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Day 14 of BB13 Feeds

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

July 20

JeJo cute fart wrestling Part 2

12:01 - 12:02 AM

Feeds come back to the HOH room...Jeff and Jordan have settled down a little after their wrestling match...Jordan says Jeff is a meanie...Jeff says he's not a meanie...Jordan says he is...Jeff says how?...Jordan says he was making fun of her face...Jeff touches Jordan's face saying he's not making fun of it, he really sees it...Jordan says something about her teeth, Jeff taps her teeth a little too hard, Jordan ow's and Jeff cracks up laughing...

Jordan says "you hate me"...Jeff laughs again...

Jordan says "gimme a hug"...Jeff says "come here"...Jordan says "c'mon gimme a hug...apologize"...Jeff says "for what?"...Jordan tries to hug Jeff and says "for being mean"...Jeff says he's not mean...Jeff hugs Jordan...Jordan says "tell me you love me"...Jeff sweetly says "I love you" ♥

Jordan pushes saying "tell me like you mean it"...Jeff says "I did!"...Jeff grabs Jordan's leg and Jordan says it's a hamhock....Jordan wants another hug...Jeff says "listen love, go over there, stop it, I'm all tangled up in your mic"...Jordan says "you're no fun"...Jeff says "stop making people think this is what we do in here all the time"...Kalia says she hopes it is, it's really sweet...Jordan says "no it's not"...Jeff lays there like a mummy saying "this" is what they do in there...Jordan goes to the bathroom...

A minute later Jeff follows Jordan in there...unfortunately the cameras don't follow them but some audio is heard of Jeff calling her love...

Big Jeff/Jeff’s period

12:08 - 12:11 AM

Jeff and Jordan are in the HOH room chatting with Kalia, Porsche & Brenchel...they're talking about how old Dani, Jordan, Porsche are...Kalia is saying stuff the DR asked her, like if Dom was cute, Kalia says he looks 14, it would be totally inappropriate to say he's cute...Rachel asks if they asked about everyone?...Kalia says yeah, she wants 6 babies with Brendon ...Jeff says "what about Big Jeff?"...Kalia says please don't ever let her have kids by Jeff...Jeff asks if it's cuz of his gas? LOL

Jeff says "why can't the sistas like Big Jeff?" LOL Kalia says she's sure lots of sisters like Big Jeff...Jeff says why doesn't she put the word out there for him...Kalia says because she likes his girlfriend...Jordan says "thanks Jeff"...Jeff needs sister love...Kalia says Ladies Love Cool Jeff.

Kalia asks when Jeff's bday is?...Jeff says June 5th...Rachel says they should celebrate...Kalia says something to Jordan and Jordan says sorry she wasn't listening Jeff says Big Jeff to the Izzo...Jordan says Big Jeff...

Jeff says "it's cuz, well you never met Eric did you?"...Jordan says "your brother?"...Jeff says Big E...Jordan says no...Jeff says his buddies from out here, one used to live out here, Big Eric, they call him Big E, then there's Big Ethan, Big Jim and now Big Donavon and when they hang out they all talk in the 3rd person...Big Jim will say, hey Big Jeff, Big Jim had too many beers, he's not going to feel good in the morning and he says Big Jeff can't even look at himself in the mirror...Jeff says that the cup is always full with Big Jeff because Big Jeff is a positive guy Jeff says that Big Jeff is always in a good mood.

Kalia and Jeff talk about how much they ate today and the fact they both took a day off of working out...Jeff took a personal day off and he points to his crotch LOL Jeff says "I was flowing"...

Jordan shoots him a look and Jeff says "what?"...Jeff says they gave Jeff 3 days to have a period...Jordan is confused...Jeff asks her what she thought he was talking about when he said he was flowing?...Jordan didn't know, she thought he was having spills or something...Jeff says "spills?" and he giggles...

