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A 2 hour Tweetfest from Jordan...enjoy!

(Start from the bottom and work your way up, Jordan's response are in PINK)

getting ready for bed long day tomorrow!!!

sorry if i didnt answer all your questions i will try to get on tomorrow thanks for all the support goodnite!

it was fun hearing from all of you but my butts numb from sitting so long tried to answer all of you

@bbjordanlloyd Hi Jordan, love you and Jeff. Have you been able to watch the whole season of BB 11 yet?

@sayanything havent watched the whole season

@BBJordanLloyd I love that u r tweeting all my Twistas! Did you get a chance to do much shopping in Chicago?

@winder40 i went to a outlet mall in chicago and froze it was like 15 degrees that day and it was all outdoors

@BBJordanLloyd Do you and Jeff ever end your texts to each other with TTYN? He thought that was so funny. Hope neither of you ever mean it!

@maryotin haha i forgot about we say that sometimes if were being goofy

@BBJordanLloyd Has Jeff met your grandpa?

@MelissaB71 jeff hasnt met my grandpa but my grandparents really want to meet him

@BBJordanLloyd Do you and Jeff talk or text alot?

@positivepeg we talk everyday

@BBJordanLloyd How did you like all the snow in Chicago?

@PattiPB i liked the snow cause it never really snows in charlotte

@BBJordanLloyd Were you amazed that Jeff never lied to you or said 1 bad thing about you behind your back in the bb house??? standup guy!!

@dloon20 never thought jeff was lieing to me ever i trusted him 100%

@BBJordanLloyd No ur getting hit Do u plan to watch this seasons Big Brother12? and the live feeds as well?

@cattm will watch bb12 prob. wont watch the live feeds

@BBJordanLloyd how was going back to work? i bet it felt weird at first.

@speedy0103 work was fun i love the salon! i went in a day before i was scheduled to refreshen my memory

@BBJordanLloyd Panthers host Bears 2010 schedule. Ha! You will have to protect Jeff in his Bears Jersey. No date set yet.

@positivepeg jeff got a panthers jersey with his name on the back so when he goes to the game with me im making him wear it

@BBJordanLloyd jordan u are my role model. i love u n jeff together! r u stil planning on going back to school to be a dental hygientist?

@KendallCav I am going back to school for the dental program I might take summer classes or just go back in the fall

@BBJordanLloyd ok- just 1 more...How do u stand being away from Jeff ? LOL we're all dyin- he's such a cutie ! (and I'm a mom! ) LOL

@Singermomm its hard sometimes but when we see each other its more exciting b/c we dont see each other everyday

@BBJordanLloyd Now that you've been out of the house for a while what was your favorite competition you did in the house?

@heyhay28 favorite competition was "the heads will roll" the one in the final hoh competition

Boy she is going to town tonight! loves it. No wonder we love her so much! Thank you @BBJordanLloyd .. :-)

@Fedfan1414 haha i butts getting numb from sitting so long

@BBJordanLloyd So Jordan, did u fall i love with Jeff's Ma?

@akitamocha @enmom jeffs moms the best

@bbjordanlloyd do you ever watch tribute videos anymore? like when ur missing Jeff?

@xubaby2000 i know it sounds corny but when I start to miss jeff I do watch some of the videos and it makes me laugh

@BBJordanLloyd Are you planning on trying to do appearances in the future so you can meet fans like Jeff is doing?

@heyhay28 yeah im going to try to do a couple of appearances its always fun meeting people who rooted for you

@bbjordanlloyd Wow you are making up for lost time on Twitter. Thanks for all the answers you have given. See, Twitter is fun!

@deemj61 haha I know I am making up for lost times

@BBJordanLloyd Are you going to Chicago soon or is Jeff coming to Charlotte?

@hotspiral im trying to get him to come to charlotte i was in chicago recently for almost two weeks so its his turn to come here

@BBJordanLloyd R u surprised at how many fans you and Jeff have? Says alot about how genuine & real u are 2 fans..we be loving us some JeJo!

@golfgirly12 its crazy I love how everyones so supportive and nice thanks you guys!

@BBJordanLloyd There will be lots of opportunities for you and Jeff to make more appearances together in the future!!

@ugotgot i hope so!

@BBJordanLloyd I absolutely loved you on #BB I was a fan of urs since the beginning!! You were the funniest/ most real person out there!!

@mljmr aww thank you thats sweet

@BBJordanLloyd Understand you are getting more use to you know how to "follow" people yet? How many hours in your work week?

