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CBS.Com Interview With Jordan

Eviction Interview: Jordan

IneedAmoniker: Jordan, if Jeff doesn't propose to you in the next 6 months will you marry me??? I'll give Jeff my fiancee

Thanks for the offer, but I gotta stick with Jeff!

TheCody_Says The Cody: Do you see marriage in the future for you and Jeff?

Yes, eventually.

ashuhlee_ann: Jordan, do you regret your game play with Shelly and Adam? If so, what would you change?

I wish I wasn't so naive about Shelly, but Adam, I don't regret playing with him at all. I really, really like Adam.

dawniewest: Jordan, what did you do with the money you won from your last BB experience?

I bought a house for me, my mom and my brother.

becety: Jordan, there were several times that you seemed really sad in the house, did you genuinely enjoy the experience?

Yes, I did enjoy my experience but was a little homesick at times.­­

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