JeJo bedtime interrupted

1:32 - 1:34 AM

Feeds switch to JeJo who are up in the HOH room...lights off, Jeff in bed, Jordan is up going to go to the bathroom...Jordan says that if they hadn't won, her and Jeff would be the ones being backdoored...Jeff says they'd be outside crying...Jordan says it's only been 2 weeks, it's early and she doesn't want to go home in 2 weeks...Jeff says no shit...Jordan says it's warm in there...

Jeff says his throat is scratchy, he puts his sweats on and heads downstairs to get water...

JeJo late night chat - game talk/DR sessions 1:37 - 1:54 AM

Feeds switch from gross Brenchel to JeJo up in the HOH room...Jeff gets in bed...Jeff says he's getting super duper bored in there...Jordan says her too...Jeff wants toys...Jordan says they used to give them stuff...Jeff says it's so early and he's already peaking, he's gotta get in the groove again...Jordan says tomorrow Jeff will feel good because he slept a lot...Jeff says he hopes so because he has this tickle...Jordan says it might be because in here it's freezing...Jeff farts ...Jordan says "Jefff"...Jeff says they're not smelly but his stomach is producing some weirdness.

Jordan says here goes the late night chats...Jeff says he loves them...Jordan says soon they won't be able to have them...they start talking game...Jordan says she spoke with Rachel just to make sure they were still all together and emphasized she wants to make it to at least jury and then they can go on from there but Rachel said she wants to work past that to a solid top 5...FISH...Jordan says she wanted to make sure they were on the same page, she'd be pissed if they tried to backdoor them, Rachel said she was talking to Dom a lot, Kalia and Shelly are wanting B&R out, Shelly doesn't know about Dom or Adam...Jordan goes over various scenarios for HOH and POV...Jordan says Lawon is going to try and win HOH and they think he'll put them up...Jordan is worried about this week because of them being separated...Jeff says they need to talk to Dom the dipshit...Shelly says that she wants JeJo to go far...they say Lawon is full of shit...Jeff says yeah, well, he's putting them up...they keep talking game...

Jordan says she prays about it and then asks if Jeff's eyes are closed...Jeff says no, he's just thinking, he puts his hand on Jordan's back...Jordan doesn't trust Dom...Jeff says he knows...Jordan says Adam asked Jordan if they were still good, she trusts Adam over Dom...Jordan says she was talking to Dom for awhile today...Jeff seems like he saw LOL he says "yeah, about what?"...Jordan says boyfriends and girlfriends so maybe if she keeps talking to him like that, it was a good convo...Jeff doesn't seem thrilled, he says yeah but Dom's real tight with Dani...Jordan says Dani seems the type to backstab you...Jeff says later, not now...Jordan says that Kalia says said that Dani was working with Dom now and Dani got defensive about that...Jeff says it's because Dani knows if people know that then they'll be a target but really she wants to work with him so she probably said that on purpose (Jeff's onto her ) Jeff says that no one ever says Dani in any fu**ing plan so that's gotta change too when the keys go away...Jordan says people just forgot about her because she can't play.

Jeff says he thinks she would choose them over B&R (wrong!)...Jordan says she likes when Jeff says "best friend" to Dani, he talks to her more, Rachel gets on Dani's nerves, they have an advantage because people will think B&R are better competitors...Jeff says when it's time, they'll rise above...Jordan says they'll do good, she feels it...Jordan got burnt...Jeff didn't really tan, he was borderline sick...they ask if that's all they got?...they talk about the remote not having batteries and then Jordan starts whispering about her DR session, she says that she didn't like that she had to say something...Jeff says if they say that Jordan doesn't have to, just be honest, they're just trying to get a story going so if you don't feel like saying it then don't...Jeff asks what she said...Jordan says she thought she sounded bitchy towards Rachel and Porsche in Cassi's goodbye...Jeff did too...FISH...Jordan says she doesn't want to look catty towards other people, remember when she was telling him...feeds switch out...

