelling for you or is it just applause saying who the hell is that yo-yo? Jordan says when Laura walked out it was loud. Jeff says when he lived in LA he had a job where he'd get paid $8 an hour to sit there and watch game shows and he'd sit there for 10 hours and be saying dude, fu**ing pick C...he watched The Pyramid with Donny Osmond a bunch, when they film it takes forever...Jeff says he had so many jobs when he lived in LA...Jordan says why?...Jeff says because he was broke.

Jeff starts talking about him & his buddy Donovan sitting in Jeff's apartment and they had no money...feeds go to fish...when they return they're talking about prices of drinks in bars in their respective cities...Jordan's place of work ends up being the cheapest...Jeff says he gets pissed when he has to pay so much for one drink...they talk about having hook-ups for when they want to drink, you have to have them or forget it.

Casey starts singing "Man in a Banana Suit"...Jeff asks where he got that?...Casey says he made it up...Jeff says it's so sad...Casey says it's melancholy like Jim Croce..Jeff asks if there is a reggae remix...Casey makes one up...they giggle...they then get quiet and then Casey breaks out his reggae remix of the Banana suit song Jordan giggles and Jeff moves to the beat.

Jeff says if he put L'il Wayne in that song, it would be a hit, isn't it stupid...Jeff joins in a little and then says "are they going to play some Bob Marley or what?"...Casey keeps singing and stopping...Jordan decides she is going to wash her gym shoes...Jeff asks why?...Jordan says cuz they're dirty from the other day...Jordan heads towards the laundry area while Casey & Jeff sing about putting gym shoes in the wash. LOL

Casey says tomorrow his friends & family will find out he's on the block and heading home...Jeff says doesn't he think some of them will find out on the internet? Casey doesn't think they'll have live feeds...Jeff says well people post (on message boards) everything that happens so they could find out...they both agree they wouldn't watch live feeds if they were to go home, the 3 hours a week highlights are good enough. Casey does the reggae remix one more time…

Brief pool table chat


Jeff and Casey are getting ready to play pool...Jordan is doing some laundry...Casey says he's going to the bathroom first, he leaves...Jordan says she's washing her red beer shirt and her smelly shoes, she sits on the pool table...Jeff pokes her in the butt with the pool stick...Jordan says something smells, did he fart?...Jeff says no, it's that shirt...Jordan makes a face and says "it stinks"...Jeff says "it's stenkin"...Jordan giggles and says it stinks like some stank buday, she laughs...Jeff says he's glad that cracked her up...Jordan says "phew, that stinks"...Jeff says he knows, they took it out of the dryer and he was like whew! he's got it drying, they should just put it right back in the washer.

Jordan says she used to make her cousin who's real country say "stank buday", she found it funny...

Jordan wants to do more leg lunges...Jeff says she worked out good today, good for her...Jordan says she did, she's tired of feeling like a fatty...Jeff says "good, I'm happy for you"...Jordan says it's so that when she walks out of the house she can walk out with a bang, she's just kidding :) ...Jordan asks why are some pool tables green?...Jeff says it's whatever felt they put on there...she wonders if this pool table is an old one? that's why it's this color?...Jeff says no, it probably just looks better like this...Jordan wonders if maybe green would show up more?...Jeff thinks this color would, she should ask in the DR...Jordan smiles and says no...

Jordan says the hot tub is nice but then you sweat so bad and then she says she wants steamed cabbage (huh? LOL) but she ate better today...Jeff says that's good...Casey comes back, Jordan gets off the pool table and Jeff and Casey start playing.

Lessons in fruit


Jeff & Kevin are playing pool. Jordan comes outside to do laundry. Jordan complains that one of her shirts smells and Jeff jumps in asking her what? She explains, he says she washed it with her smellies (shoes). Ronnie is heard talking in the background and Jordan says "does he ever shut up?" Jeff says no.

