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JeJo to lead new weight-loss challenge with DietBet

Reality TV Meets Social Media in New Weight Loss Challenge Led by Big Brother & Amazing Race Couple; Cash Prize May Exceed $1 Million


Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, America's Sweethearts, Challenge Fans in the JEJO New Year's DietBet


NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Dec 19, 2012) - Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, the couple who met on CBS's Big Brother and then went on to compete together in The Amazing Race, are now participating in a new social media reality game: a nationwide weight-loss challenge called DietBet.

Jeff and Jordan, known to fans as JeJo, are challenging their 236,000+ Twitter and Facebook fans to join them in this contest. Couples who want to lose weight together as part of their New Year's resolution are especially encouraged to play as the game is timed to end just before Valentine's Day. The cash prize will exceed $1 million if 10,000 couples join the four week contest.

The JEJO New Year's DietBet will run from 1/15 to 2/11. To compete, players sign up at and commit to losing four percent of their starting weight in four weeks. Players each put up $50 at the outset and end up splitting the pot if they reach their four percent goal. Weights are verified by DietBet's referees using photos submitted through the website or the smartphone app. Unlike The Biggest Loser, DietBet is not winner-take-all; whoever crosses the finish line will split the pot equally. There can be thousands of winners.

"I've struggled with weight my whole life," said Jordan. "When I was on Big Brother I gained 17 pounds on camera. I was trapped in a house, stressed and eating cookie dough for 75 days. With DietBet, I am excited to participate in a reality show that will actually help me lose weight!"

Jordan, 26, originally from Charlotte, North Carolina weighs 140. Jeff, 34, from Chicago, Illinois weighs 195. They currently live together in Los Angeles. Like other couples, Jeff and Jordan have found that it's easy for couples to gain weight together as they settle into their relationships. They are out to prove the reverse can be true as well. The popular couple will chronicle their weight loss ups and downs on the DietBet site, via video, and through social media.

"We believe couples are very capable of supporting each other on the fitness front," said Jeff. "And we're looking forward to playing that out ourselves in the four-week DietBet game."

Jeff and Jordan will reveal their final weights and Valentine's Day celebration plans. They plan to donate their winnings to charity, using the DietBet charity feature.

About DietBetDietBet ( is a social dieting company that is pioneering a whole new way to lose weight. It brings people together to lose weight as a community. It's working. With DietBet, 90 percent of players lose weight, with an average of over five pounds in four weeks. The game is simple: lose four percent of your weight in four weeks and you win money. DietBet was founded by Jamie Rosen and was launched in January 2012. DietBet players come from across the globe -- with more than 45 countries represented thus far. Find DietBet on Facebook ( and Twitter ( A mobile app is also available.

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