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Day 1 of BB11 Feeds

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

July 10

HG's Modeling Contest

12:17 AM - 12:32 AM

Casey is the DJ while Jeff looks on from the pool table.

Braden is up first...Casey says "Braden is a world class power baller...or a world class power nutter......if he wins today he's going to spend all the money on hair products"

Laura is up next in her bikini......and proud of it...Casey says "you can find her at are enormous" 🤣

Jordan models her pink lingerie and lifts up her teddy to reveal her cute butt, while Jeff smiles like a cheshire cat in the background and claps in approval 😁...Casey says "She is a Charlotte, she's got a hornet in her pants....describes herself as sassy, pinky and a blond bombshell, in three words she says OMG, she likes her men in backwards baseball caps" (aka Jeff)

A little bit later once Ronnie, Michele, Chima, Lydia, Russell & Jessie go, Jeff has his turn at modeling after mildly protesting that he's not taking off his shirt because of not being buff enough like Russell & Jessie, lol...Jeff prances forward and turns his baseball cap backwards (since Jordan likes that, lol), Jeff turns around to show his little butt and he rubs his nipple to turn the girls on. Casey says "he does radio marketing ladies, who wants to sign up for that station? I know I do, don't get mad" LOL

The way Jeff looks at you


Lydia & Jordan are cuddling on the lounger outside. Jeff is playing pool.

Lydia is going over who they can and cannot trust. Lydia doesn't trust Lydia, Natalie either...Jordan giggles...Lydia says to not say anything just smile...Jordan says she doesn't trust Russell...they make a pact that they're here to the end ...they say they trust each other and would never put each other up, they pinky swear on it. (how'd that work out for ya? LOL)

Jordan says "Jeffro...we can trust Jeff"...Lydia says she knows they can trust Jeff, Lydia calls Jeff over there...Jeff says to hold on so he can finish his ass kicking (of Braden in pool)...Jordan looks up at Jeff giggling and says "you wanna sleep with us tonight?"...Jeff says "in...with the snorers?"...Jordan says "well, yeah, she's leaving me tonight", Jordan giggles...Jeff says "where's she going?"...Lydia & Jordan get goofy and say they are "together"...Jeff is lost and says "what's goin' on?" and continues playing pool.

Lydia whispers to Jordan to not say anything (about her plan to sleep up in the HOH) while Jordan says she'll make Jeff sleep with her today...Lydia whispers the plan to Jordan...Jeff says again "what are you doing?"...Jordan says they have a plan but want to tell him when he's finished...Jeff taps Jordan on the forehead and Jordan says "I love how your big weinie is in my face" ...they laugh and Jeff says "no, it's not"...Jordan explains when he was walking forward towards her it looked like it was coming at her.

Lydia proceeds to explain to Jordan why she's falling for Jessie, she never expected to "like, like" him but there's something really sweet about him, she then tells Jordan she's the only one she can talk to, she loves Kevin but Jordan is a girl and "gets it"...Lydia wonders how Jessie is as a kisser...Jordan says then do it! she will give them alone time upstairs...Lydia & Jordan go over the plan and how it will go down.

Jordan reiterates there's only so many people she can trust, they go over the upcoming POV and Lydia says she's going to win and then they discuss scenarios, Lydia says she will lose it if Jordan leaves because she's her best friend in the house, they need to stick together, people are going to target them because they're blond, that's so stupid but they're just cuter & prettier and one of them has amazing boobs and the other little boobs but whatever.

They go over who they would prefer to get out first, Jordan is worried Jessie will put her up again, Lydia bashes Natalie a little for having a crush on Jessie...Jordan just giggles...Lydia says she really likes Jessie...Jordan says she should try and seduce him...Lydia says shhhh, only she knows about Jessie but she thinks Jessie knows she likes him...Jordan thought that Lydia was only a pawn though...Lydia talks in circles about Jessie, they have a bit more game talk and talk about who would want the other out.

Jordan says she knows Jeff wouldn't want her out because he told her that if she was gone he would be sad...Lydia says "I think Jeff has a crush on you"...Jordan says "I don't think he does"...Lydia says "yes he does, are you kidding me? the way he looks at you Jordan, he's like...he looks like he gets all smiley like a little kid, it's really sweet"😍 ..Jordan whispers that she doesn't think he does...Lydia says "Jeff is like, he's a sexy guy, you should totally do that...hello?" Jordan giggles...Lydia says "you know what I'm sayin'?"



Jeff, Jordan, and Lydia are chatting in the bathroom.

Lydia and a giggly Jordan tell Jeff, who is brushing his teeth, their plan to cuddle with Jessie and says that Jordan is going to cuddle with Jeff and they'll all wake up early and get back to their own beds before anybody knows what's going on.

