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BB’s Jeff Schroeder Jokes About Jordan Lloyd’s Pregnancy Mood Swings: ‘I’m Walking on Eggshells!"

April 11, 2016

She's the HOH around here! Big Brother's Jordan Lloyd is embracing her pregnancy — and her mood swings. The reality star and her husband and former costar, Jeff Schroeder, joked in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly about what life has been like since finding out that they're expecting their first child.

"I'm walking on eggshells over here. Jordan works a lot, that helps! I’m just kidding!" Schroeder, 37, tells Us. "The mood swings with the baby are tough. You see these old shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, [and] you start to remember different jokes that come to light about the wife," he continues. “We’re just like the typical couple where the husband better just shut his mouth if he doesn’t want to get in trouble, and the wife can say whatever she likes. I feel like I’m trapped in a sitcom. Other people are having fun with it, but I’m not."

Last week, Schroeder and Lloyd, who met on season 11 of Big Brother in 2009, confirmed to Us exclusively that they are married and set to be first-time parents. The couple got engaged in September 2014 but decided to tie the knot in a court ceremony on March 15 when they learned that Lloyd was pregnant.

"It was early in the morning, and she woke me up crying," Schroeder recalls to Us of when Lloyd, 29, took a pregnancy test. "I said, 'What’s wrong?' And she’s like, 'I think I’m pregnant.' So then right away I was kind of relieved that it wasn’t something tragic."

"And then I’m thinking to myself, How did this happen? When did this happen?" he adds. "A couple of weeks earlier we had gone to check out [our then-wedding] location in Mexico at the Palace Resorts, and it was all-inclusive, drink as much as you want kind of deal — so I guess that’s how it happened!"

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