JeJo late night chat - saying sorry & understanding 2:02 - 2:12 AM

Feeds switch back to JeJo in the HOH room...Jeff is saying something about it being just after dinner...Jordan says "what's wrong with you, you are on your period"...Jeff says he knows...Jeff says today he ate cottage cheese and two kiwis and then he went to bed until 3...Jordan puts her hand on Jeff's chest...then he had a sprinkle of potato chips with his JG pita sandwich...Jordan says she was cutting up cucumbers for that, Jeff got her liking that...Jeff says it's good...Jordan says she was going to bring it up for Jeff because he hadn't eaten and then Jeff came down, she figured he'd be hungry...Jeff says thank you.

Jeff says next time that she can open up those pita things like a pocket, not put them on top...Jordan says oh, so I did it wrong...Jeff says you cut it in half and stuff it, not put 2 pieces on top like a sandwich and if he's being picky, cut the cucumbers thinner not in big chunks, that's a little weird...Jordan giggles saying she'll let Jeff stick to the cooking...Jeff says he's helping her giving her pointers...Jordan will stick to cleaning...Jeff pokes fun that in a sandwich the meat goes in middle of the bread not stacked on top...Jordan says "stooppp, you hate me"...Jeff says "I don't"...Jordan hugs Jeff's arm...Jeff says he's been firing them out today, he's been yelling at everybody about ice cubes and cups...Jordan kisses Jeff's hand...

Jordan says everyone making Shelly wash dishes in the morning is ridiculous...Jeff rants about people using so many cups a day and leaving them everywhere and not cleaning up after themselves...Jeff says whatever, he doesn't do the dishes, he just does his own, he cleans while cooking and leaves the pan for the others to clean since they eat his food, it's all about give and take...Jeff wants Jordan to listen to his complaining...Jordan is listening...Jeff wants a complaint box.

Jeff farts...another Jayeffff Jordan says she was stressed out this week...Jeff says Jordan was cranky...Jeff yawns and Jordan snuggles in a bit...Jordan says "I'm sorry for being crabby"...Jeff says "I'm sorry too if I was's just stressful in here"...Jordan is about to say she forgot how it was in there...FISH...when feeds return Jeff is saying he doesn't know why she's saying that because they are literally next to each other at least 22 of the 24 hours a day so he doesn't know what she's talking about when she says they're not talking or spending time together, what is she trying to get at? does she mean something by that?...Jordan says no, even if they are next to each other, she meant that she felt like, it's nothing big...Jeff says Jordan is making it seem like he went out with his friends all weekend and now he's back with her and not paying attention...Jordan says she honestly didn't mean it that way...Jeff says she said it 15 times so what is she getting at by saying that? what does she mean? does she want him to be with her all 24?...Jordan says she didn't say that, Idk she just felt like she didn't talk to him that much...Jeff asks if she wants to know about his daily activities?...Jordan says Jeff! she just felt like she didn't really talk to him even though she was around him, she doesn't mean it like crazy, don't worry about it, she's just felt they were around each other but didn't talk, does he agree?

Jeff agrees but doesn't know how much more he can talk to her...Jordan says ok, she won't say it anymore...Jeff says he talks to Jordan 5 times as much as he even looks at somebody's face in this house...Jordan says she won't say it...Jeff says she can say it, it was obviously on her mind cuz she said it a bunch of times, he's not fighting about it...Jordan says she's not fighting about it either...Jeff says mmm kay...Jordan says she'll drop it...Jeff says mmm kay, me too...Jordan remembers one more thing and then she'll drop it...Jeff says mmm kay fire it in there.