Jeff: Ok.... <----In a really cute twist my arm sort of way and his facial expression is priceless

It's a cute exchange

Flirting over hot dogs


Jordan & Ronnie are whispering in the kitchen. Jeff comes in and Jordan tells him she ate the rest of his stuff (that he made)...Jeff asks if it was good? Jordan says no, it sucked...Jeff says yeah, right.

Jordan asks him what he thinks Jeffro? Jordan says she is going to have the worst stomach ache, she had this, a shake, wine, apple juice, 2 hot dawgs, chips, chocolate chip cookies...Ronnie interrupts saying he's craving 3 hot dogs and crinkle cut fries...Jeff says hot dawgs...Jeff says he loves the way they say "hot dawgs" J&J smile/flirt...

Ronnie & Casey ramble on about food & dieting while Jeff tells Jordan a cute story, it's like R&C aren't even there. He tells her that his little niece Macey can barely talk but everytime Jeff is over there, he tells his sister-in-law to make some hot dogs and Macey doesn't talk, she's real quiet but she'll softly say hot dog. They both smile.

Jordan says how do you think I feel, I eat all day here and you eat healthy...Casey says that is your choice...Jeff says what did you eat for dinner. Jordan says 2 hot dogs. They laugh...Jordan says you can't help it though...Casey says you can...Jordan says no! hot dogs or salad? J&J say hot dogs! Hamburger or salad? Jordan says hamburger...she wants something good that is going to fill her up...Jeff says you do eat everything...Jordan says she knows...Jeff says she's a junk food junkie...

Jessie comes inside and slaps Jordan on the butt and says it goes all right here...then they joke about Jordan's butt being her "money maker"

Jeff says his back hurts...Jordan looks at him and Jeff says what? Jordan says nothing, I'm waiting, God...Jeff says did you say I looked tan? Jordan says no, I look too tan now...Jeff says you look good, healthy. Jeff says why don't I look tan? Jordan laughs. Jordan says are you ready for bed so I can rub it or you got other stuff to do? Jeff says he's ready, you want to go to bed? Jordan says she's not saying that, she's saying if you're already ready so if we do that she can talk to him instead of saying I gotta go do this or that...Jordan tells Jeff she is working out tomorrow...she says she doesn't like working out...Jeff works out in the morning because then you're done with it...Jeff asks what he has to do tomorrow...Jordan sarcastically says you gotta go here and you gotta go there...Jeff means what kind of workout he's doing.

Laura comes in and talk turns to Jeff's ear piercing...he says every time he puts something in there, it will go through but it always gets infected...Laura says her belly button is pierced but she hasn't worn anything in it in a really long time...he asks Laura if something will still go through it...Jeff says don't it, it will get infected...Jordan says no it won't...Jeff says his will get swollen...Jordan says you have to keep the earring in...Jeff says he doesn't want to, even if it's just a joke for a little bit...Jordan makes fun of the way he says 'joke'...Jeff says don't try to do it (put something in it)...he doesn't want an ear infection.

HG's are in and out...Jordan comes around to Jeff's side of the counter, they flirt about needing shorts and socks and then they go off feeds...

3 minute back rub in the GR


Jeff, Jordan, Lydia & Laura are in the GR. Jordan offers to rub Jeff's back. Jeff says "you going to rub it?" Jordan says how else would I do it? Jeff is sitting on the floor and Jordan tells him to lean up, get up there (the bed) GAH! Jordan helps Jeff up and Jeff tells her to not get f**king crabby.

Jeff lays down and Jordan lifts up his shirt and starts rubbing. They talk about sleeping arrangements and how Lydia was mad before (something to do with Jessie being weird).

Jeff says he might sleep in Lydia's bed but as soon as he hears a snore he is outta there. He says he's keeping it real Jordan, see ya tomorrow. Jeff asks if Jordan is being serious because this is a serious problem...Jordan asks what's the serious problem...Jeff says his back...Jordan says in a raised voice "what about it? how am I not being serious"..Jeff says finally Jordan is crabby...Jordan says she is getting sleepy...Jeff says she is not sleepy, she's going to giggle for another 4 hours...Jordan says you just make me giggle.

Jordan keeps moving her fingers...errr, massaging, lol and Jeff asks Lydia if she's really going up there (HOH)? Lydia says it's a big bed, she's going to keep trying. Things get quiet and Jordan tells Jeff she is going to bed, she leaves...

Laughs over Braden in the SS room


The feeds come back on just before the 12:18pm mark...Jordan, Jeff & Casey are in the SS room...Jordan is laying in the double bed, Casey and Jeff are shirtless (?) LOL...they are chatting...Jeff says he has to shave his (he looks down at his chest)...Jordan looks at Jeff...Jordan laughs at how Braden's cream is all laid out...Casey says it's the Braden shrine...Jeff says "look at this place, he came in here and just took over"...Jordan looks sweetly at Jeff and giggles over the comedy that is Braden...

