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B.B.A.D. Radio Exclusive Interview with Jeff

Hey Big Jeff this is B.B.A.D Radio and thanks for answering some of our questions. We heard right before the live show that there was a big blow out between you, Shelly, and Adam. What sparked this so close to the live show and what occurred?

It was just to call Shelly out. She made three deals with other people in the house. That might have been my demise, but it happened the way it happened. I wasn’t scared of anyone in the house, but ultimately that was my demise. Either way, I’m out and they are in.

If you had known prior that there was going to be a double eviction yesterday, would your strategy had been any different?

I don’t know what I could have done to prepare even if I had known…But I definitely would not have had it out with Shelly.

You didn't seem like the same Jeff from Season 11 as you were this season. We saw a lot more intensity out of you. Was this your plan from the beginning to play so hard?

No – it wasn’t. It was just a very stressful situation and I didn’t enjoy that. I don’t like to feel that way, but unfortunately that is the way it turned out.

How different was it playing this season as opposed to your last season?

My first season…I think there were more personalities inside the house.

People were not afraid to express who they were. This season -- people

didn’t express their personalities or maybe they just don’t have personalities worth expressing?

Do you regret any of your decisions and would you have done anything differently?

Wish I wouldn’t have been a target.

Why didn't you put Daniele initially up on the block? She very well could have won Veto and taken one of your noms up and you would have put up one of your alliance members.

I took a chance -- if Daniel would have won, she would have still thought we were working together. If she didn’t win, I would have gotten rid of her. Either way I would have been safe.

Are you surprised you were voted out against Rachel who most everyone seemed to not like or annoyed with?

I’m still shocked.

Do you wish you would have kept Dominic over Adam?

No. Dom ultimately wanted to backdoor me so absolutely not.

As the weeks progressed we started hearing you refer to yourself as Big Jeff more and more. What's up with the "Big Jeff"?

That was just a nickname that me and my California buddies joke around with…it became a joke inside the house and I was just having fun with it.

With Brenchel's trashbag wedding, did the wedding bug hit you?

Maybe, but I would probably class mine up a little bit.

You had said it was difficult to worry about keeping yourself and Jordan safe. Do you think you would have had it easier if you played the game without Jordan?

Yes and No. Yes, because I would not have to worry about both of us. I know Jordan can take care of herself, but it’s just my nature to protect her. No, because I have never played without her. She keeps me sane inside the house. I would rather have her there.

Which houseguest would you like to see follow you into the jury house next?


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