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Amazing Race's Jeff and Jordan: We Like to Make Mistakes

Mar 22, 2010 07:40 PM ET by Joyce Eng

Jordan Lloyd won Big Brother 11, while Jeff Schroeder won fan favorite, but the couple didn't come close to winning The Amazing Race. After a bad cab ride left them in last place two weeks ago, the pair struggled to keep up before getting eliminated Sunday following yet another mistake-ridden leg. "We were trying to keep it positive, but this leg, if everything could've gone wrong, I think it did," Jeff, 31, tells "We started late and we tried our best. A lot of people made mistakes this leg, so if we had made the right decisions, we may have had a chance." See what else the two have to say about their last hurrah, what was wrong with their game plan, and if Jordan, 23, knows who Joan of Arc is now. You never recovered from that cab ride in Germany two legs ago. Could you sense an elimination was imminent?

Jeff: We definitely felt it while we were running. We were in the back of the pack and whenever you're in the back, you never know where the other teams are, so you get more stressed out. We were making wrong choice after wrong choice, more so on my part.

Jordan: We were hoping there would be a plane ride or a train ride so we could catch up, but there wasn't. ... The cab ride in Germany — we were in there for 40 minutes, going the wrong way. It cost us almost $100. The driver wouldn't listen to us. He was all about that navigation system and thought it was so right. I was like, "Oh my God! We're probably going to get chopped up in an alley somewhere because it's so dark." You and some other teams were directed to the wrong city after the Roadblock. Were you mad after seeing that some teams were directed to the right city?

Jeff: I wouldn't say mad, but what were you going to do? It's just the nature of the game. She directed us to the office instead of the castle, and the castle was, like, five minutes from where we were.

Jordan: She sent us, like, 30 to 40 minutes back to the other town. Then we just started laughing because we knew that was it for us. When you got to the Detour and saw that Brent and Caite were still looking for the grapes, why didn't you choose to do the same? Did you think doing the glasses would be faster?

Jeff: We actually started with the grapes and then switched to the glasses. We knew we were really far behind, so we thought they were out there for hours, when they weren't. I feel like I really screwed up on the Race. I think you should stay where the competition is and beat them at the task, but my choice was always to go down the unbeaten path. "Listen, they're doing this. Let's do the other one because I can do anything as well as anyone else." That just wasn't the case. I should've listened to Jordan a little bit more because I think it hurt us a few times. ... I mean, I'm an athlete, so we should've picked soccer right away [in Germany]. But I heard Brent and Caite say they're going to do soccer, so I just picked the other one. ... But [we] like to make mistakes.

Jordan: It was also my fault because I didn't speak up enough. I was like, "OK, well, if he thinks we can do it, let's do it." How long did you spend doing the glasses before they broke?

Jordan: It took us awhile. When we saw Brent and Caite, they were there for, like, 10 minutes, and then they left. Then it was like, OK, we're last. So we just took our time.

Jeff: We chose the glasses also because it was getting dark at that point and we couldn't see. A lot of the teams had the advantage of looking for the grapes in the daytime. When we went back outside, we had to get flashlights. We were just out there cracking jokes. We knew it would be the end. I don't even know how far behind the other teams we were. It was ridiculous. You had a few navigational issues. Are you bad drivers and bad map readers?

Jeff: It's a combination. We don't pay attention to clues. We don't read directions well. We got bad directions. I asked someone how to get to Paris, and there were three different lanes you could take. The woman goes, "Absolutely do not take this lane." So we took the other two lanes five different times, and we finally took the other one and it was right. We're direction illiterate. None of us are Magellan or Christopher Columbus. Jordan, why did you confuse Joan of Arc with Noah's Ark?

Jordan: [Laughs] Oh my God! I don't know! I had heard of Joan of Arc, but I didn't know who she was. I don't know. All I know is I heard "arc," and the first thing that came to my mind was Noah's Ark. It was a dumb mistake.

TV Do you know who she is now?

Jordan: Oh yeah, some warrior. Last time we talked, you said you were done with TV. Do you still feel the same way?

Jeff: I think we're going to take a vacation from reality TV. I think people are getting sick of us, too. We need to let all parties settle down a little bit. As far as reality shows go that are on the air, I think Amazing Race is definitely top-notch. It wins Emmys and it's the classiest way you can go reality. Jordan wants to go on the Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels! [Laughs] I can drive the bus!

Jordan: Shut up! I want an Amazing Race re-do.

Jeff: We want Amazing Race against fifth-graders! Are you sure you can beat them?

Jeff: No, but it would be a great show. We'd be neck-and-neck all the way! We'll pitch that one to CBS.

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