Jordan says he's so different...Jeff says "dude, he's awesome though"...Jeff says he wants to hang out with him...Jordan sits up saying sometimes she just wants to know who his friends are...Jeff says he's probably a loner with groups of friends all over the place...Jordan says "that he would randomly call" they laugh about how this and Casey says Braden would say "dude, what's up? you like ravioli's?"...they crack up...Jeff says he would say "dude, I got this new recipe for turtles, we're gonna eat it tonight, you wanna come over?"

They continue to talk about Braden, Jordan wonders if he did drugs?...Casey wonders if it's an act...Jeff doesn't think so, he's just like that, he's pretty sincere...Jordan agrees saying he will do stuff for you, he's really sweet. They talk about how they have to wash their dirty clothes...Jeff says he feels like he does laundry at home all the time, he works out and accumulates so much laundry plus add work clothes plus going out clothes, that's 3 changes, 5 days a week, do the math, it's a lot of clothes.

Jordan laughs at Braden's jacket and then says that his luggage is from like the 70's...Jeff says he's one of a kind...Jordan laughs...Jeff sits on the slide...Jordan says it feels good in there...Jeff says at night it warms up does it not?...Casey says he was just happy to sleep a little more last night but he won't sleep for 2 days if he's nominated.

Jordan starts talking about how she never would have guessed from how Casey looked that he would be the type that gets nervous or scared wanting to throw up or take a poop...Jeff laughs recounting what Casey said during the nomination ceremony...Jordan says she can't picture it because Casey's so funny and if mad at someone would let them know in a minute, she can't picture him saying he has to take a dump because his stomach hurts or throw up...Jeff looks at Jordan adoringly as she says this...

Casey says it was the nerves because his key was last...Jeff laughs saying he doesn't know how he felt but he'll feel it soon...Jordan says "yeah, me too"...Jeff says he feels smelly...Jeff leaves saying he has to rinse off and change...

Initial cuteness in the SS room


The feeds to switch to the SS room just after the 12:39pm mark...Jeff has returned and is laying in bed with Jordan...the flirting and cuteness is on

Jeff is finishing commenting on how he's the biggest loser in there (with the other HG's)...she notices it? He says she does notice it, he'll go up to them and say hey, what's up? and they'll be like hey, what's up dork? and he'll be like see ya later...Jordan giggles saying she sees it and Jeff laughs like a 12 year old boy crushing on a girl

Jordan gets called out by BB to move her mic...she places it on her pillow...Jordan says "you get shot down"...Jeff says he does...Jordan says she probably does too...Jeff says people already got their cliques...Jordan says she knew that the first day...Jeff says he can see people already telling him one thing and doing another...

Jeff says "you know what I mean?" Jordan says "what do you mean?" <---I find this so funny because obviously Jeff started saying "you know what I mean" so much because initially when he would say that Jordan would say "what do you mean?" so then Jeff wasn't sure Jordan was getting what he meant so he had to keep saying it to be sure. LOLOL

Jeff says he tried to talk to Russell about not talking to their team at all, Russell said he didn't talk to them much either and in his head Jeff was thinking that Russell works out with Jessie everyday and eats every meal with him...Jordan says he's riding the fence...Jeff says he knows, Russell was saying he never really talks to Jessie and in his head he was thinking why was Russell getting all defensive saying he never goes up to the HOH?...Jeff says he approached Jessie about not talking to the team and Jessie said the 3 of them are always up there talking, how come Jeff isn't talking?...Jeff says Russell said they don't talk but he knows he's lying, so whatever...Jordan says he's going back and forth...Jeff says it sucks because he thought Russell was someone he could be cool with in the house and trust...Jordan says he asks her things.

There's a knock at the door...Jeff says yo! come on Casey walks in Jeff says "so cute bro" :)...Casey says "make sure you guys have clothes on..." Jeff says "oh man, you know how we are, we're just scheming"...Casey says "make sure you're not scheming, you know, I'll give you time, I respect your scheme"...Jeff says he likes that...Casey says he's trying to be a nice guy, he hopes it doesn't hurt you in here, only place in life it might hurt you...Jeff and Jordan think the same thing...the laugh about how it's a cop out to say you respect someone as a player so you have to put them up.

Jordan, playing the game SOOO early, asks Casey who he would put up if he was HOH? Jeff says "wow, that's a jab"...Casey says "way to ease into it there"...Jeff says that's a tough question...Casey says Chima is an easy one and then he doesn't really know...Jordan says at first she thought Casey might put her up because he didn't like her...Casey wonders why she thought that...Jordan doesn't know...Casey says she doesn't need to worry, he's not HOH...Jordan can't wait until the next HOH comp...they talk about what it might be and how the next few weeks might transpire.

