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ATWFF wins 2 DIVA awards

DIGIDAY and the producers of DIGIDAY:ON VIDEO Proudly Announce the

Winners of the Inaugural DIVA Awards;

CBS Interactive Takes Best in Show for "Around the World For Free"


Last but not least in this celebration of all things new and digital, it was a member of the "old guard" that stole the show. CBS Interactive's Around the World for Free -- a Web-original spin-off of the parent network's Emmy-award-winning Amazing Race -- took both "Best Video Series or Show" and "Best of Show" honors. While some of CBS's competition in the Best Series category still hailed from traditional cable -- ESPN's The Next Round -- it wasn't alone. SheKnows, an Internet-only upstart, also broke into the top three in this rarified winner's circle, paving the way for other niche content category winners in future. Links below will stay open so our readers can browse the winning and finalist entries for a short time before they are archived in our knowledge base.

Best Video Series/Show

WINNER, and BEST OF SHOW: CBS Interactive/ Around the World for Free

ESPN / The Next Round

SheKnows / SheKnows' HomeStretch

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