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Big Brother' Stars Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Share Their Baby's First Sonogram ET Exclusive

Jeff Schroeder and Jordyn Lloyd can't contain their happiness!

Just one day after the Big Brother alums dropped two bombshells -- that they secretly got married and are expecting their first child together -- in a YouTube video, the newlyweds were still beaming over the exciting announcement in an exclusive ET interview.

“So I'm three months pregnant," Lloyd, 29, gushed. "It was really hard keeping it a secret. None of my girlfriends in Charlotte [North Carolina] knew that I was pregnant or that we even got married."

"I first found out I was pregnant on February 22," she continued. "I had a feeling about it. I wasn't sure. I took a pregnancy test, it came out positive, I didn't believe it! So, I woke him up at 7 o'clock in the morning, crying."

"I was crying, because my mind was in wedding-mode," she explained. "I was all about prepping for the wedding. The next week, I was going to try on wedding dresses with this lady, and I was so excited. And then, it was just like... boom, baby."

But now, she's ecstatic to be a mom, and even shared her baby's first sonogram exclusively with ET!

The couple was planning on having a destination wedding in Mexico in September. "I was so excited, we had 356 people we invited," Lloyd dished. "It was going to be a big celebration."

Those plans changed when they found out they were expecting and they decided to tie the knot a few months early at a courthouse in Beverly Hills, California. "Now, since [we're having a] baby, we can plan for next year," Lloyd said.

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