Jordan asks Jeff if she should put it on sanitize again, Jeff says no, why did she put it with her shoes if they were smelly. Jordan says it was the only thing. Jordan asks if she should do it on hot and Jeff says yes. Jordan & Jeff look at each other probably thinking...can we get out of what we are doing right now and just go talk....Jordan, once again, brings up fruit, lol.

Jordan says she wants fruit for once. Jeff says to go get some. Kevin says there are some juicy nectarines in the SR...blank stare from Jordan... 😐 "a what?" LOL and Jeff laughs. Kevin says peach? Jordan says "oh, a peach" Jordan leaves and then returns...

Jordan is cutting up fruit for fruit salad. Jeff comes in the kitchen to wash his glass, Jordan is complaining about something and asks her "what's up?" Jordan heads to the mirror above the sink and says that the juice from the kiwi touched her tooth...Jeff says it stung? the kiwi has a weird juice and it's all sensitive. Jordan asks if the apple will mess it up? Jeff says it might but the kiwi is weird.

He goes to leave but asks if he can have a piece of kiwi...Jordan says no :) Jeff says yeah and eats one, he starts going outside but Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to eat it since she can't...Jeff jokingly says ow, my teeth and Jordan says really? Jeff says nah. Jeff eats the kiwi while Jordan asks "what about oranges?" Jeff says her gums are just sensitive. Jordan asks if she eats an orange will it do the same thing? Jeff says no. Jeff says the kiwi was a pain in the ass to peel too so thanks. He tells Jordan she needs to give the bleaching a break...he heads outside.

 JeJo power trip hammock chat - Part 1


Jeff and Jordan decide to go chat on the hammock...Jeff lays down first as Jordan shows Jeff her LSU Tigers shorts...Jordan decides to lay straight and have Jeff put his feet over her if he wants...she lays back and it's uncomfortable...Jeff asks why she has to lay that way and make things so difficult...Jordan giggles and says she doesn't feel like it, why does he want her to?...Jeff asks "are you comfortable like that?"...Jordan says she's fine right now...they giggle over Casey and his banana suit...they start talking game...

Jordan says Michele is so on their side because she figures their side is being knocked out one by one...Jordan decides she is going to lay straight and shifts...Jeff asks why she doesn't listen to him? she thinks he's trying to hurt her...Jordan says "no, why would I think that?" talk returns...Jordan says even though Michele is with "them" she thinks if they need her for a vote they could influence her...Jeff says he hasn't told her off yet, she's always fu**ing moaning and making weird noises...Jordan says she's a little crispy...Jeff says she's weird and imitates her making her weird noises...Jordan says that Lydia said that Jordan talked in her sleep saying that they should backdoor Russell or Ronnie and she told Lydia she didn't say that because she knows she doesn't talk in her sleep but she did have a dream where Julie Chen told her she was evicted.

Jeff says both Lydia and Michele are weird and that if Lydia wins HOH Jessie will convince her to not put up Natalie...Jordan thinks she'll go up...Jeff says no, he'll go up for sure, she'll do whatever Jessie tells her, they just have to win...Jordan goes over who might win the next comp, if Russell wins does Jeff think he'd put her up?...Jeff doesn't think so, she's been trying to be nice to him...Jordan thinks he'd put up Michele and Lydia...Jeff thinks he might put Ronnie up, it depends if Jessie gets in his ear...Jeff says that Casey told Russell he was a sheep listening to Jessie, Russell didn't like hearing that, Casey told him that he's going to be dumped at the end and Jeff said he agreed with it, he's planting the seed with Russell...

Jordan says Russell and Jessie were out there scheming earlier, she was letting Jessie show her how to do her lunges, being nice to him, she needs to work out...Jeff says Ronnie's back in the workout club, what a dork!...Jordan makes fun of Ronnie using the 10lb weights she wanted to use...Jeff laughs saying Jordan was pissed...Jordan says he should have been using the 20lb ones...Jeff says he needs to lose 20lbs and get the f**k outta there LOL

Jordan says they can't let him win...Jeff says he's going to win...Jordan says if Ronnie does win they're outta there...Jordan wonders if Michele would put her up, she worries if the others are planning to put both of them up to ensure one is going...Jeff says that might be the plan...Jordan says that Jeff will be in the jury house without her...Jeff says "no, we gotta get there together cuz otherwise I'll fu**ing cut someone's neck in there" LOL Jordan says it will be fun but she does want to make it to the end...Jeff says if he wins this week they can make a little run.

