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'Amazing Race' Exit Interview: Jeff and Jordan

The 'Big Brother 11' stars weigh in on the differences between the two shows

Posted by MSN TV on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 2:38 PM

Team "Big Brother 11" -- Jeff Schroeder, 31, and "BB 11" winner Jordan Lloyd, 22 -- crashed out of "The Amazing Race" on Sunday, as the "newly dating" pair failed to escape the trench they had dug themselves on World War I battlefields in previous episodes. Absolutely nothing went right for the team as they criss-crossed France's Champagne region, as poor navigation and plain bad luck doomed them to a last-place showing. ("Phil is going to be so pissed at us," Jordan posited on the way to their elimination.) We spoke with Jeff and Jordan -- still dating, by the way -- about "TAR" versus "BB" (one's cattier than the other, but no points for guessing which one) and dating under stress in Argentina.

MSN TV: How did "The Amazing Race" compare to competing on "Big Brother"?

Jordan: This was way more fun than "Big Brother." On "Big Brother," you're locked in the house -- you're stuck with people. It was a lot more stress but I liked this a lot better.

Jeff: I'm more of an outdoors person. "Amazing Race" fits me better. [To Jordan] "Big Brother" fits you better, huh? You like to lay around and get some sun.

Jordan: [On "Big Brother"] it's catty. But there was some cattiness on the race, too. I think people were distant with us at first.

Do you think that was because you were already reality show stars?

Jeff: In the beginning, yeah. People were giving us the cold shoulder. I thought, maybe we just don't know them -- maybe that's how they are normally, turning their backs on people. I just thought that once they got to know us, they'd like us. We got along with the cowboys great.

Jordan, on your bio page, it says that one of your goals for running the race was to "understand each other" better. Did that happen?

Jordan: I think it helped. After the race, there was some tension between me and Jeff. But it got better, and I think going through all those tense situations helped us in the end.

What were the most stressful times?

Jordan: In Argentina, we thought we were in last place because we missed our connecting bus -- I just felt like crying. It was too early to be eliminated! And then in Germany, I just wanted to break down and cry. Definitely, when you're in the back, you get really discouraged. Me, I wanted to cry.

Jeff: I'm all into positive thinking, and you can never quit. There's at least a handful of times when she was, like, "We're out," and we were still in the race. She needs to learn that about herself and life.

But you're still dating?

Jordan: Yes.

Jeff: I think it helped us. I'm over-competitive. I want to win and be the best, and I'll die trying. Jordan ... Jordan goes with the wind. And we need to meet in the middle somewhere.

Were you able to do that?

Jordan: Before, if he'd yell, I'd be, like, "Why are you yelling at me? Lower your tone with me!" But now he's just Jeff -- that's just how Jeff expresses himself. That's not how my friends or family express themselves, but that's how he does.

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