Jordan says she felt like she was aggravating Jeff since they're around each other all the time...Jeff says he's not hiding anything from her, he doesn't know what she wants him to tell her, she always "what's up" like he ran into an old buddy from college at the market and he has a story for her, nothing's up, he went from here to the kitchen and what story does she want him to tell her? he needs a break too and he likes to have quiet time too...Jordan says ok, she understands, she's used to Jeff always talking and being "on"...Jeff says there's nothing to talk, there's nothing new...Jordan understands and is not arguing with him...Jeff says he's not sure she did understand...Jordan understands him now and won't aggravate him now about it...Jeff appreciates it and says "you are the best"...Jordan says he can be a butt sometimes...Jeff knows, he is a pain in the ass often...Jordan knows, she is too...Jeff say he's worse so thank you...FISH...

JeJo late night chat - game talk wind down 2:14 - 2:22 AM

Feeds return to JeJo in bed talking...they're talking about being on a schedule now, it's not like they do anything on Thursdays, they're live for an hour but it's the excitement of it all...

They talk about how fast the comps so by but at least it's something to do...Jordan says to say his prayers tonight for Thursday...Jeff says he says them every night...Jordan says to say them double so that everything goes to plan on Thursday ( )...they discuss the upcoming schedule...FISH...they talk about there being another twist that will change the game...Jordan says if they can just get past this week, it will be good because they're in pretty good with everyone...Jeff farts LOL

Jordan says she'll be bummed (if they're separated)...Jeff and Jordan talk about scenarios, the golden keys, jury house and comps...Jordan just really wants to get through this week, she thinks Jeff will do good, he's good at comps, he'll do well and then they can see pictures of his family...Jeff mmm, hmm's...Jordan wonders if they'll put Barry and Mimmo again?...Jeff has no idea...Jeff gets up to pee…

JeJo picture by the pool

1:29 AM

It's HOH picture time, Jordan takes a picture of Adam and Jeff first and then Adam takes a really cute pic of Jeff and Jordan by the pool. Gorgeous!

Picture Kiss

1:40 PM

The HG's are taking pictures, they have a staged pillow fight, they're hitting Brendon but just as predicted Jeff gets a zipper in the face, he says he did for real, it fu**ing kills, he felt like he got stabbed...Jeff says if it was some chick she would be crying right now and someone would have been evicted LOL As the others look at the pictures they've taken Jeff says "shut up" and playfully pretends to knee Jordan in the face...Jordan gives him that look and pulls him in for a kiss.

How Jeff met Jordan if not in the house

3:56 - 3:59 PM

Feeds switch to the BY...Jeff is in the pool, Jordan is laying out poolside...Kalia is chatting with them...Jeff sneaks up on Jordan (not on cam) and says "you know it was me?"...Jordan says yes...Kalia says Jordan wants his hand...Jeff starts making weird vomiting noises and asks if it was good acting?...Kalia says he's such a good actor, that's why he's on BB.

Jeff says watch this and he blows bubbles Kalia says they're the gassiest people she's ever met...Jeff says the last 2 days he's had a problem, the first step is admitting...Kalia says they're so gassy in this beast...Jeff sneezes...Kalia blesses him...Jeff says thanks...someone off cam says something about being good looking...Jeff says " thank you, you sexy bitch"...Kalia says she loves those sunglasses, they're Boogie Nights...Jeff says they're from that era, he likes it too

Kalia asks Jeff if he had to make up a story of how he met Jordan what would it be, if it wasn't in the house, if someone said hey, how did you meet your girlfriend?

Jeff says "umm, it'd probably be fall time, and I'd have a scarf on and it would maybe be, I might be in New York on some business and I was up, I happened to be up early that morning and I meant to go to one cafe but suddenly I changed my direction and went the other way and after I got my coffee, I went into the park to enjoy the crispness of the season and there was Jordan feeding the ducks" Jordan giggles...Kalia says she likes that story...Jeff says "that's the gist of it" LOL

Kalia asks if Jeff was wearing a scarf?...Jeff says yeah, I like scarves...Kalia giggles...Jeff says he likes fall scarves not winter scarves, you can wear them without a jacket and people will say dude, why are you wearing that scarf and he says why not? it's fall...