Jordan asks who Jeff would put up?...Jeff says it changes but Ronnie for sure, he's going to put people straight up...Jordan says she knew something was up in the POV comp, Casey should have tried harder to win...Jeff says he doesn't believe Casey would've won anyway even if he says he could have...Jeff says he could have done way better too, he was looking for prizes.

They start discussing how Russell...Jeff says he feels like he has a hard on for him, this is so self-absorbed but he feels like Russell wants to be like him, he's not even kidding, he watches himself all the time...Jeff tells Jordan about how he caught Russell staring at him earlier in the day, it was so creepy...Jordan laughs...Jeff could tell Russell was nervous, what the f**k was that? what a weirdo...Jordan doesn't know but says that Russell is always asking her questions about boyfriends and stuff...Jeff says maybe he has a hard on for Jordan and he's just jealous, he doesn't know...

Jordan says he said she has a boyfriend (Jeff) in there and she said she didn't have one...Jeff says that's weird because just today Russell asked Jeff why he doesn't tell Jordan about his exes, is it a weird story and Jeff said no, it's a long story and he doesn't feel like talking about it, what a weirdo...Jordan asked him if he and Chima were going to hook up? and then he said no, she's not my type, he prefers blondes and wished there were more blondes in there...Jeff says "maybe you and Russell can date?" ;) Jordan says "shut up"...

Jeff says maybe her and Russell will make it to the jury house and he'll win, he'll make that trade...Jordan says "you would trade me for that?"...Jeff says “no”...Jordan says "after all the trouble I've gone through with you?"...Jeff says "what do you mean? me too"...Jordan says "you'd dump me?"...Jeff says "we're in this together, there's no backing out now"...they laugh...Jeff says they've caused enough trouble, actually they cause no trouble...

Interesting statement here by Jordan that is eerily similar of their life outside the house in relation to the some of the other HG's

Jordan says "they just don't like us, maybe they're just jealous of us, maybe they're jealous cuz we get along so well and we stay out of it, maybe that's the problem" 😉

JeJo power trip hammock chat - Part 2


Jordan imagines winning HOH next over Jeff, it would be so good cuz Jessie's flipping out...Jeff, with emphasis, says "that'd be so awesome, so awesome!", he says if he didn't go to the jury house that'd be so sweet...Jordan says she'd do her muscles and say "4th week, 4th week"...Jeff says he killed Jessie in the DR today...Jordan says Jessie would never let go of Natalie but he told Casey that he would...Jeff thinks he would because he's a selfish bastard but everyone is here to win it for themselves...Jordan says Jessie doesn't deserve it, all he's going to use the money is on weightlifting stuff...Jeff hopes people are smart enough to know.

Jordan says that Jessie and Russell are close again and Ronnie was talking to Ronnie again so she's not sure what's up, she keeps talking to Russell, just flirting with him a little bit...Jeff says things are just weird, everyone wants to get through this week and then things will change...Jordan agrees and says she wasn't worried originally because she thought it would be Ronnie out 3rd week then Casey...Jeff figured that as well and now it's going to be him or her worst case scenario...Jordan says that Jeff should've accepted HOH from Jessie in the last comp...Jeff says "but I thought the plan was to get Ronnie out", he says he didn't want to just take it and owe Jessie a favor, it was better if he won and got to waste it on Ronnie and then next week he had a chance to win and they would have both made it to jury (worked out for the best Jeff! ;) )

Jordan says she feels bad that she didn't get anyone out in the high school comp...Jeff says she says that all the time, she's gonna win, don't worry...Jordan says she doesn't get Russell...Jeff says he's getting weird and sneaky...Jordan says she keeps talking to him to stay on his good side...Jeff says Russell is so paranoid about going up...Jordan wonders if she goes up with Russell, who would go home? Russell?...