Jeff says if he wins the veto, he's not using it, Lydia is safe and Chima doesn't want to be there...Braden walks in the room and they keep talking game...Lydia walks in to get some clothes and starts to walk out...Jeff sits up telling Lydia she can lay down near Jordan...Lydia doesn't want to, she leaves...Jeff almost gets up but Jordan says she's not finished with him...Jeff asks Jordan if she's hungry?...Jordan says no, she ate cereal just now...Jeff says he's going to make a bomb spinach salad and whip it against the glass...they laugh...

Casey says he doesn't remember the last time he used a brush...Jeff says him too, he says Braden has great hair, it does everything...Jordan just keeps giggling...Jeff says he can't even put his back...Braden says "a little Alfalfa?"...Jeff says he has a little Alfalfa going on, he thinks he'll be alright in the balding department, he's got the grey department working though, it's one or the other, he'd rather be salt & pepper...Casey says yeah!...Casey says the only thing worse than getting old is not getting old...Jeff likes that saying...they talk about music, what music they asked for if HOH...Jeff says he loves the Linkin Park/Jay-Z collaboration...Casey puts on the red afro and they banter about that and a few other things, Braden leaves and then Ronnie walks in talking about losing weight and the fun breaks up...

Jordan's fly by affection


Jeff is sitting in the kitchen eating a salad. Jordan does a cute fly by of Jeff's hair and face while walking past him.

Jordan gives Jeff a back massage


Jeff is laying down in the GR with Lydia. Jordan comes in, sits on Jeff's butt to get ready to massage him...Jeff says f**k yeah...she starts massaging...Jeff says Jordan is so quiet why doesn't she giggle or something...feeds cut out...they return 6 minutes later, Braden is in the room...Jordan is saying she likes Brody Jenner, they talk about Brody & the Kardashians...Jordan says she loves Bruce, Jeff says he's awesome, he's like an American hero because he was in the Olympics, track & field, now he's a motivational speaker. Jordan likes Brody, Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum...Jordan asks if Jeff is ticklish, he says sometimes...

Jordan says what if your last name was Buttcheeks? They say there's a Butkis...Jordan says Fred Butkis. LOL They say his name was Dick Butkis...the best name ever and he was a badass dude, he'll kill you...Jeff says he saw him on a plane once and his fingers looked like a pack of sausages. LMAO

Jordan says there really is a Dick Butkis? They tell her he's a famous football player...for the Bears. Jordan wonders if that was a joke when his parents called him that...they says it's short for Richard Butkis. Feeds cut out again...

They laugh about the name Dick and then Jeff says what if Tom was short for c***sucker...that's a little extreme but...Jeff cracks up! Jeff said it made no sense. Jeff says it's Braden's fault and he's also zoning out. Jordan asks if what she's doing didn't tickle...Jeff says not really, a little bit. She giggles. Jordan starts punching his back, Jeff says she can do it harder...Jeff says he used to do this with his Ma...draw a picture on his back and he'll guess what it is...Jordan starts spelling a word...Braden says can you spell?

Feeds cut out and come Lydia is rubbing Jeff's hair too, Jeff says that is how he falls asleep, hair rubbing or back scratching. They talk about the upcoming competition. Braden says he'll cut his hair, get some grey hair and will be Jeff in the comp. Jordan laughs and Jeff says why you always have to laugh at me not just with me? She stops massaging and says she is going to bed, she has said that 10X today...Jeff says she makes him want to nap by scratching his back...Jeff says his Ma would scratch his back to settle him down and now that is what he does...

They decide to go lay in the SS room, Jordan says she's tired and going to bed, she lays down on Jeff's back briefly

and then pinches his butt and gets off of him to go to the SS room. Jeff says thank you.

Jeff's going to ban Jordan ;-)


Feeds switch to the SS room just before the 2:40pm mark...Jordan is laying on the rafts almost entirely off camera, Jeff is laying in the far bed, Braden is laying on the double bed...Braden laughs about how Jeff is going to try & work out with the other athletes...Jeff says he's going to try and if he still gets the "Heisman" it's over, he's going to throw every competition, they don't like each other so let the other cliques win and put them up...Braden says "bam!"...Jeff laughs saying he's being pretty ballsy, that was a lot of big talk, he hopes BB got that and then they're going to edit it like he's really tough...he laughs.

Jeff says if they keep segregating themselves as three instead of four, keep winning comps and he will ride their coattails until the end...Braden mumbles something that makes no sense ...Jeff (to get a rise out of a semi-sleeping Jordan) says "so happy that bitch Jordan left" he smiles and giggles...cut to Jordan who lets him know how she feels LOL

Braden says "oh the finger!"...Jeff says "are you cozy down there J-Dog?"...Jordan mmm, hmm's and says he's jealous of her because she her bed is 10x better than his, just be jealous...Braden says he's jealous, no wait, that's his bed...Jordan asks Braden if he wants to come lay down?...he answers "no"...Jordan says "are you sure?"...Jeff answers "absolutely not, I got the big bed"...Jordan says she's talking to Braden...Jeff says he was speaking for him...Jordan says "oh"...Braden says "thank you".

