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Jeff leaves during the Double Eviction Episode

From the Penthouse to the Ghetto in a matter of hours.


During tonight's double eviction, Shelly was outed as having turned on Jeff and Jordan which led to a crazy fast paced night of events leadng to Jeff's ultimate eviction. Dani was evicted by a 3-2 vote, HOH won by Kalia who nominated Rachel and Jeff. Porche won the Veto and didn't use it. Jordan and Adm voted for Jeff, Shelly and Porche Voted for Rachel leaving Kalia to break the tie and evicted Jeff. Jeff left as Jordan remained stunned and crying needing to prepare for the next HOH comp. Jeff is the 3rd member of the Jury that will vote for the winner of Big Brother 13.

Jeff exited the house in an understandably salty mood.

Odd Bragging Rights to Jeff:

Jeff is technically the first houseguest, to win HoH and be evicted within the same week. In Big Brother 13, Jeff won HoH in the first round of the double eviction, and became evicted during the second round.

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