Jeff says yeah, he would think so...Jordan agrees...Jeff says he doesn't know though...they go over who Jordan could win against...Jeff says he wouldn't win over anybody not even her...Jordan says "you think so?"...Jeff says yeah...Jordan tells Jeff to just be nice to everybody, kiss Michele's ass (please don't :/ ) ...Jeff says he talked to her but Jessie hasn't said a word to him and he wouldn't talk to him earlier, he just pretended to sleep...Jeff says Natalie tried talking to him asking him how he slept and then complimented him on his cooking saying she couldn't wait until they get a BBQ and he told her he'd be long gone before they get it and Natalie said for Jeff to not talk like that.

Jordan says you never know, Chima likes him now too...Jeff says that Lydia said that Chima would put up Jeff...Jordan says she doesn't know, maybe...Jeff asks who would she put up?...Jordan says "me?"...Jeff says "and me, she's not going to put anyone else up, she's not going to put her own team up"...Jeff says one of those Brains can't win, that's all, one of those nerds can't win...Jeff says if his team wins, then he'll cut a deal with Jessie to get Jordan through the week...Jordan says Jessie's word is no good...Jeff says it's terrible but he'll try to cut a deal.

Jordan says that Russell told her that Lydia & Kevin would go out before her, there's bigger threats than just her, they think she's just some dumb person...Jeff says there has to be animosity in the group, there has to be...Jordan agrees...Jeff says they're fu**ed if one of the Brains gets it...Jordan says if Ronnie wins, he's gonna backdoor somebody...Jeff says "I'm gonna fu**ing back kick his face" LOL Jordan wonders again about who would go home if it was between her and Russell…

JeJo power trip hammock chat - Part 2


Jordan asks if Jeff saw all the dishes in there?...Jeff says yeah, a million...Jordan says she's not doing them...Jeff says him neither but he'll wash his pan...Jordan says she'll do hers...Jeff says he washes his while he cooks, they ate his food so they should wash them...Jordan says they only cook for themselves...Jeff says Lydia murdered the steaks, she ruined them, she asked if he wanted one but he declined saying he'd eat leftovers and his dinner was the bomb...Jordan says "everybody else wanted yours didn't they?" :) ....Jeff says yeah, it was a good dinner today, yummy.

Jeff starts fantasizing...he says they're going to win, it's not "if", they're going to win, they're going to enjoy the week and he's going to tell someone to fu**ing kiss his dick on the way out, he doesn't want to get cocky....Jordan hopes it's endurance...Jeff says "I want to go on a power trip"...Jordan asks what he means?...Jeff says "I want to be in power and abuse it because I'm so used to not having it in here, ykwim?"...Jordan says having that bed, how comfy and cold it is...Jeff says people would be knocking at the door and he'd have his headphones on, go back to sleep and not even answer it "come back in 10, I'll be with you in 10, go" LOL

Jordan says "you won't be saying that to me!"...Jeff says "oh yeah, I need some Jeff time"...Jordan says "no! I'm going up there too"...Jordan says "we're a package, remember?"...they laugh and FISH...

Jordan says that Jeff has a good shot of winning next because Jessie isn't playing, he wins everything...Jordan catches herself saying what Jeff doesn't like hearing and she says "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that"

Jeff says he doesn't understand why she says he has advantage, he'll beat those fu**ing guys, they'll see this week, she doesn't believe him either, she can get away from him too, the door's locked now, you just lost the key 😜 Jeff says he hopes Jordan wins...Jordan does too...Jeff says she can stick it in his ass and say "haha" and lock him out...Jordan says she will...Jeff says "no you won't, I'll kick that door right in" 😁 ...Jordan giggles and says "Jordan time, we'll be sleeping all day"...

