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Jeff's HOH Blog

hey everybody its jeff, i guess i get an hour to tell you a little bit on how things are going in the house and what my experience has been like so far. this experience has been amazing, the good times and bad.sometimes the days get long in here. a lot of down time and always something running through your mind. the best thing for me is to keep positive and be thankful of the situation i am in, and that helps getme through the long days.

so do you wanna hear my personal thoughts on the remaining housemates? lets start with russ, huge dork! this guy has no thoughts of his own and he's all talk. runs his mouth on a daily basis about how tough he is, and mixes that in with the 7 different jobs he has, get real loser. enough about that dork i am sure you see his true colors on tv anyways. lets do michele. michele means well i think deep down but really gets paranoid daily, which makes me not trust her as much as i would like to. she makes weird little sounds throughout the day that are starting to get on my nerves a little bit, but at this point everything is. the worst is when she sleeps and you walk into the room she makes this weird sound that is a cross between a loud yawn and a cry ? its kind of funny actually. but like i said deep down i think she is a great person and means well, and by the way she looks great! she lost 16 lbs in here and is feeling really good about herself, i think that's great! now natalie. natalie is a really straight forward person who tells you what's on her mind, good or bad. i like that about her actually. we just now started becoming closer do to certain people leaving"jessie/chima". natalie is young but overall headed down the right path i think. still has the 18 year old way of thinking that she is always right, but who didn't at that age. if natalie is on your good side she is a really fun person to have around. good people. okay kevin. me and kevin have been becoming a little closer throughout the game, still not really tight, but i respect him as a person. kevin is another person who tells is like it is if given the chance. not as open as natalie, but sticks strong to his values. again, i like that quality about kevin. he might come off as a week person on tv, but inside kevin is avery very strong person and i respect him for that. now the one everybody has been waiting for, jordan. me and jordan are very close,she is my best friend by far in the house. believe me, i know how she must come across on tv, but inside jordan is as good as they come! she has a heart of gold. she really has been a good listener when i need to vent at times, or also someone to make me smile when i needed a laugh.and more than anything week one when nobody wanted to talk to me,jordan was the only one to reach out to me, when she didn't even have to, and make a friend in me. that's the main reason im so close with jordan, and the type of people i want around me. i promised her when she did that week 1, i would take her as far as i can, and i personally think we have come a long long way.

thanks to help of the people who voted for me to win the mystery power.thank you so much again, i would have been a goner if it were not for you voters, so THANK YOU!!!! but as far as me a jordan having arelationship, i think right now were just good good friends, but as BB goes expect the unexpected???

as far as my thoughts go on reaching the final 2, i don't like to look to far ahead. there is still a lot of time left to go in this game and each week gets harder and harder. so for now i gotta take it week by week and prepare for the worst and hope for the best. my mind is strong, and i just gotta keep being positive. each day is more important than the last one from here on out so i gotta stay shape and more than anything just keep having fun. this has been a summer i will never ever forget for the rest of my life. this is an opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime and i wanna cherish every moment of it! i understand how lucky i am to be here, and hopefully im fun to watch each week, stupid comments and all???

i just wanted to say hi to all my family and close friends, i miss you and love you very much, im having a blast in here don't worry about me, hope all is well, and i can't wait to see each and everyone of you! congrats again to my buddy mimmo and family on having his first baby. i can't wait to see him! and thanks to my niece marley for the picture, i love it!

Russell i can't figure him out. He's a nice guy hidden by this tuff bad ass image. He's not as tuff as he looks. he's definitley a fighterand doesn't give up. He tells alot of lies. I don't ever know what to believe. I'm not sure if it's part of his strategey or if he's just trying to fit in with certain people. In this game Russell's someone you cant trust cause he will backstab you.

my time is up......... for now.........keep on truckin,


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