Jeff says "f**k, sometimes your attitude, I don't like it, I'm going to ban you for a whole day from me"...Jordan says "you couldn't do that"...Jeff says "yeah"...Jordan says "no, you couldn't, try"...Jeff says "fine, go kiss ass what are you going to do? go upstairs and work out at night with everybody?"...Jordan says "Jeff! quit being so mean to me"...Jeff says "f**k that, it's game time"...Jordan says "you butthole"...Jeff says "you start with the little comments"...Braden says "the finger, the finger was up"...Jordan says "shut up!"...Braden says wow LOL

Jeff sits up saying he was halfway sleeping, his naps only last 6 minutes in there...Jordan giggles and says "that's how it works in the Big Brother house"...Jeff decides he wants some fruit, he gets up and leaves saying he's going to get a peach... getting some good sleepies?


Jeff & Braden seemingly clear out the RR LOL and go back in the SS room...Jeff walks in first, camera stays on Braden who is looking at Jeff's suspenders (?) but audio is heard of Jeff saying to Jordan who is still napping on the rafts " getting some good sleepies?" Jordan says "no"...Braden walks in and the cams switch to the room...Jeff says "what are you doing? what are you dreaming about?"...

Braden says she left her sticker on his bed, it's cute, she's claiming his shit...Jeff laughs...Jeff says him and Braden are clearing out every room, every room they evacuate...Braden says every room he goes in, people just leave right away...Jeff cracks up!!...Braden says "I'm like f**k, everyone hates me and I'm the nicest cleanest person in the house, that's great" LOL

Jeff says he's going to get the same poison so don't worry...Braden says it's his pheromones or something, he doesn't know...Jeff keeps laughing! Braden lays down near Jordan and Jordan says "I didn't do anything" (??)...Lydia walks in and sits on the double bed...Jeff says he's going to lay over beside her and he does...Lydia starts up with her why is everyone so negative/feel sorry for me spiel...

Jeff loves real Jordan :)


Jeff, Jordan, Casey, Lydia & Braden are in the SS room still chatting...Jordan & Braden are on the rafts, Lydia & Jeff are in the double bed, Casey is sitting on his turns to how Braden just blurts things out off the top of his head...Casey says it's like "stream of conciousness"...Jeff laughs and says "what if you could like hook them up to a computer and see what's on their minds, what they're thinking, them two (Braden & Jordan) laying in bed right there?"...Casey says the computer would shut down, like a virus...Jeff says it would be wild, it'd start smoking...Braden says the whole place catches on fire...Jeff says too many things would run through the computer...Casey says "error"...

Jeff says "you and Jordan both have the same, you say whatever, I love it, say whatever's on your mind...I love that, real people, you know what I mean?"

Lydia says "I know what you mean, jelly bean"...Jeff says "can't get better..." Lydia interrupts saying Jeff doesn't like frenemies...Jeff says he doesn't and he doesn't like putting on a happy face but you kind of have to, if he keeps getting the cold shoulder he's going to have to say something...they start laughing about how Jeff is on the same team as them, they have no choice, can they work together here? More joking around and then Jeff says "dude, Jordan is going to be up all night"...Jordan says she's so tired...Braden says more random nonsensical stuff which makes Jeff crack up...Jeff says he has the giggles

Lydia leaves saying she's going to get the dictionary from the others...Jordan mumbles "Jeff are they really ignoring y'all?"...Jeff says "kind of"...Jordan says "what about Russell?"...Jeff says Russell isn't talking to them at all, he's being social but he hasn't talked to Russell at all, he flipped to the dark side...Jordan says she thinks so and starts to explain but the feeds switch to the HOH room...

How JeJo became BFF


Feeds go back to the SS room with Lydia returning with the dictionary...Lydia comes in talking about how someone was asking her if she was okay (because of her attitude)...Jordan all of a sudden grouchily complains "why'd you have to wake me up? I was sleeping so graceful" LOL

Jeff laughs saying it was because there was no where else in the house him & Braden could go, they tried every room...Jeff jokes saying they even took a shower together and someone was in there saying "hurry up"...Braden continues saying "you guys can't be in there, it's not your room, you guys are in the pool room, that's it"...Jordan asks who was asking Lydia talking about?...Lydia says it was Ronnie...the others say Ronnie is alright, Jeff says they need to swing him around to their side...Jordan says he is on their side...Jeff doesn't think so...Jordan asks why?...Braden says he is neutral, he'll do whatever anyone tells him to stay in the game, Jeff agrees...Jordan says "well then you better bring little Ronno in here"...Braden says eventually...Jordan says she doesn't want a swinger...

