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Brush with Fame - I Met Jordan!

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Ashley who met Jordan during her welcome home party.

My brush with stardom! Oh yea, in case you don't watch Big Brother the girl on the left of me is JORDAN! The winner of this past season of Big Brother. Ok ok here is how I met sister gets her hair cut at Planet 21 Salon right? Jordan was working as a receptionist there previous to her Big Brother win. My sister went in yesterday and the lady who does her hair gave her the update on Jordan and Jeff! BTW...they are still a couple! Anyways, they were having a "Welcome Home Jordan!" party at a bar downtown for her and the news just happened to get passed my way. So of course I convinced the hubby to go downtown last night and we were able to get right on in her private party! oh yea. Let's just say I was freakin' EXCITED! We all know I LOVE reality tv and I have never met anyone from the shoes I love. This was a first!

This is the lady, Char, who cuts my sister's hair. Would you believe me if I told you she was 35? Yes, thanks to her I met Jordan. She introduced me to her and we got to talk for just a few minutes. Oh yea and I had to put in the picture below. This is Cubby, a morning guy on my favorite radio station in Charlotte. 96.1 THE BEAT. If you are ever in the Charlotte must listen! He was also at the Jordan party and he was trying sooooo hard to talk to her and sit with her. It was hillarious to watch. You might also know Cubby from the infamous Single Ladies dance on YouTube. He made it on to the Tyra show for having millions of hits.

So....just had to share my brush with fame! I LOVE JORDAN! and oh yea...if you watched you will appreciate the news...Jeff will be here next weekend to visit her! Char (hairdresser) got my phone number and is giving me a call to let me know their business. ooooo can't wait!



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