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Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan On Marriage Boot Camp

Big Brother royal couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd recently announced they will finally be getting married in October, 2016. Before the happy nuptials take place, however, Jeff and Jordan will have to get their relationship priorities straight on the latest season of Marriage Boot Camp.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premieres this Friday, May 29 on WE tv at 9 PM ET/PT, and will feature Jeff and Jordan as part of this season’s cast. The tagline for the new season of the relationship reality show is “Big Secrets. Big Lies. The Biggest Scandals Yet.”

All we can think is that Jeff and Jordan will probably have to stage some huge fight about who didn’t fold the laundry to fit in. I mean, we already saw what constitutes an argument between the two during a Big Brother Live Chat last season and it was hilariously silly. Plus, all the times we have seen them on camera, the biggest drama they’ve ever had is why the hell Jeff Schroeder took so long to propose!

So why did Big Brother‘s Jeff and Jordan decide to sign on for Marriage Boot Camp? Especially since Jordan Lloyd has expressed in the past that she doesn’t really love being on TV? Well, we’re sure the money involved is part of the reason (and Jeff’s constant need to be on camera), but the couple says there are practical considerations behind going the show as well.

“We know marriage isn’t easy and we wanted to sharpen the tools that we have and learn new ones so we could be the strongest couple we can be before we tie the knot,” Jeff tells “Plus, it also gave us an opportunity to branch out and try something new.”

Jordan says there were issues on both sides the couple needs to work on. For her, she says, “I learned that I needed to be more supportive with Jeff’s career and I need to be more positive.”

Find out what else Jeff and Jordan had to say about their relationship, their time on Marriage Boot Camp, and if they’d ever consider coming back to Big Brother again at our sister site,

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