Jeff says Jordan has to start pulling her end...Braden says she has to start weighing down the fort, with her new ta-ta's, work that shit, stick them in his face LOL...Jordan says she is...Braden says she's just sleeping, staying up all night and talking shizzle...Jordan says she doesn't talk shit...Braden says not shit, shizzle

Jeff says "then, you're always pushing me away, wait til I go to the other side too"...Jordan says "you won't vote me out"...Jeff says "yeah you're outta here, on your ass!"...Jordan says "if you vote me out I won't ever talk to you again"...Jeff says "tsk, whatever"...Braden says it's $500,000...Jeff says it's because she didn't want to talk to him and then he will say so now you want to talk to me outside the house?...Jordan says everybody is asking her questions...Jeff says he would say what does it look like? they are around them together, it's the same shit...Jordan says "we're just like laughing, we became BFF because we started sharing a room together"

Jeff says "yeah remember when all you guys pretty much told us to go f**k ourselves right when we walked into the house, that's how we became friends, cuz I was part of the loser crew"...Lydia starts reading about her name from the dictionary...Jeff is confused LOL...they tell Lydia to look up debauchery (that would have beaten shotgun )...Jordan wants to go back to sleep...Braden says she wasn't sleeping, she was waiting for some booty shaking...Jeff laughs...Ronnie walks in and hugs Lydia saying he was wondering what happened because of Lydia...Ronnie informs them his nickname is rjrobot because is name is Ronald Jason, he shows his robotic dance moves...Jeff says Ronnie has some good jokes, he's quick.

Jordan asks Ronnie why people are ignoring Jeff (& Braden) but Jeff doesn't want to make a big deal of it in front of Ronnie so he brushes it off...Jordan asks Ronnie if anyone has said anything?...Jeff asks Ronnie if he feels that the house is divided?...Ronnie says yes, he feels like it's night & day right after the ceremony, it will get more real if the veto goes sour for people...they laugh about how Chima will lose her shit if she doesn't win the veto with how her attitude was already after the HN comp...Jordan asks Ronnie again if anyone has said anything?...Ronnie says no, people just don't want to commit.

Jordan says that she told Jeff that the reason people don't like him is because they think we...Jeff says "that's not why, why do you think that has to do with everything?"...Jordan says "they think we have a showmance"...Jeff holds back a smile and says "why do you think that matters?"...Jordan says "I don't know"...Jeff just looks at her...

Braden says "how about me, you've got your name above my bed" LOL Ronnie notices they took the towels down...Braden says he did, he doesn't care, they were in his zone...Jeff says that was a good decorative thing though Casey walks in, sits on the slide and talk turns to weird words in the dictionary, some college football talk & turtles.

Jeff rubs Jordan's feet for the first time

4:01 PM-4:10pm

Jordan is laying down on the twin bed in the far corner of the SS room. Jeff is laying on the double bed next to Lydia. At 4:01pm Jeff says he is going to take a 3 minute nap then someone is going to call him. Jordan says to Jeff to rub her feet then since she rubbed his back. He says he would if she was over there.

Lydia and Ronnie talk about upcoming veto comp and it's hard to hear the convo between Jeff & Jordan...

Just before 4:03pm Jordan gets up, puts on her mic and heads over to Jeff. Jeff asks her if she is coming over for a foot rub. She sets her foot on the bed. Jeff scoots over...Jeff tells her she has to keep her socks on and Jordan asks why? (no answer). Jordan lays down with him (head to foot). He asks her if she is cozy, he then lefts her leg up and puts his foot in her face, then bends his knee and takes his foot away. He rubs her foot for a little while and asks too hard? Jordan then turns and takes the sock off the other foot while Jeff says nooo. Jordan sits up and the rest of the convo is very hard to hear but it's mostly cute bickering and giggling about her feet and the rubbing...

He rubs her feet until he is called to the DR.

The Toe Job convo


Jeff is laying down on the back part of the LR couch, Jordan is nearby and lays down as well...Jordan tickles Jeff's foot to get his attention...Jeff wonders what she used...Jordan says it was her finger...Jeff says it was? do it again :PJordan plays a little with his foot and Jeff says could you write something?...Jordan giggles and asks if it felt like she wrote something? Jeff says it seemed like a "K"...they banter a little about who needs to finish each other's massages...Jordan says to Jeff "don't try to get out of it"...Jeff doesn't because he wants the back massage.