Jeff says ahh, man, that'll be too good, we'd feel so cool, for once, everyone would kiss their ass so bad cuz no one would want to go home, he'd make everyone crazy, he'd wouldn't tell her who he was putting up so she wouldn't act different and he'd make fake deals with everyone and if they don't win they'd be the ones making deals LOL

Jordan says that Jeff is safe if Russell wins, she's not...Jeff doesn't think Russell would put Jordan up and they might drop the cliques, it's a big week...Jordan, who always had great instincts about the game, says that she thinks they'll get to the jury house and then drop the cliques...Jeff says that makes more sense but who knows...

Jordan says "OMG Ronnie STFU"...Jeff says dude, he wants to drown'd him, if he did he'd still be blub, blub, blub under the water LOL Jordan says "he's so fu**ing annoying"...Jordan wants PB&J...Jeff says to make one...Jordan says jelly's fattening...Jeff says "with a glass of milk" :) ...Jordan asks if he wants to?...Jeff says no, he ate like shit today.

Jordan asks Jeff if she pissed off Russell when she pinched Jeff's belly fat? she did it on purpose...Jeff says why?...Jordan says because Russell asked if she didn't like muscles and she said she likes guys with a little bit of meat on them, that night she slept in the HOH with Jessie, it was like sleeping next to a rock, no cushion, would Jeff want a stick skinny girl that's all bones?...Jeff says "no, I don't like that" 😉

Ronnie is heard cackling in the background and Jeff says that honestly he's going to have to tell him to STFU...Jordan feels like they can't go anywhere...Jeff says he hasn't talked in a week and is now going off...brief FISH...Jeff is telling Jordan about how Michele is running her mouth to the others about what they talked about...Jordan says something about Kevin and Jeff says he hopes they stick to the plan.

Out of the blue Jordan says "does my hair look bad?" LOL Jeff knowingly smiles...

Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "no, it doesn't look bad"...Jordan says "K"...Jordan says "what?"...Jeff says "nothing, I was looking at your hair" 😉 Jordan wants PB&J...Jeff says to make some...Jordan is hesitant to it, asks if it's bad?...Jeff says who cares, she knows she wants it...Jordan wonders if she should have cookies and milk...Jeff thinks it might be better than PB&J...Jeff wants more of his leftovers but they're gone...Jeff says he's starting to get short with people, they're getting on his nerves...Jordan asks if her teeth look white?...Jeff says yeah, super white, almost scary LOL ...feeds go to fish…

JeJo power trip hammock chat - Part 4


Feeds return from fish...Jordan says "quit"...Jeff says he's just saying he has a feeling she's going to prove herself this week :) ...Jordan smiles...Jeff says "I talked all good about you in the DR"...Jordan says "do you? what'd you say? tell me"...Jeff says he can't tell her...Jordan says they don't ask her questions about Jeff...Jeff says "they don't?"...Jordan says not really...Jeff says "Jesus"...Jordan says they maybe asked once or twice...FISH...Jordan is saying she's hungry LOL

Jeff says to just make something...Jordan says she doesn't know what she wants to eat...Jeff says to eat a bowl of cereal...Jordan says how about cottage cheese...Jeff nods yes...Jordan asks what's better?...Jeff says cottage cheese, it's not too bad, cereal as well, fruit...Jordan says "salad?"...Jordan says there are fresh tomatoes in there...Jeff says he's pissed about how Lydia picked the veggies from the garden too early and they didn't even eat them, they never got a chance to grow...Jordan asks if he wants to go and eat stuff from the garden?...Jeff says it's all inside...Jordan emphasizes she meant the stuff inside...Jeff says "I'll bust your teeth out" LOL

Jeff says she'll like the tomatoes inside there...Jordan says yeah, she'll feel fat again...Jeff says tomato is the best thing she can eat, it's like a fruit...Jordan says for them to go and asks if he wants to stay out there...Jeff says he has to pee anyway...they get up and leave the hammock to go inside…

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