They talk about scarves and wearing them in LA & then a super cute moment happens next...

I always love you

3:59 PM

Super sweet moment caught on audio but not on camera...right after Kalia and Jeff finish talking about wearing scarves in LA...Jordan says "love you, do you love me too?"...Jeff says "I always love you too" ♥

Jordan’s baby maker song(s)

4:34 - 4:36 PM

Jordan walks by the kitchen where Dom and Kalia have been talking about love songs...Dom says "Jordan, what's your baby maker song? you know what I'm talking about? like your song that's on your slow jams playist?"...Jordan says umm...Dom says "i wanna guess, I wanna guess but"...Dom says he wants to say, not knowing if this is true, but he wants to say boy band...(wrong!)...Jordan says uh uh...Dom says "no?"...Jordan says it's not country...Dom says how can country ever put you in that kind of a mood (he has a point lol)...Jordan says Keith Sweat...Dom says "ooooh, wow, good choice"...Jordan asks if they know "Nobody"...Dom says hell yeah...Kalia says omg...Dom says "that's on my playlist too"

UGH Suuuurrrrrre

Dom says "wow Jordan came out of nowhere with Keith Sweat, I was going to say 98 degrees or something, she pulled out Keith Sweat on us"...Kalia likes it...Jordan says she likes that song and she likes that song called Rockin' That Thang by the Dream..Dom says he just said that song! that's the jam...Jordan walks away...

Lounger cuteness

6:24 - 6:26 PM

Jordan is sitting on the couches in the BY with Porsche and Lawon who's on the elliptical...Jeff comes outside and Jordan says "heyyy"...Jeff is heard moaning after what seems to be him sitting down on the lounger (off camera)...Jeff says "come here" (my favorite two words from Jeff)...feeds switch to Jordan walking over to the lounger from the couch area...Jeff says "you're not gonna eat dinner?"....Jordan says "no" she walks by she intercepts a bean bag that was tossed...she tells them to throw one more, she'll try...Dom is heard saying "that was the worse throw of all time Jordan" but as he says this Jordan makes a quick save and Jeff says "whoa nice catch, look at you spidermonkey"...Jordan throws and it misses...Jeff says "oh c'mon, I just called you spidermonkey" LOL

Jordan tries again, Jeff tells her to step into it...she misses again...Jeff asks her if she threw righty, why doesn't she use her left hand?...Jordan says when she would play...FISH ...Jordan stands near Jeff saying "what's up?"...Jeff says "nothing, I just wanted you...close to me" sweet! "so I don't get in trouble later for not talking to you"...Jordan says "oh be quiet"...Jeff says "you look nice"...

Jordan sits down saying "thanks"...Jordan says Kalia is taking a nap...Jeff says "in our room?"...Jordan says yeah...they giggle...Jordan says "she's so funny"...Jeff says he spilled oil on his shorts and it didn't come out...Jordan says "you look cute"

Jeff says "cute? I'm dirty love ♥ "...Jordan says "no when you have your hat and your shorts and your tank top you look cute"...Jeff puts his hat on and says "how about now?"...Jordan says "real cute"

They giggle...Jordan says that she looked up and saw the camera staring at them...Jeff says "oh no" and he walks off to go workout some more...Jordan says "run"...Jordan says she loves the lounger, if she had a big backyard she'd get one…

Jeff would like Jordan’s company

7:24 PM

Jeff is in the kitchen chopping garlic for dinner...Jordan walks by...Jeff, in a British accent, says "Ello!"...Jordan says "hey"...Jeff asks "what are you doing?"...Jordan says going to sleep...Jeff asks again where she's going? taking a nap? does she want to keep him company while he cuts garlic?