Jordan says she can't sleep now...Jeff puts his foot near her mouth and giggles, Jordan ughs...Jeff says he knows because she took her naperoo...Jordan says she did, it was a long one and it felt good...Jeff says he was falling asleep a little bit when she was tickling his foot, like when you're half asleep and you can kind of hear what's going on...Jordan says when you're like in the zone?...Jeff says yeah, that's how he was.

Jordan says she's bored...Jeff says "whaddya wanna do?"...Jordan says they can't go outside...Jeff asks her what she wants to do that they can do?...Jordan doesn't know but since she ate she could probably fall asleep...Jordan tells Jeff she has her bleaching stuff in...Jeff says right now?...Jordan shows him her pearly whites...Jeff says you can barely see that thing...Jordan shows him, Jeff says to leave it and not take it off...Jordan says she's not going to take it out, they bicker a little about that...Jordan says it's burning her gums.

Jordan looks around the room and says she better start observing some stuff...Jeff says he has been...Jordan giggles about Jeff maybe counting the flowers...Jeff says no but there's 23 limes in there..Jordan asks where?...Jeff signals where...Jordan says "you counted how many apples?"...Jeff says 10...Jordan giggles and asks how many oranges?...Jeff says 5...they go over how many and Jordan says it's ok, just as long as Jeff is HOH she'll be ok...Jeff says "you think so"...Jordan says "you do, I'll kill you"...they both laugh...Jeff says "it's a THREAT! I don't feel safe in this house" Jordan says she's serious...Jeff says he knows and to shut up.

Jordan then says she will cut his sleep, lol...Jeff says he can't sleep as it is, he'll see it coming...Jeff smiles at Jordan so sweetly...Jordan says maybe she'll dress up as a ghost and come and get him...Jeff says maybe he won't see hear her coming because of the snoring but he'll be able to see...Jordan laughs and says he probably would because right before she stabbed him she would laugh or start goofing off, that would be bad, you know?

Jordan starts touching Jeff's toes and Jeff says she would laugh before she kills him? Jeff then says "you like feet huh?"...Jordan says he needs to file his toes, she doesn't have a foot fetish but she doesn't mind feet, if they're ugly she doesn't like him...Jeff says he has ok feet for a guy...Jordan says yeah and then says she might have gotten her spit on his big toe ...Jordan points out that Jeff's second toe is kinda weird looking (the camera zooms in, lol)...Jeff says "well, I can't control what they look like"...they laugh...Jeff says "they just do"...Jordan says "your second toe is like skinny and then it gets really fat"...Jeff laughs and says he's heard that, he laughs more saying it's so funny, he can't believe she noticed that...Jordan then describes each toe in detail ending with "pinky toe"...Jeff laughs again while Jordan cracks up...Jeff brings his other foot over while Jordan looks at it and he says "it probably looks the same as the other ones"

Jordan cracks up again, she flicks Jeff's second toe and says "your second toe is like retarded"...Jeff says "oh boy"...Jeff mentions it's skinny then big, he was told that by someone before (thinking an ex-gf, lol).

Jordan continues to laugh while Jeff says "whaddya want me to do about it? get a toe job?"...Jordan says "get nipped & tucked"...Jordan says to look at her toes, her second toe is longer and separates from the others...Jeff says "it is longer"...Jordan says "yours is just fatter and ewww"...Jeff says "take it easy with your long ass second toe"...they laugh...Jeff asks if she trips over that thing a lot? Jordan points out her pinky toe is crusty and Jeff doesn't want to see it.

Jeff then says he's been trying to remember things in his head but then he forgets during questions...Jordan says for him to repeat it over and over again...Jordan wonders where Lydia is...Jeff tells her she's sleeping...Jordan might do that too...Jeff says he's glad he got a workout in...Jordan says why? cuz he's obsessed with it?...Jeff says no, he's not he just feels better when he works out, take it easy, why does she always say everything with such fu**ing vigor like she's pissed about it?...Jordan laughs and asks why he uses f**k so much, to add meanness?...Jeff says because she's being mean so he fu**ing wants to send it back to her...Jordan laughs and says "try to avoid that word"...Jeff says the "F" word? he tries to but sometimes it just pops out.

Jordan says she was so mad at Jeff & Braden earlier, they laugh about the silliness of it all and Braden and his aura...they crack up about that...Jeff says shit got so weird in there...Jordan has the giggles, she says her chest hurts from laughing so hard.

Casey approaches them, they chit chat for a second and then Jordan leaves.

Sex talk in the GR - Jeff's preferences


I would like to say that I have seen this before and did remember it but didn't think of putting it in the calendar because it was only Jeff and not Jordan and at the time I was doing the majority of the calendar, I was focusing on fb's that involved both parts of JeJo, but it was primarily because I found it very hard to focus in on what Jeff was saying, it's hard to listen to, literally listen's LOUD! It's not because Jeff is talking about sex or it's sexual content, who cares! I just found it to be a lot of yelling and boasting talk...just kind of goofy in general. I also didn't like how Jeff and Laura bickered in it...Laura really tried to be the center of attention as usual, it's like everyone in the room though was trying to one up each other with goofy sex talk....JMO I am adding it now because it was pointed out and I don't want anyone thinking that I was avoiding posting it. lol

The other HG's are talking about sex, their likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. Very explicit...warning ...

