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Eviction Interview: Jeff Posted on Aug 26, 2011 09:45pm

hrich1210: What are your concerns for Jordan in the house without you?

People taking advantage of her. That is the one thing I don't like. Jordan's kindness is sometimes mistaken for weakness and that gets me fired up.

heatherhump7601: Do you regret trusting shelly?

Yes I do. I'm out and she voted me out.

lilyyangg: If you and Daniele had worked together do you think you would have taken out the floaters who all don't deserve to be there?

100 percent - but I couldn't trust Daniele to do that because all the floaters were her friends.

hannahkaylin: Big Jeff. Are you going to be friends with Shelly outside the bb house? And where is your relationship with Jordan?

I thought I would be and I want to say that it is all just a game, but for Shelly to do something like that to me really hurts -- past the game level. Right now, it stings, but we'll see how I feel at the finale.

patandaj patandajf: LOTS of lazy floaters this summer. Who's the worst offender? Kalia, Porsche, Shelly or Adam?

Best floater was either Porsche or Shelly - they are equally terrible.

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