Jordan asks if he wants her to keep him company?...Jeff says "well I wouldn't have asked, if you're really tired go to sleep but if not I would like your company" Awww Jordan sits down to keep Jeff company…

JeJo & Adam talk - their LD relationship

7:27 - 7:30 PM

Jeff is prepping food for dinner, Jordan is sitting at the counter and Adam is hanging out with them...Jordan says Jeff should feel better because he worked out?...Jeff does feel better...Adam says today Jeff was the succcubus of Jordan (??)...Jeff says yeah, no it's back to normal...Jordan shoots Jeff a look...Jeff says "what!?...when I come visit you do you always come work out with me?"...Jordan says no, she wasn't talking about that, she thought he was talking about the....Jeff chuckles saying Jordan didn't even know what she was getting mad about...Jordan says she thought he meant a bad mood today or negative...Adam said remember yesterday he said that she sucked all the energy out of Jeff and today it was the opposite...

Adam asks if Jordan doesn't come to work out when he goes to visit her?...Jeff says "no...I go by myself"...Adam says "Jordan"...Jordan says "I go sometimes"...Jeff mumbles "sometimes"...Jordan says the time Jeff was at home, she was working...Jeff says "yeah that's true"...Jordan says she had to work so he would go to the gym during the day.

Adam asks how often they visit each other?...Jordan says once a month, twice a month...Jeff says twice a month at least (liar! lol)...Adam asks if they split it up?...Jordan says yeah, last time Jeff came to Charlotte so it's going to be her turn...Jeff says "that's why we wanted to do this too, so we could spend the summer together...hopefully spend the summer together"...Jordan says "yeah then after this we'll figure out what we're going to do you know?"

Jeff tries to change the subject...he says "anywho...who likes Rice Krispies?"...

Adam presses on and says that today is day 19 and they were together 5 days before that, so is this the longest they've been together in awhile? since the race?...Jordan says yeah it has, normally when she's gone to Chicago...Jeff interrupts saying they see each other more than once a month, twice a month, every 2 weeks (liar! lol) Jordan says this past time was the longest time, we went 3 months? (whoa!) Jeff says "what!?"...Jordan says 2 and a half months? last time was February, so March, April and Jeff came in May, it was 2 and a half months, remember they saw each other Valentine's day and then he came down because her girlfriend got married, he came to the wedding so that was the longest they had gone...

Jordan says this past time Jeff got buddy passes from her dad's girlfriend so he stayed longer and then tornadoes came through and he was delayed longer, he couldn't get out because the flights were rolled over, he was having a hard time getting back changes...

editorial note - Jordan was in Chicago mid March so she was wrong lol but it was 2 months they didn't see each other

Pool table hug

8:56 - 8:57 PM

The men are playing pool including Jeff...Jordan is standing nearby talking to Dom about her feet and how she wears out her shoes...Jeff looks over at Jordan and they smile at each other...Jordan heads over to Jeff and gives him a sweet hug and a little butt grab

Jordan talks about Maggie

9:36 - 9:42 PM

The HG's are in the BY talking about dogs...Jordan talks about how her friend Megan's dog had worms in his poop...they start talking about dog worms and Jeff ugh's, he's getting grossed out LOL They continue talking about their dogs and Jordan talks about her dog soon as she talks about Maggie's poop getting in her fur Jeff walks away saying "gross"

Up here stupid

9:47 - 9:48 PM

Jordan puts some popcorn in the microwave and heads up to the HOH camera but on audio Jordan is heard saying "I didn't know you were up here stupid"...Dom is seen smiling at that...I think Jeff says something about where else would he be...Jordan answers "I don't know", she then says she has to pee, she asks if Jeff wants fruity snacks? goes off them...

Jeff always misses Jordan

10:41 - 10:42 PM

Off camera audio only...Jeff has come downstairs from playing chess, he goes into the kitchen and goes outside, he's heard saying "where's Johrdan?"...he turns back and asks inside "where's Jordan?"...Jordan arrives, he asks her "were you in the DR?"...Jeff says that he was asking "where's Jordan?"...Jordan says "you missed me!"...Jeff says "always" (sounds like they hugged)

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