Jeff walks in and immediately asks Jeff if he did a girl in the butt and she wanted to do him the same way with a strap on what would he say?...Jeff says no way, she can put the strap on on her own ass...they laugh...Lydia asks "so no fingers in the butt or anything?"...Jeff says no, he's real sensitive about that, not sensitive but when chicks try that he says to not go there, he's not comfortable with that...someone says "in the butt?"...Jeff says yeah, he doesn't like them touching his butt...Jeff says he's not down with it...Kevin asks if he's tried it?...Jeff says no, he doesn't like it...Michele says he has a mental block (she doesn't obviously )...Jeff says he does...Lydia asks if he would let someone cover him in latex and then peel it off of him...Jeff seems confused...Lydia explains...Jeff says yeah, how is that sexual?...Lydia explains it's a fetish...Jeff says it's weird but he'd be down with that.

Talk gets loud and confusing...Jeff says something about it being something he'd try if he was dating a girl for a couple of months (LOL)...then he says something about not wanting a statue stuck up his butt, he's telling the truth, he would tell them if he'd like it, he doesn't like it...Kevin says just a little caress...Jeff says he doesn't want anything near his butthole, poop comes out of there, don't go in there ...Braden says exit only baby...Jeff says yeah...Laura asks Jeff so now is he going to mess with a girl's butt?...Jeff says he doesn't like banging in the butt...

Jeff swears to God he doesn' turns to Russell...Lydia asks him if he'd put on a full animal costume and do doesn't do anything for Russell...Jeff thinks it would be funny. I just caught this...Braden says "a giant squirrel"

Jeff doesn't think he'd orgasm but he thinks it would be hilarious...Russell says guys can't be sexy, dressing sexy doesn't work, they aren't sexy...Jeff gets called out by BB to lift his mic and Jeff says into it, you wanna hear about my butt stories? LOL

More loud talk...Jeff says it would be hilarious, have they seen Entourage where the guy dresses up? Jeff laughs about it saying it would be funny...another question about being watched while doing it...hard to hear what anyone is saying...Laura says something to Jeff that riles him up, he says that "she" wants to shove things up his butt! does Laura like guys doing that to her?...Laura says no...Jeff says she keeps calling him out...Laura says it's off limits for females so girls kind of want to do it in a way...Jeff says "do you want to get banged in the ass?"...Laura says "no"...Jeff says "what's up? why do you keep saying that?"...Laura says that she's saying that Jeff said if he really liked a girl he wouldn't let her...Jeff asks if she would let a guy do it to her?...Laura says no...Jeff says because of the cameras?...Laura says "f**k the cameras! and no she wouldn't, exit only"...Laura says hey to her Mom, they have Showtime, they're saying this on Showtime...

Kevin says it's the most intense orgasm...Jeff has heard there's a gland there, he's heard that...Kevin talks a bit about his experiences and how good it is...Jeff says he could never do it, he'd be so uncomfortable...Chima says she's never had a penis in her ass, she likes it in her vagina so...Jeff says exactly, he's all good...Lydia continues asking about handcuffing to the bed...Jeff says "and then they stole your wallet? see ya later dork" Lydia says she hasn't been...Jeff is surprised, she seems to be the type that does everything, she'd have all kinds of stuff...they talk about sex swings...more loud talk...Jeff can be heard asking Braden "hey Braden ever heard of the Liberator?" Of course Braden knows!...Jeff says he's gotta get that......Braden says it's awkward having it around your place though, trying to explain it away...Jeff says he's gotta get it, it's simple enough for him

Ronnie comes in and the mood and talk changes...back to sex talk...Jeff asks what else she's got?...Lydia asks about wearing masks to parties, who would do that?...they debate that...Jeff asks who they are bringing there?...Laura says she needs to see their faces, it's not just the bodies...Jeff and Laura bicker again, Jeff says the guys are "that" long so she'll have a good time LOL They bicker MORE and Jeff says Laura is jumping on him saying he likes dicks in his ass...

Lydia asks who would go to the Playboy Mansion?...Most say yes, Braden says he's been there to several parties (of course! lol)...Chima says she would never go there, the people there are not her types of people...Jeff says he'd love to go to check it out...Chima says the guys are creeps...they talk about how much it costs and how to get in...Laura explains, she's never been though...Jeff says he'd want to go for sure, it's like something you want to check off your bucket list...

Talk finally changes and some of the HG's leave the room..

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