@PaulDReed try to work as much as i can

@BBJordanLloyd what did you get Jeff for Christmas?

@speedy0103 he wanted these ugly figure looking things hard to describe there statue like..look like you would find it in a bachelor pad

@BBJordanLloyd What was your favorite Christmas Gift? I bet you had such a great time with all your family

@heyhay28 my brother got me a cute white north face jacket

@BBJordanLloyd When will you visit Casey? I hope you do and I hope you have an event near by so I could meet all of you guys..

@ndd123 jeff wants to go to tampa in the summer so we will probably hang out with casey then

@BBJordanLloyd Did you get to meet Jeff's friend Mookie yet?

@akitamocha havent met mookie but talked to him on the phone

@BBJordanLloyd Have you been to a Nascar Race??

@Inn123 used to go to the nascar races every year when i was in high school but I havent been in like 3 years

@bbjordanlloyd Jordan you got me hooked on Kings of Leon. Love "use somebody" gucci!!

@jaknlez I just downloaded kings of leon cd the other day..there my new favorite band

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan!

Hope you and Jeff are having a great 2010 so far! <3

@UnheardWords 2010 is good so far

Just when I think I'm over my bb11 obsession, @BBJordanLloyd tweets and I go all fan girl all over again! Haha

@glorytorres thanks! I will try to tweet more

@BBJordanLloyd How was your New Years with Jeff? <3

@Jess_BBLove new years was fun went to one of jeffs friends house

@BBJordanLloyd Hope you had fun in Chicago. Are you glad to be back to some warmer, flipflop wearing weather?

@alejules Yes glad to be where its warmer today was very nice i actually got kinda hot and had to roll the window down but its cold tonite

@BBJordanLloyd How do you and your family like the new house?

@kavalle love the house

@BBJordanLloyd are you and Jeff still going to Antigua???

@dloon20 I want to go to antigua but i have no clue when

@BBJordanLloyd lol in Toronto (Canada) it was +4 celcius & trust me in mid Jan that IS springlike (sorry nt sure what tht is in Fahrenheit)

@Jojo1S it was like in the 60's today felt real you spring fever

@BBJordanLloyd Has Jeff gotten you the Ipod he promised you yet? You need to hold him to that! Good to here from you. Take care.

@ezmak21 I got a ipod when i was in chicago and jeffs friend showed me how to download music I got a hot pink one!

@BBJordanLloyd If ya ever get the chance to see Roger Federer play, you will love him. He is #1 in the world, and my namesake :-) Love him.

@Fedfan1414 I dont really follow tennis I like to watch it sometimes but anna kournakova was always my favorite

@BBJordanLloyd Thanks for the tweet Jordan, when do you and Jeff get to see each other again?

@MIDWESTJEN we see each other again on valentines day

@BBJordanLloyd Will you be going with @jeffschroeder23 to Little Rock at the end of the month?

@ugotgot not going to little rock its just jeff going

@bbjordanlloyd Jordan you are so Gucci that I even started using luminious!! You should be their spokeswoman!!

@jaknlez haha do you love luminous? you need to try the luminous booster to I love it

@bbjordanlloyd Will you and Jeff go back and host a game on next season's BB?

@ranameyer I hope we get to go back to host next season it would be cool to see other people and know what there going through

@bbjordanlloyd Surprised after seeing the TMZ pic? What did you & Jeff think of Michele/Lydia kissing? Didn't they hate each other on BB?

@ranameyer i saw the pic on tmz

@BBJordanLloyd A couple of us are going to Star Bar to meet Jeff. We wish you could be there, too. Would love to meet you, 2too

@tishcawley I know I wish I could be there at star bar to maybe next will have fun with jeff hes so funny

@BBJordanLloyd so glad you 2 are still together!! Your a great person 2 Jordan.Your mom did a great job!!!

@Mariabakas11 THANK YOU!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan are you watching the bachelor this season? Who are your favs??

@Amanda0009 I am watching the bachelor this season..dont really have a favorite yet its alot of drama

@BBJordanLloyd maybe if he bought you a square cut diamond, it would let you know hes serious, so you could move to chi-town (:

@dloon20 haha that would be nice!

@BBJordanLloyd Any talk of actually moving to Chicago with Jeff? Or maybe you two can move to LA together? Have you thought about it?

@ranameyer thought about moving to chicago but no definite plans prob. will be a while before I do that

@BBJordanLloyd tweetdeck is a program you download that makes seeing your tweets, and replies all at once. You just click one button ..

@Fedfan1414 oh really..geezz i might have to wait im just getting the hang of this twitter..haha I;ll have jeff show me

@BBJordanLloyd meow! Do you have a pet cat or dog?

@cattm no pets but i really want a bulldog there so cute

@BBJordanLloyd You probably do a great Snooki impression since you're so good at Jersey accents!

@Sarahnator83 snooki is so funny!

@BBJordanLloyd Is it hard to keep dating Jeff while doing the long-distance thing?

@ranameyer it does get hard but we make it work!!

@BBJordanLloyd @savannahsmum @OtherCarrie @tishcawley/ we're all going to Star Bar to see Jeff and say hello!! Wish you could be there

@MyLadyKat yeah jeff will be at star bar on the 29th

@BBJordanLloyd Aww ValentinesDay in Vegas. You should go to the top of the Eiffel tower at the Paris hotel.

@Havein im fursure going to do some more site seeing in vegas I want to see mgm hotel (I think thats the name of it)

@BBJordanLloyd so so glad things r going good r u and jeff going 2 make any appear 2gether or radio shows?

@Dianne613 we will be in vegas doing interviews

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan - Are you and Jeff as disappointed as we are that there is no more Inside Dish with Ross???

@maryotin yes i love ross matthews hes the best

@BBJordanLloyd Are you and Jeff still together? Hope so!

@Mvmorris still together going good!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordan where do you buy lluminous shampoo and conditioner ? Congrats on your new computer

@Inn123 you should be able to buy luminious in aveda stores

@Jojo1S you're lucky to have @BBJordanLloyd respond. She always ignores me

@mylivespot I dont mean to trying to write back to everyone sorry

@BBJordanLloyd Didnt know what to say early But when u won BB Brooklyn Decker gave u a shout out on her twiiter

@cattm Brooklyns very sweet and nice we went to high school together

@BBJordanLloyd Hey Jordan, do you watch the Bachelor? So much drama this season

@MIDWESTJEN I watched the bachelor last is alot of drama this year

@BBJordanLloyd miss having u to watch on tv you & Jeff were my all time faves. Do you keep up w/ the others?

@JustaTwittaBug casey and laura are the only ones i really talk to there good people

@BBJordanLloyd funny show, its good 2 watch shows that make u laugh! Jersey Shore cracks me up and i'm from Jersey..ha! Be Happy Gucci Girl!

@twinky411cd LOVE LOVE jersey shore...that show cracks me up very entertaining

@BBJordanLloyd You should definatly get TweetDeck.. makes tweeting so much easier! You will love it.

@Fedfan1414 whats tweet deck?

@BBJordanLloyd: You should send a tweet to @jeffschroeder23 just for fun and to surprise him

@glorytorres haha I love it!

@BBJordanLloyd Any plans to see Jeff soon?

@michmomto3 me and jeff will be in Vegas for valentines day!

@BBJordanLloyd Any plans to move in with Jeff? You two should move to LA together!

@ranameyer I would prob. have to move to chicago cause I dont think jeff would move to charlotte

@BBJordanLloyd Hello and How are you? You need to keep the Big Brother fans updated on what is going on. Are you and Jeff still together?

@luvablelayouts me and jeff are still together!! going good hes a great person

@BBJordanLloyd hey jordan can't believe u r tweeting how r u and jeff? Miss u both when will u see him again?

@Dianne613 things are going good..I am back at work..its nice to get back in the swing of things

@BBJordanLloyd Love you, Jordan!

I hope you tweet more! <3

@Jess_BBLove thank you! Im trying to get better at tweeting and I got a computer now so it makes it easier

@BBJordanLloyd Hi!! I love Americas funniest videos R U watching American Idol

@traceandtob watched american idol love that show..only watch it during the tryouts cause it makes me laugh!

@BBJordanLloyd Jordo! Haven't heard from you in while! I was having a bad day, but hearing from you made it better! How are you doing?

@JBandHSfan1793 aww that makes me excited I put you in a better mood..Im doing good..glad to be home and working again

@BBJordanLloyd Great show!!! I always laugh!!! Hope you had a great holiday, and visit with Jeff!!!

@Jojo1S Had a great time in chicago was very cold

@BBJordanLloyd me too! when they do the little musical parts with a bunch of clips all together, I laugh sooooo hard!

@Fedfan1414 its the best show puts me in a good mood

@BBJordanLloyd omgosh hi Jordan! How are you? Did you get a computer?

@stamalot I finally got a computer! they were having some good deals after christmas..need to catch up with the times..haha

Watching Americas funiest home videos!!! fav!

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